Divine Help

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Chapter Forty-Two

Chapter Forty-Two

Isaac left Rachel and found his way to the engine room of the boat, He stepped into the room and saw a few member of the crew. He looked for the one who seemed to be in charge. A small grin tugged at the corners of his mouth. He walked up to one who looked like he was in charge and entered his body. He started banging on some of the equipment. The other members of the crew stopped what they were doing and started to watch the one banging on the equipment.

“What are you doing, sir?”

Isaac turned to the men, “If all else fails, percussion repair.” He started hitting the equipment harder and harder.

This started to freak out the men in the engine room. “Sir, you’re making things worse.”

Isaac made the man turn to the other men. “Don’t tell me what I’m doing, I’m in charge here. In fact, you are all fired! Get off the boat now!” he roared.

“Sir, you can’t fire us, only the captain can.”

“Is that so, well then I will just have to get rid of you some other way..” Isaac made the man start swinging the wrench he had in his hand at the other men. He laughed as he chased them out of the engine room and across the deck, until they had no choice but jump over the side of the ship.

He left the man, but not before he sent him overboard as well. “Now to find mom.”

Just then Rachel walked up to her son. “I see you took out the ones in this room.”

“Yeah and I had a lot of fun doing it.”

Rachel smiled. “Good. Now, let’s see if we can get this bucket of bolts to stop.” Rachel and Isaac started sending objects at the engine, trying to get the engine to stop. Rachel used all her power and made a long metal bar float up, and aimed it at the middle of the engine.

Rachel looked at Isaac. “Hopefully we can get enough power behind this that we can impale the engine and that should stop the boat. Before she sent it into the engine, she spoke to Jake.

Jake love, we have secured the boat, and we are ready to stop it when you give the signal.

“All right Rachel, good work you two. I have one more thing I need Isaac to do. Isaac, I need you to search the whole ship and see if there are any innocent people on board and then let me know.”

“All right dad, I can do that.” Isaac left Rachel and went to check the ship. He came back about ten minutes later. “Dad, there are three young girls in one of the rooms on the top deck and one of them looks hurt.”

“All right, Isaac thanks. You have done a great job, but we are going to have to change the plans just a little bit. Looks like that he is heading to an island that you should be able to see here in the next few minutes. As soon as that island is in view, I want you to blow the engine, then go and be with the girls until I get there okay?”

“Aye love, we can do that. Oh and be careful Jake. The Mexican will resort to anything to get away. He is very dangerous.”

“I will Rachel and Isaac... I’m proud of you son.”

“Thanks Dad.”

A few minutes later, the island came into view and right on cue, the boat lurched ahead, and then sputtered to a stop. Jake smiled and brought his water craft up alongside the boat and climbed the ladder up to the main deck of the boat.

He drew his weapon and slowly began going through the main deck. Jake took the first set of stairs he found up to the top deck to look for the young girls and for The Mexican.

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