Divine Help

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Chapter Forty

Chapter Forty

Sophia and her team reached the area where Max LaRue was rumored to be. Max LaRue is known to own most of the warehouse district at least according to the people he employed to guard it. Unfortunately, there was no way to know which warehouse Mad Dog was in so they were going to have to search every one of them. She split her team up so there were 5 officers going into each warehouse. Sophia and her partner Detective Johnson and three SWAT officers headed to the first warehouse. She sent two of the SWAT officers over to the dock and two more of them around the back of the warehouse, while the two detectives and the SWAT officer took the front.

Sophia and her partner went to the door at the front of the warehouse. She checked the door and found that it was unlocked. Her partner got ready to enter as she turned the doorknob and opened the door. As the door opened, Detective Johnson entered the warehouse with his automatic weapon at the ready. He cleared the entry way so Sophia could enter. They started clearing the ground level, and then they headed to the upper level. Each warehouse was cleared this way until they all got to the last one.

“Well looks like this is the last warehouse, Mad Dog has to be in this one. Everyone knows where they need to be. Let’s go get him.” The police surrounded the warehouse and Sophia took her team and entered the warehouse. The snipers took positions around the warehouse and were given the signal to start taking out the guards to make entry easier.

After the snipers gave the all clear, Sophia and her team started with the lower level first, clearing each part of the warehouse. While on the lower level, they came across what looked to be a door that had been bared shut. They removed the bars, but found the door locked. Without a key, the biggest cop there kicked the door, hoping to get it opened. After a few well-placed kicks, the door swung open. As they shined their flashlight into the room, they see around a half dozen young girls huddled in the corner.

Sophia and her partner entered the room, and the girls shied away from them. “It’s okay we are the police. All of you are safe now.”

One of the girls spoke up. “We just want to go home, they took us away from our families, and we just want to see them again.”

“How long have you girls been here?”

The girl who spoke looked down for a moment. “I’m…not sure how long, it’s different for everyone here. I have been here for about a year…I think. Some of the girls have been here longer. They take us away, when we are sold and we never see them again.” The young girl started shaking…,”No more talking, no more talking.”

The detective placed her arm around the young girl and told her that it would be okay and that they are safe now. She had one of the officers lead the girls out to safety and the rest of them set off to go after Mad Dog. They finished the bottom floor, and then started up the stairs to the upper level.

They got to the top level and Mad Dog was standing with one of the girls, pointing a gun at her head.

“Ah, Detective Stuart, so glad you could make it.”

Sophia got a stunned look on her face as the person she was in charge of capturing called her by name. “How do you know my name?”

Mad Dog laughed, getting the response he was looking for. “I know a lot more than you think Detective.” Mad Dog looked at her partner. “This isn’t your partner Detective. I don’t see Jacob with you, has he already replaced you? I have to admit, I was hoping that Jacob would have been with you. I so wanted to see the look on his face when I shoot you in the head and him knowing he couldn’t do anything about it. Life does throw a curve ball sometimes. So tell me Sophia, where is Jacob? Why isn’t he here with you to try and take me down?”

“He is busy taking down the scum you call friends with a friend of his that knows you all too well. He trusts me that I’ll be able to take you down. You are a coward and nothing more.”

Mad Dog thought for a moment. “This could only mean one thing Jaxon must be back on the force. Hmm this is an interesting turn of events. I wonder if The Butcher knows about this. Well enough small talk Detectives, please put down your weapons, and slide them toward me.”

“Since you asked us so nicely, we will give you a chance to give up. We won’t ask again, drop your gun, and let the girl go.”

As the detectives and Mad Dog bantered back and forth, Mad Dog slowly started to move toward the window, not knowing about the snipers who were placed around the building. Mad Dog got to the window, with his back to the window, the sniper outside saw the opportunity and took the shot, hitting Mad Dog in the shoulder. He stumbled, allowing the girl to get away from him. Sophia charged Mad Dog and leveled him with a kick to the head, sending him sprawling to the ground.

“We told you that we wouldn’t give you another chance to surrender to us Mate. You should have taken it. You just had to do it the hard way didn’t you? Take him away!” Sophia walked over to where the girl was to make sure she was okay. After making sure she was, they made their way back to the police station with Mad Dog.

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