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Chapter Thirty-Nine

Chapter Thirty-Nine

All the teams headed out to get the leaders they were assigned to arrest. Team Alpha consisting of Jacob, Jaxon, and their four SWAT officers headed off to Little Mexico to get The Mexican, Juan Vieira. When they got to Little Mexico, Jaxon’s informant met them at the meeting place. The informant handed them the map that shows the way to the home of Juan Vieira and all the information they needed to take him down. Jaxon thanks her informant and she left.

“All right team this is all we need to take him down. You are sure about this info Jax?”

“Oh yeah, I trust my informant, she wouldn’t let me down. Plus she knows what I would do to her if she did.”

“That’s good enough for me, let’s get ready to go.” They made their plan on how to get Juan out of little Mexico. Jax assigned one of the snipers on their team across the street from the place Juan was said to be in. The other sniper is set up around the back of the target building in case Juan makes a run for it out the back. They are ordered not to kill Juan, but his guards they are to take out as soon as they can. Jake and one of the SWAT agents would take the front, Jax and the other SWAT agent would take the back. They agree on the plans and get into place. They arrive at a big mansion with pillars and plenty of windows.

“Everyone radio check.”

“Sniper one ready and in position.”

“Sniper two ready and in position, sir.”

“Jaxon, and SWAT in position.”

“Snipers, take out your targets.”

The two guards at the front door that were keeping watch all of a sudden drop dead from a bullet to each of their heads. All the guards as soon as they passed a window are taken out. Soon Jaxon and Jake heard over the radio that all the guards have been taken out and the way is clear.

“That’s our cue Jax, let’s go get him.”

“Jake, he should be in his bedroom which is the whole top floor according to the map we were given.”

“Copy Jax, make sure you clear every room and be careful.”

Jake and the SWAT officer with him crept into the house by the front door. They entered the house and saw a large staircase in front of them with rooms off to the left and right. Jake motioned to the officer and they head off to the room at the left. They slowly entered the room and checked to see if anyone is there. They find some of the house help told them to leave the house, and then they moved on to the room off to the right of the main door.

As they entered the room to the right, the window just inside shattered as a bullet goes through it and struck a guard who entered the room from a rear door. They both turned to where the bullet went and they see a guard slump down as the life slips from him. They slipped to the open door way at the back of the room. They peered through the open door and found a hallway with rooms on both sides. They took a deep breath and started checking the rooms one at a time. They found out quick that these rooms house the consorts that entertain The Mexican’s guests. Jakes told all of them to leave the house for their safety. They quietly left the complex.

The hallway lead back to the room at the left, so they go back to the stairs and started to make their way up the stairs to the next floor. There were double doors at the top of the stairs. They checked the door knob and they found out that it was unlocked and slowly opened the door. As they opened the door, gun shots riddle the door and the two detectives had to take cover. The door fell apart from the automatic weapons fire, as the police return fire. Jake radios to the SWAT snipers to start taking out some of the weapons fire. The snipers took out a few of the automatic weapons fire so the detectives could enter the room.

Jake motions for Jax to follow him into the room, she nodded and waited for him to give the signal. He counts down from three, and then they entered the room, shooting their way in, then seeing some cover, they jumped behind it. Jake motioned to Jax to cover him while he gets closer. Jax nodded and counted to three, then started firing at the suspects. Jake made his move and ran to some cover that was closer and to the left. When he got there, he started to fire at them too. As Jacob fired at them, Jax went to the right to get closer as the SWAT officer fired from the original area. After a few more moments of gun fire, Jacob shouted out. “ACPD, drop your weapons, get down on the ground, you are surrounded!”

A few seconds later, the sound of automatic weapons dropping to the ground could be heard. The two detectives and SWAT officers advanced toward the middle of the room, where the gun fire was taking place and started arresting the gunmen. Jake took one of the gunmen into another room to interrogate him once the building had been secured. “Where is the Mexican?”

“He left right before you got here, said he has some unfinished business he had to take care of.”

“What was his unfinished business he had to take care of?”

“He didn’t say.”

“You better hope he said, cause if he didn’t you can be charged with everything and you will never see the light of day again.”

“All right, he may have said something about going down to the docks to take care of someone who crossed him.”

“Let’s get going, see if we can’t catch him in the act. Jax, radio to headquarters and get some backup to meet us at the docks.”

Jax radioed their headquarters and requested backup to meet them at the docks. “All right Jake, backup will meet us there.”

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