Divine Help

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Chapter Thirty-Seven

Chapter Thirty-Seven

Captain Williams sat back in his chair, finally finished up with what seemed to be an endless pile of paperwork. He took a sip of his coffee.

The phone rang.

“Captain Williams.”

A voice with a southern accent started talking. “James Williams. Long time no see there, hun.”

James sat at his desk, silent for a moment before answering. “Rene? Is that you?”

“Yes love, it’s me. I’m so happy you remember me.”

“How could I not? We had a great time together.”

“I’m in town for a little while visiting an old friend. I was wondering if you wanted to get breakfast tomorrow, hun.”

James checked his calendar. “I would love to, Rene. Where would you like to go?”

She laughed. “This is your town. You pick.”

“All right. I know this little café just down the street from the station. How about nine in the morning?”

“Sounds perfect. See you then.”

The next morning, Captain William arrived at the café, found a seat and waited for his longtime friend. A few minutes later, a young woman entered the café, her long blonde hair moving with the light breeze that blew in from outside. The scent of her perfume floated through the open door. Her hips swayed as she walked through the door, showing off her athletic shape.

James saw Rene, smiled, and waved her over to where he was sitting. He stood and offered her a chair.

“It’s good to see you again, Rene.”

She smiled back at him. “Good to see you again too, James.”

The waitress came up to the table, and they ordered breakfast. As they waited for their food, they started catching up on old times, and where their lives had gone.

“So, what news did you bring me James?”

He looked into her eyes. “I really hate waiting to hear from you. You really should let me call you.”

“You know that’s not how this works.”

“Well Rene, that is what you are going by now yes?”

She nodded, then winked. “Yeah, for now.”

“Good enough. I have to say that if Marshall and Charles would have done their job right, my job would be a lot easier right now.”

She chuckled. “Well, it’s hard to find descent help, much less good help. Oh, that is why I hired you.”

She got serious. “You are good at what you do, but don’t let that go to your head. You still answer to me. You know what you need to do. We can’t have your detectives messing things up; they are getting way too close. You need to fix it.”

“If your boys would have taken care of Jax like they should have, I wouldn’t have half the problems I do. Where do you find these people, anyway?”

“All right, James. Point taken, what do you need from me to get the job done?”

“I need more men that can get the job done and not ask questions. I’ll also need some weapons.”

“I think I have just the people who could help you with your problems. Namely your detectives.”

“Oh, do you, now? Well then, do tell, my friend.”

Rene smiled. “Let me make a few calls, and I’ll let you know.”

James nodded. “Just don’t take too long. I need to get this mess cleaned up before the wrong people start snooping more than they already are.”

They went their separate ways.

“Hey, it’s me. I need a big favor. Can we meet somewhere? I have a big problem I need your help with… Make sure you’re not late.”

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