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Chapter Forty-Three

Chapter Forty-Three

Rachel and Isaac got to the room that the three girls were being kept. They passed through the door without being seen. They talked amongst each other trying to decide how to go about protecting them and at the same time, not scaring them. They decided to have Isaac appear to the youngest girl and then to the others.

Isaac walked over to the corner where the youngest girl was sitting and slowly appeared to her as an angel. The girl’s eyes grew big and she cupped her hands over her mouth, not wanting the guards to come back.

Isaac looked at the young girl, with blonde hair and freckles and spoke to her quietly. “Hi, my name is Isaac. What’s your name?”

The little girl looked up to him and whispered. “Grace.”

“Are you hurt Grace?”

The little girl shook her head no, and then looked over at one of the other girls and pointed. “She is though. The bad men hurt her.”

“Well Grace, my mom and I are here to protect you and my Dad is coming to rescue you and to stop the bad men, so you and the others are safe now.”

Grace looked at Isaac with a confused look and asked. “Where is your mom?”

“She is here with us.” Isaac pointed over at the doorway as Rachel slowly appeared to her as an angel. “Her name is Rachel, but you can call her mom too if you want.”

Isaac and Rachel appeared to the three girls and let them know that everything would be okay. They told them that they would be safe and to wait until Jake could get to them. They promised the girls that they would stay with them always.


Jake got to the first door on the top deck and slowly opened it. In the room, he found a big oak table that had some maps spread out on them and other little trinkets on the table. On the walls, there were pictures of ocean scenes and a picture of the ship. Jake left that room and headed to the next one. With nothing of importance in that room, he went to the next one.

He continued to search room after room, searching for the girls. He opened the last door before going to the other side of the ship, and finally found the three girls. He entered the room and saw Rachel and Isaac sitting with the three scared girls. He knelt down next to the one that was hurt and tended to her wounds as best he could.

He turned to Rachel, “I need you and Isaac to watch for the coast guard. When they get here, lead the girls out to them.

One of the girls walked up to Jake. “You are the police?”

Jake nodded.

“You are going to take care of the bad men?”

Jake nodded again.

“Then you will need this.”

She handed Jake a map of the ship and pointed to the room that the bad men are in. Jake looked at the map then thanked the little girl. Jake looked at Rachel and Isaac once more then headed off to the place where The Mexican was hiding.

Jake got to the place that was marked on the map. He checked his ammo and then tested the door to see if it was locked. The door was unlocked and he gently started to open it when he heard The Mexican speaking to someone over the radio. “I don’t know why the ship stopped... Yes, I have sent a crew to check it out...Yes I know how important the cargo is...I’ll get to you as soon as I get the ship moving again...Well if you want it so bad, come get it yourself... Yes, the cargo is still alive... I know how to do my job... All right Butcher, I’ll…”

The Mexican hung up the radio and said something to the man beside him in Spanish, and then the man ran off, barely missing Jake, who had to hide in the shadows so he wouldn’t be found.

Jake decided that he couldn’t wait for backup and that he had to face him or he would never get the answers he needed. Jake stayed hidden in the dark room and decided to talk to him first before showing him where he was.

“So, you do take orders from someone. I didn’t think you were the head boss.”

The Mexican didn’t even turn around. “Ah, Detective Alexander, so good of you to join us. So it was you who stopped the boat, although I don’t know how you did it.”

“Let’s just say that I had help and leave it at that. Give it up, you can’t win. Your boat will be surrounded any minute.” Jake stepped out of the shadows gun drawn. “Let’s talk for a few minutes, how you answer my questions determines if I shoot you or if you are taken alive.”

“Doesn’t sound like I have much of a choice now, does it detective? Very well, ask your questions, but know that I may not have all the answers. However, I do know who does.”

“I know you are a member of ‘The Leaders’ and I know they are the ones that had Rachel killed.”

“It’s possible we have had a lot of people killed.”

“Let me refresh your memory...” Jake recalled the day when Rachel and her unborn son were murdered and the events that led up to this moment. While Jake was telling the gruesome details of the murder, a smile came to the face of The Mexican as he fondly remembered that one.

“Ah I do remember this Rachel you are referring to. She was a very beautiful woman. I really enjoyed watching her, watching her every move.” The Mexican heard the familiar click of a gun being loaded. “Now, now detective, you won’t get any answers if you kill me.”

“You will keep talking if you know what’s good for you.”

“I thought so. Anyway we hired an assassin to do this one for us. Actually, it was your fault Jacob, you were getting to close, and we couldn’t let that happen. You had arrested certain people and so we decided that a message should be sent to you, a message that you wouldn’t soon forget Detective. I see you haven’t forgotten. We decided that killing a detective would bring unwanted attention to us, so we settled for the next best thing... your family.”

We sent the most ruthless assassin we could find. The boss wanted the message to be very personal. The assassin just smiled and said that, making things personal was what he did. And I must admit he didn’t disappoint. I heard he raped her no?”

The Mexican turned and faced Jake; he put his hands up in the air and looked Jake in the eyes. He saw the hatred burning in his eyes from the endless torture that he had gone through. “I see the hatred burning in your eyes detective, might I give you someone worthy of that hate. I can give you The Butcher.”

“And why should I believe you? Why would you give up your boss?”

“That is a simple question. The answer is just as simple. The Butcher is getting out of control. Her lust for power is going to get us all killed and I personally don’t have any desire to die.”

Jake was shocked by what The Mexican said, “You said her. The Butcher is a woman?”

“Yes she is, and a very attractive one I might add. You didn’t know this? What am I saying of course you didn’t I’m the only one who actually knew that. I’m sure you were wondering how I know this. Well let’s just say she likes Mexicans. The other reason is I don’t like to be played. She is planning on killing me if I don’t deliver the cargo.”

“You mean the girls in the room on the other side of the ship.”

“Ah so you found them, which means they most likely aren’t even on the ship anymore, and which presents a problem for me.”

“I may be able to fix that problem for you, but I’ll need to know all you can tell me about the Butcher, and then I’ll arrest her and you will no longer have a problem.”

“Sounds interesting I’ll tell you all I know about her. First of all, her name is Nicole or Nicky De Luca. She first entered ‘The Leaders” as one of The Leaders concubines. She found out a lot of information from sleeping with them, information on hits, and what law enforcement agencies are in league with them. She used this info she knew to blackmail him. She wanted to be one of the main members of the Leaders and they gave it to her so she wouldn’t give all the information she knew to the police.

As soon as she was given a little authority, she killed her lover so she could have his authority as well. That is how she became the king pin of the leaders. She knows no mercy detective...and neither do I.” The Mexican pulled out a weapon and just before he got a shot off, Jake shot at him, striking him between the eyes.

Jake walked up to the body of The Mexican, looked down at him. “That was your downfall.” Jake radioed to the coast guard, “Coast guard, this is Detective Alexander. Go ahead and board the ship. I also need a small ship waiting for me. I have some unfinished business to take care of. I also killed The Mexican.”

“10-4, Detective.

Jake searched the body of The Mexican and found a picture of a beautiful brunette woman in camo pants and a white tank top and a map of the island that they are near. He took the picture hoping that the woman in the picture was the Butcher and headed to the island.

He reached the island and checked the map. He saw the map showed exactly where The Butcher’s hideout was.

As he made his way to the hideout, he watched where he stepped, looking for landmines or anything other traps that might await him.

The hideout came into view, so he decided to increase his pace. That decision almost costed him dearly, as he looked down just in time to see a mine he was about to step on.

He berated himself for being careless and slowed his pace again. He reached the outer edge of the area where the hideout was and ducked behind a large rock just as a guard made his way toward where he was. The guard stopped just in front of the rock.

Jake snuck around the back of the guard, grabbed him around the throat, and dragged him behind the rock. Jake made sure the unconscious guard was completely hidden by the rock, grabbed the guard’s radio, and then continued to the hideout.

Jake got to a door and checked the handle. It was locked. He smirked at the lock and brought out his picks and soon had the door unlocked and opened. He slipped in and went on the hunt.


Jax surfaced as she coughed up water and tried to figure out what just happened. A few moments later, the other Coast Guard boat pulled up beside her and helped her into the boat. She sat in the boat trying to catch her breath as her lungs burned and her ribs ached.

“You all right Detective?” asked one of the officers on the boat.

“Yeah, I’ll be okay. What happened? Where is Jake?”

“He went on ahead and told us to circle back around and pick you up. Last time we saw him he was about to catch up to the boat we were pursuing.”

“Then what are we sitting here for, let’s go help him.”

“You’re hurt Detective, we really should get you to shore.”

She looked at the officer that was talking. “Look, my partner is out there and outnumbered, I’m going after him, with or without you. You choose.”

“All right. We will bring you along.”

The coast guard boat sped toward the last know direction they were headed. They soon came up on the boat. Smoke was billowing out of it. They pulled up their boat alongside the boat and they boarded it with weapons at the ready. They searched the boat, found the girls in one of the rooms. One of the officers stayed with them as the others went to look for Jake and the Mexican. They found the body of the Mexican lying dead on the deck of the boat, but so sign of Jake anywhere.

Jax looked out at the immense ocean and wondered where her partner could be.

Where are you Jake? She thought to herself. Where could you be?

She closed her eyes to think. A few moments later, she heard a soft voice in her head. “Jake is on the island and needs yer help.”

A smile found its way onto her face and she went and found the officers. “I’m going to find my partner, I believe he has gone to that island to search for The Butcher and that’s where I’m going. I need you two to stay with the girls. Call in the Calvary and to get CSI here to process this crime scene.”

“All right Detective.” They learned from the last time not to argue with her. Jax ran over to the side of the boat and as she descended the ladder, she yells up. “I’m taking your boat!”

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