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Chapter Forty-Four

Chapter Forty-Four

Nicky De Luca looked out to sea with her telescope when the ship with her cargo exploded. At that moment, she knew the law was coming after her. She could only hope that Juan slowed them down enough so she could make her escape. Nicky went to her command center and started the process of destroying all the information. She would have to start her criminal empire over again, but that would be the safest way for her to escape. She would have to find a new council of leaders anyway, so why not start from scratch.

She continued to dump the hard drives of all the computers; she picked up a radio and told all the guards to check in. All the guards checked in but one. She tried that guard again. The request was answered but not by the guard. It was Jake who was on the other end of the radio.

“Butcher? Are you there?”

“Who is this, I demand you answer me right now.” demanded Nicky.

“I don’t believe you are in any position to make any demands. The Mexican or should I say Juan, is dead. Everyone else has betrayed you. You are alone and I want you to know that I’m coming for you. As for who I am. Well you will just have to wait and see.” Jake crushed the radio and continued his search for The Butcher.


As Jax got closer to the island, the bigger the isle got. Jax sighed and hoped that she would somehow know where to go to find Jake. She got to the island, stopped the boat, and started her search. She stared at the jungle in front of her wondering which way to go. A voice softly told her the way to go to find Jake. She shrugged and plunged into the jungle.

The same voice told her to watch where she stepped because there were land mines everywhere. After about twenty minutes of slow progress, the hideout came into view. “Wow, that thing is huge.” She stopped to catch her breath for a moment, and then continued on her way. She found the rock where the guard was behind. She checked his pulse. Seeing that the guard was still alive, she decided she best get moving again.

She got to the hideout and what she found was not just simply a hideout, but a mansion. There were two levels and the front porch had marble columns leading up to the huge double doors. Jax gave a low whistle and decided that the front doors might not be the best idea. She went around to the back of the building and found a not so conspicuous door. She slipped through the door and found herself in a kitchen of sorts. She searched through the room, and grabbed a few kitchen knives, knowing she would need something to protect herself with.

She was about to move on to another room, when the door to the kitchen began to open. She slipped into the pantry knife at the ready to take out whoever it was. A guard walked in scanned the room then went to the refrigerator to get something to eat. Jax cracked open the door and saw the guard, slipped out of the pantry, quietly snuck up behind the guard and subdued him as quietly as she could. She searched the guard and found a ring of keys, and a radio. She then continued searching for her partner and for the Butcher.


The Butcher stood in utter silence for a few minutes as the reality of the situation sank in. She went to her desk and pressed a button that called her personal guards to her side. When they came to her side, she dismissed them telling them that this fight she will do alone. They bowed and departed from her. She then went to a glass case, opened the door and retrieved her most prized possession, a katana she had gotten when she was in the orient.

She removed the sword from the scabbard and swung it a few times. “Let him come, he will rue the day he came after me!” She started pacing back and forth, as she awaited the arrival of her enemy.

As she paced back and forth across the room, the doorknob started to turn. She caught sight of the doorknob out of the corner of her eye. She turned toward the door as it opened. Jake slipped into the room and saw that the Butcher was alone.

She looked at Jake. “Glad you found your way here. Now you will die.” She lifted her sword and started closing the gap between them.

Jake pulled his pistol and pointed it at the Butcher. “Stop right there Nicky. Drop the sword or I’ll put a bullet through you.”

Nicky lowered her sword and smiled. “I have a proposition for you. If you will just permit me to explain it to you, I’m sure you will go for it.”

Jake eyed Nicky suspiciously, “Go ahead, you have two minutes to convince me not to just kill you right here.”

She clapped her hands. “You made the right decision Jake. See I know a lot about you, I know that you have been trained to use a katana. I also have been trained to use one. My proposal is this, I toss you a sword, and we duel to the death. This is something I know you want, after all, it was my company that had your girlfriend, oh what was her name?”

Jake spoke Rachel’s name through gritted teeth.

“Yes, Rachel that was it. If you agree with my proposal you will have the vengeance you seek. So, what do you say do we have a deal?”

It only took Jake a few seconds to figure out what he should do. He looked Nicky in the eye and said. “Of course you have a deal. Let’s get this over with.”

Nicky tossed him a sword, she drew the sword, and they began to circle the room. Nicky struck first with a slash chest high, which was easily blocked by Jake, who followed up with an upward slash that Nicky had to take a few steps back to avoid.

Nickie crouched down with her sword in just the right position to defend any strike from Jake and to attack with ease. She grinned at Jake and then performed a running slash at the right side of Jakes body. Jake deflected the slash with his own sword; spun and then swiped at Nicky’s lower back. He connected with his strike sending Nicky stumbling forward.

Nicky gave Jake a sneer and said, “Lucky strike Jake and that will be your last.”

Both Nickie and Jake went for an overhead strike and their swords clashed. Their swords clashed together over and over and each one tried to get the upper hand. Both Jake and Nicky have had extensive training with swords and it showed. Again, their swords clashed together and both of them tried to overpower the other one.

Finally, Jake started to overpower Nicky, then at the last moment swept Nicky’s legs, and sent her crashing to the ground. She ended up dropping her sword when she hit the ground.

Jake placed the tip of his sword against Nickie’s throat. “Yield to me, Butcher.”

Nickie started to laugh. “You think you have won, Jake? You are sadly mistaken. You can’t possibly beat me.”

Jake raised his sword high enough to get the power he wanted behind the death blow he is about to inflict on Nicky. She saw the thrust coming and was able to grab her sword just in time to deflect the thrust. Nicky rolled to her left and then did a Nip-up and was on her feet once again and ready to end this fight.

Nicky’s anger had now turned to rage. As she started to use her rage against Jake, he was thrown off his game by her new found rage and added strength she had now. She screamed and charged Jake attempting to impale her sword deep in his chest. He brought up his sword to block the strike but had to side step as well to make sure he wasn’t killed. She kept slashing and thrusting in rapid succession trying to overwhelm her advisory.

Jake expended a lot more energy defending all the strikes that were coming his way than he would have liked. He decided to try locking swords again to see if he could get the upper hand once again, but this time his strength failed him and Nicky forced Jake’s sword to the side and delivered a strong knee to the gut and then spun and swept his legs sending him crashing to the ground. Nickie kicked Jake’s sword away from his reach and got an evil grin on her face.

“I’m going to take great pleasure in ending your life” Nicky started the downward thrust to end his life. Jax came bursting through the door just in time. She threw the knife she had in her hand at Nickie, hitting her in the shoulder and saving Jake’s life.

Jake kicked her feet out from under her, sending her to the ground. He got to his feet, and stood over the Butcher. He knelt down and pulled the knife out, then handcuffed her. Jax joined him and together they pulled the Butcher to her feet and led her out to where the boat was waiting.

“You both won’t get away with this, I’ll be out of prison by tomorrow, and then I’ll make sure you two and your families will never be safe.”

Jax turned to Nickie. “Are you threatening our families?”

Nickie sneered at Jax. “What do you think?”

Jax looked down, laughed, and said “That’s what I thought.”

She then punched Nickie in same shoulder she was stabbed in. Nickie lost her balance and almost went down because of the pain. She would have gone down, but Jake still had a hold of her.

Nickie turned to Jake. “This is abuse. I demand you turn her in when we get back.”

Jake just laughed. “I have no idea what you are talking about. All I heard was you threatening our families. I must have gotten something in my eye because I never saw Jax hit you.”

Once they got their prisoner secured, Jake turned to Jax. “Thank you for saving my life Jax. I would have been killed if you hadn’t showed up when you did.”

“You are welcome. I can’t take all the credit, I did have some help.”

Jake gave Jax a quizzical look.

She just smiled. “Rachel guided me to you.”

Jake smiled at this and started the boat so they could get back and book the Butcher. Jax radioed in and found out that, the girls and the other coast guard officers were safely rescued and that the boat was towed in. She was also told that one of the girls kept telling them that they were kept safe by two angels. Jax and Jake just smiled and ended the call.

Jax grabbed at her side and as she tried to take a deep breath. “I think I need to sit down before I fall down.” She made her way to the closest thing she could sit on and sat down.

“You okay Jax?” questioned Jake.

“Yeah I should be okay, just cracked a few ribs when my jet ski exploded.”

They got to port and after they tied up the boat, a few police officer went on board and took the prisoner while Jake helped Jax off the boat and over to where the EMTs were. They lifted her shirt and taped her up as well as they could and released her. Jake helped Jax up and they walked off together as partners. Jake arrived home after writing up his report at the office. He walked into his home, and all of a sudden was attacked by a little boy and his loving wife.

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