Divine Help

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Chapter Forty-Five

Chapter Forty-Five

A few weeks later, Jake found himself getting ready for church with his loving wife and son. They got to the church a few minutes before it started. Jake actually found that he enjoyed being at church, although he wasn’t sure if it was actually the church itself or if it was just because he got to be with his loving wife. He decided that it was a little bit of both. After the last meeting ended, they got ready to leave. As they were getting Kaleb’s coat on him, the bishop stopped Jake and told him that he would like to speak with him for a few minutes. Jake looked to Megan for approval, she just smiled and nodded. Jake and the bishop went into his office and sat down.

“So Jake I hear you had a rough week a few weeks ago.”

“Yeah I did, it was pretty brutal Bishop.”

“Glad you survived it. Anyway, I wanted to talk to you about what we talked about before. I wanted to know how that was going.”

“Well, Bishop I have come to some decisions in the last couple of weeks. First is, that despite all that has happened now and in my past, I have found at least a little closure on some of the things in my past. Megan knows everything now, and that has taken off some undue pressure and the void I talked to you about...isn’t as deep.”

As the Bishop listened to Jake talk, a smile slowly made its way on to his face. The smile wasn’t missed by Jake. Jake stopped talking for a few minutes and looked into the eyes of the bishop.

“You knew this would happen, didn’t you? You knew if I did everything you asked me to, that I would find all the answers I was looking for on my own.”

The Bishop laughed. “Well Jake, sometimes people just needed to find answers on their own. They just need an idea of where to start looking. Oh and yes Detective, guilty as charged.”

Jake and the Bishop continued to talk for a few more minutes, then they shook hands and Jake walked out of the office. As Jake and Megan walked with Kaleb in tow to the car.

Megan looked at her husband. “Something is different about you Jake. Your eyes are more peaceful, you look like you are more at peace.”

Jake smiled and placed his arm around Megan. “I guess I’m more at peace. I found some closure when we took down The Leader group. Although there is still a lot to do but for now I’m good.”

The three of them headed for their home. When they got there, there was an envelope hanging on the door to their home.

Jake picked it up and took it in to the house. He went into his home office to get a letter opener and opened the envelope. Inside it, there is a picture of him and Jaxon sitting on the boat.

Jake turned the picture over and on the back; there was a note that said. “You may have taken me down, but when I get out and I’ll get out. You and your partner will pay. Keep everyone you love close. I could be anywhere. You will taste my revenge!”

Megan walked into the office. “What’s in the envelope babe?”

“Oh it’s nothing, just information about a new case.” Jake started thinking about the picture and the message on it. Not if you taste my revenge first!

“Hey, would you and Kaleb come visit Rachel and Isaac with me? It’s something I need to do.”

“Of course we would.”

They all got into the Jeep and headed off down the road. They got to Jaxon’s home and he asked them to wait in the Jeep while he went to get Jaxon.

He got to Jaxon’s door and knocked on it. Jax answered the door.

“Hey Jake, let me get my keys and we can go.” She grabbed hers keys, she yelled to Sarah that she would be back in a little while, and headed out the door. Jaxon jumped into the back seat with Kaleb and they both hugged.

Jake pulled into the cemetery where Rachel and Isaac were laid to rest. They all got out and went to their graves. A moment later, Rachel and Isaac appeared and saw that all their friends and family are here.

“Hello everyone, what brings you all here?”

Jake looked at Rachel, a small tear in his eyes “We just wanted to say thank you for all the help you have given us. It was the difference maker.”

Megan walked up to Rachel. “Thank you for keeping Jake safe, Heaven knows he needs a guardian angel to watch over him.”

Jaxon walked up to Rachel next. “Thank you for helping Sarah and I get through all that happened to us. She wanted to be here, but she has a major final at school she needs to study for. We would have never made it if it weren’t for your help.”

Kaleb walked up to Isaac and smiled. “Thanks for being my friend Isaac and for helping me not be scared.”

Rachel choked back the tears. “Thank ya all for coming, and doing this, it means a lot to both of us. We will always be here to help any of yer if ye ever need us. We consider yer all family.”

Jake’s phone rang as they were talking. He excused himself so he could take the call. “This is Detective Alexander.”

Jake hung up the phone and returned to the get together. He looked over his family and smiled. Life at that moment was perfect.

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