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Chapter Thirty-Two

Chapter Thirty-Two

Jaxon sat up in bed, startled out of a deep sleep by the commotion coming from the hall. She jumped out of bed and went over and listened at the door, trying to figure out what was going on.

Jaxon felt a hand on her shoulder; she turned and saw the figure of Rachel standing behind her.

Jaxon smiled. “Rachel, you’re back.”

Rachel grinned back. “Aye, I am. I have come to tell ye that Jake is here. He has come to rescue ye, and there are some things I need ye to do. There will be three guards that are going to come in here. Ye need to take them out before Jake gets here, or they will get the drop on him and the others.”

Just then, Jaxon heard the lock on her door being unbolted, and she rushed over to the door and hid to the side of it. The door started to open.

Jax waited until the first guard entered the room. She grabbed his arm, snapped it at the elbow, and stole his gun. With a quick hit to the head, she knocked him unconscious and then hurried to drag him out of the doorway and waited for the second guard to arrive.

The second guard arrived soon after, drawn to the room to investigate his companion’s sudden silence. Jaxon delivered a blow to his chest and another to his face, smirking in satisfaction as she looked into the familiar eyes of the man who had struck her before. As Jax dragged the second guard away from the doorway, she grinned, loving the feeling of getting paybacks

She searched the bodies, taking a club and a radio. She stood up just in time to see a hammer flying at her head. She got her weapon up just in time to block the blow that would have surly knocked her out at the very least if not killed her. She lowered herself while swinging at the guard’s knees, scoring a direct hit, breaking both of them causing him to fall in a heap. She then dropped her club and knocked the guard out with a simple kick to the head.

She walked over to the bed where Sarah was still asleep, and gently nudged her. “Sarah.” She waited for a moment or two, and then nudged her again. “Sarah! Wake up! You have to get up, we are leaving this place.”

Sarah opened her eyes, slowly getting up. “What are you talking about, Jax? Leaving? Why?” She asked as she tried to get the cobwebs out of her head.

“My friends are here and they are going to take us home. Come on. Let’s go.”

Jax took Sarah’s hand and led her to the door. Sarah jumped with a start when she noticed the two guards that were on the floor unconscious.

Jax looked in Sarah’s eyes. “I had to knock them out. They were in my way. Trust me, Sarah. We need to get out of here. It’s better for both of us if we do. This is no way to live.”

Sarah nodded, still half asleep, and followed Jax.

As they exited the room, Jax saw Jacob and Sophia coming down the hall. She called out to Jacob. Jacob ran to her and they embraced, tears streaming down both their faces.

“Jax, are you all right?”

“Yeah, Jake, we are okay. Took you long enough.”

Jake chuckled. “Yeah… Sorry Jax. Who is this with you?”

“Oh, this is Sarah, the one we have been looking for.”

“Great, it took me so long because everyone thought you were dead. I had to convince them that you were still alive before we could come and get you. They wouldn’t let me work your case, so Sophia helped. We figured out that all of these cases are related. So is Rachel’s. We just can’t quite prove it yet.”

“You mind filling me in later, Jake? Right now we need to get out of here.”

“Oh. I’m sorry, Jax.” Jake motioned over to one of the other officers. “Take Jax and Sarah out of here, and we will join you soon. There is just one more person Sophia and I have to find.” Jake turned to Jax. “Yes Jax, we will be careful.”

“You better be.”

Jake laughed. “You and Sarah go with the officer and get checked out.”

The officer led them out while Jake, Sophia, and the rest of the officers searched the rest of the buildings

They arrived at what looked like a big room that took up one whole floor, and a big set of double doors.

At the far end of the room, there was a large computer system with multiple monitors so that the person and or persons sitting there would have access to all the security and all the dealings that went on. A quick investigation revealed files full of names, addresses and phone numbers—enough information to run a criminal empire.

There were guards set up at specific places so that the entire room and everyone in it would be protected by these guards. The guards were armed with Uzi’s and AK-47’s.

In this room, there was an upper floor that runs all the way around the room, leaving the center open. In this upper level, there were lab areas, where people were working on the next big drug to introduce to the public. There were also guards on this level, along with a large office type area where The Leaders of this outfit did their business.

Jake raised his hand and counted down from three. The officer with the battering ram got ready to break down the doors.

The door burst open, and the officers rushed in, weapons raised. “Police! Get down on the ground! Put the weapons down!”

The police continued filing in and the guards inside began shooting. The police returned fire, everyone searching for cover as bullet flew in every direction.

The people on the upper level started destroying the drugs and whatever else they could as the shooting continued.

Bullets flew everywhere. Soon people started dropping. Police and SWAT gained the advantage as the gun fight continued.

“The Fist” attempted to make a hasty retreat. He fired a few more rounds at the police, pushed one of his men into the line of fire and took off toward the exit.

In the midst of the people and the gunfire, Jacob noticed the man attempting to flee.

He yelled to Sophia. “Sophia! The Fist is getting away. Let’s go stop him. Come with me.” He pointed to a few SWAT officers next to him. “Cover us. We are going after The Fist. He isn’t going to get away this time.”

The SWAT officers nodded and started shooting at the remaining guards, giving Jacob and Sophia the cover they needed.

The rest of the guards saw their boss leave so they stopped shooting and laid down their guns.

One of them shouted at the cops. “We give up, don’t shoot. We give up!”

The fist headed up the stairs to the upper level. Jacob and Sophia came around the corner.

“Hold it right there, Fist! We have the whole building surrounded. You won’t escape this time.”

“Try and catch me, detectives,” he fired a few shots at them as he ran up the stairs.

Jacob and Sophia took cover, the bullets barely missing them.

As they came to the top of the stairs, they stopped and scanned the area. Jacob motioned to Sophia that they should split up. Jacob went to the left while Sophia took the right. They slowly made their way through the upper level, searching for the Fist.

Sophia started making her way around some huge crates, being careful not to miss anything. She faintly heard a strange noise a little way in front of her. She made her way in the direction she thought the noise was coming from. She heard it again, and she listened closer. It seemed as if it was coming from inside the wall.

She placed her ear up against the wall where the sound seemed to be coming from. She started feeling around the wall. She pushed on one of the bricks and it slid back and to the side, revealing a secret room.

She grabbed her flashlight and slowly walked into the dark room, scanning as she went.

She looked over at the back wall and found a young girl, no more than eight years old, dressed in nothing but rags, huddled in the corner. Sophia took a tentative step closer to the young girl and she shied away, whimpering.

Sophia stopped and whispered. “It’s okay love, don’t ya worry. I won’t hurt ya, sweetheart. Shh, it’s okay darling. No one will hurt you anymore. My name is Sophia, I’m a police officer, and I’m here to take you home. Give me your hand, darling.”

The little girl hesitantly reached for the detective’s hand. They touched hands, and the little girl rushed out, wrapping her arms around the detective. She started to cry.

Sophia whispered in the radio. “Jacob come in. This is Sophia.”

“Go ahead Soph, what’s up?”

“I ran into a…a complication, I think you should come here. I’m in the southwest corner of the upper level.”

“Are you okay, Soph?”

“Yes, I’m fine. Just get over here.”

“On my way, hold tight.”

Jacob arrived a few minutes later.

“This is a complication, Soph. You need to get her out of here. I’ll continue looking for The Fist.”

“You sure, Jake? We can call for someone else to come get her.”

The little girl held onto Sophia tighter.

“No, you go. Looks like she trusts you. It will be better for her if you stay with her. Go. I can take care of Marshall.”

Sophia nodded in agreement. “All right, but you be careful. Marshall isn’t the type of person you take lightly.”

“Agreed. Now go. I’ll be fine.”

Sophia started for the door while Jacob covered them.

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