Divine Help

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Chapter Forty-One

Chapter Forty-One

Jacob and Jaxon arrived at the docks just in time to see The Mexican sailing away on his yacht. The Mexican waved at them as he departed from the dock. The two detectives race to the police boat at the dock and took off after him. As they chased after The Mexican, Jax radioed for help from the coast guard. Jake took the radio, turned on the loud speaker, and told The Mexican to stop the boat and to turn off the engine, but he just kept running.

The coast guard set up so they could get him stopped. They tried to get him to steer his boat in the trap they had set up. However, The Mexican was smarter than the police gave him credit for. He saw the trap for what it was, and made a break for the open ocean.

“We need to catch him before he makes it out to the open ocean. If he get there, it will almost be impossible to catch him.”

“I agree Jax. We need more people to help trap him.” He turned to the officer who is navigating the boat. “Keep following him, Jax and I are going to take the wave runners and see if we can help box him in.”

The officer nodded. “Yes sir, be careful.”

Jake nodded to the officer and then looked at Jax. “Let’s go. You ready for this?”

Jax just laughed. “I was born ready. I have always wanted to do this.”

They got on their personal water crafts and made sure their communication devices worked, and gave the sign that they were ready. The Navigator pulled the lever that released the water crafts and they sped off in pursuit.

The Mexican saw the addition of more officers after him. He ordered his men to start taking out as many of them as they could. A few of them got automatic weapons and started firing on Jake and Jaxon as they started getting closer. The two detectives started swerving, trying to avoid the automatic weapons fire while keeping the fleeing ship in sight.

“We need to get that weapons fire to stop before someone gets killed.” Jake fired his weapon but to no avail. “There is just too much fire power on that boat. I can’t even get a clear shot.”

All of a sudden, Jax had an idea. “Jake, we need Rachel and Isaac’s help. They are the only ones that can get on that ship. I’m sure they can do something to get them to stop firing.”

Jake looked at Jax and nodded. “That just might be the edge we need, and I’ll try to get them to help.” Jake started concentrating, trying to picture Rachel in his head. Then he started to whisper. “Rachel, Isaac, we need your help. Please help us so no one else gets killed.”

A few moments later, Jake heard Rachel’ voice in his mind. How can we help ye, Jake? What do ye need us to do?

“If you can, we need the weapons fire coming from the other boat stopped so we can stop them. There is just too much, we can’t even get close to the boat.”

Aye, we will see what we can do love. Be prepared to move when the moment arises, not sure how long we can make this last.“We’ll be ready Rachel.”

Jake turned to Jax to tell her what happened, and just at that moment, one of The Mexican’s men gets a lucky shot and hits the water craft that Jax was riding.

“Jax!” Jacob yelled as the water craft exploded. He knew he had to continue the pursuit. He radioed the boat. “I need you to break off pursuit and check on Detective Strong and make sure she is okay. I’ll continue the pursuit.”

He continued to follow the boat, at a safe distance, hoping they would take him to their headquarters and waited for the signal from Rachel and Isaac.


Rachel and Isaac appeared on the boat that was taking The Mexican out to the open ocean.

Rachel whispered to Isaac, “We need to get them to stop shooting at Jake. Do you have any ideas, love?”

A smile appeared on Isaac’s ghostly face, “I think I do, mum.”

He whispered in her ear his idea. She nodded as the idea came together. They set off to do what they needed to.

Rachel walked up to one of the guards on the boat, gently blew the back of his neck, and sent a cold chill down his back. The guard jumped, startled by the cold chill and turned around looking for what had caused the cold chill. The guard saw nothing, shrugged and went back to his work.

Rachel was pleased with how good this was working and, with a slight smile whispered the name of the guard in his ear, with the same cold chill. The guard jumped around hoping to catch whoever was doing this to him. Again, he saw nothing, but heard a slight sound that sounded a little like a laugh. The guard followed what he thought was laughter around the corner and saw two other guard laughing at a joke that was told.

The guard was about to walk back to his post. Rachel saw her opportunity and entered the guard’s body. She then walked up to the other two guard who were laughing.

“What do you two think you are doing?”

“Nothing.” One of them said.

“That’s the problem. You should be at your posts.”

“We were just taking a break.”

“Well, your breaks are over. Now get back to work.”

“We’re going.”

The two guards turned to go back to work, when Rachel made the guard she was in control of pushed the other two guards over the railing.

Rachel looked overboard at the two figures in the water, she smiled. “Well that’s two down, let’s see what other fun I can find.

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