Divine Help

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Two Years Later

Jacob Alexander arrived at home to find all was well. His wife, Megan was in the kitchen preparing dinner and their son Kaleb was in his room doing his homework. Their daughter Elizabeth, or Liz for short was in the living room playing with her dolls. It had been eighteen months since Liz joined the family. Jacob was plagued with the thought that if The Butcher ever escaped that his family would never be safe. The friends and family in his life help whenever they can.

His dreams still haunted him most every night. He couldn’t help but feel responsible for his partner’s Jaxon Strong decision to retire from the police force. With everything that had happened to her, he couldn’t blame her for her decision. He still kept in contact with her and visited her whenever he could.

He walked into the kitchen and gave his wife a hug and kiss before going into the living room to play with his daughter, who seemed to have her daddy wrapped around her little finger. She saw her dad, got up and ran into his arms. He had decided that this right here was the best part of his day. Megan walked in, saw her husband playing with their daughter, and smiled. She snuck over to the table and got the camera, then snapped a picture of them playing together. She looked at the picture and decided to take a few more. They both laughed at the faces their daughter made at the camera then they all sat down for dinner.

A few hours after dinner, they put their children to bed and then sat down in the living room to relax before they headed to bed. They put in a movie, grabbed some popcorn, and sat together. They got about an hour into the movie, when they heard some noises coming from upstairs. Jake got up to go check out what the noises were. He got to Kaleb’s room and as slowly and quietly, as he could he opened the door. He peaked into the room and saw Kaleb’s bed empty. On instinct, he pushed the door open and ran into the room. Jake then rushed to his daughter’s room and opened the door to find that she was missing as well.

He ran down the stairs and found that four men in black hoods had entered his home and taken his family hostage. He pointed his pistol at the four men who all had guns pointed at his family. Without a word, he lowered his gun and eyed the four men with utter contempt.

“What do you want with my family?”

The one who had his gun pointed at him laughed and said. “It’s not what we want. You have brought this all on yourself. You have forced The Master’s hand. And now we are forced to expedite the plans we had set. We were content with the capture of the rest of the Leaders, but now that you and the police have caught the Butcher and put her away for the rest of her life, you have forced us to have to take care of the problem.

The problem of which I speak, being you of course.” The man laughed again. “We have been hired to take out you and your family. The Master told us to be careful and that it wouldn’t be easy to complete this job. Doesn’t seem too difficult to me, what about you guys?” The others laugh. “Oh and then we are to move onto your partner and her family. We take pride in our work.”

“You won’t get away with this.”

One of the other men smirked. “You don’t get it do you, we already got away with it once before. You remember that one don’t you? I see it in your eyes and it still haunts you to this day. Oh by the way, we will get away with it this time as well. The scene has been staged to look like a simple robbery gone bad. With no finger prints or trace evidence, the case will go cold soon enough, and it and you will be forgotten about.”

The men forced all four members of Jacob’s family onto their knees. “It will be brief, but The Master wants you to watch your family die, and then we are to kill you.”

Suddenly and in the most heinous and callous way, the first man fired his weapon killing Megan instantly, blood started to pool beneath her as her spirit and life slipped away. Then the second gun went off, killing Kaleb. Jacob screamed in pure rage as his family was being murdered right in front of him. The third gun went off and their beautiful daughter fell limply to the ground.

“You could have stopped all of this from happening. You should have stopped chasing The Butcher, but no, you were so obsessed with finding out who killed your long lost love Rachel. Now you are going to pay for your obsession. Give her our best when you see her again.” With that said, the fourth gun fires and Jakes world went dark.

The leader took out his phone and pressed a few numbers on the key pad and a number is dialed. “It’s done… I’ll give you the proof when we come in to collect… thank you, it was a pleasure doing business with you.” He hung up the phone and turned to the other three. “Now, on to the other business, who is next on the list?” One of the other men pulled out a piece of paper, unfolded it, and scanned down the paper. “Looks like a female named Jaxon Strong, ex-partner of the Detective we just killed, then onto his current partner. Here is the address.”


Jaxon was suddenly awakened from a dream that had plagued her since she was saved by her best friend and ex-partner, Jacob Alexander. She rolled over to check the time. The clock with its soft blue glows said three o’clock in the morning. She let out a sigh and knew she wasn’t going to get back to sleep. She slipped out of bed, got dressed into her workout clothes, and left a note for Sarah that said she had gone for a run.

She had promised Sarah when she first went to live with Jax, that she would never leave her alone and that any time she was going to leave she would leave a note.

She wished that Sarah wouldn’t have such bad dreams, but considering what happened to the both of them, Jaxon understood completely. She had her own demons she had to deal with. She opened the door, placed her IPod on her arm band, turned it on, and started on her run. Just like on all her other runs, the details of the dream kept running through her head with every step she took. She dreamed that instead of being rescued by Jacob, that The Butcher came instead and slaughtered Sarah in front of her. Somehow, The Butcher found out that Sarah and her had a relationship and used that against her and Jacob.

Jaxon stopped running, the tears blurring her vision. She wiped her eyes and tried to steady her breathing. It was at these moments Jaxon realized that she needed Sarah as much as Sarah needed her. They both helped each other through the pain. She knew that the pain couldn’t last forever even though sometimes she wasn’t so sure. The tears slowly subsided and she finished her run.

Jaxon arrived at her home unlocked the door and walked in. She tossed her keys on the table, headed to the fridge, and got her a bottle of water. She walked into her bathroom and started running the water for a bath.

She removed her workout clothes and slipped into the hot water of her bath. She sighed contently and slowly closed her eyes. As she was in the bath, she heard a noise. She opened her eyes, sat up and listened a little closer. She didn’t hear anything else so she started to relax again when she heard the noise again.

“Sarah, is that you sweetie?”

After listening for a good few minutes and hearing nothing, she closed her eyes again when she heard it again. This time she decided to get out and check out the noise. She slipped her bathrobe on and grabbed the gun she kept near the bath and slowly opened the door.

Jaxon tiptoed out into the hall and proceeded down the hall to the next room. Just before she opened the door, she heard the noise coming from the living room downstairs. She slowly made her way down the stairs, as she reached the living room she saw two men all in black and Sarah tied up in a chair.

One of the men in black spoke first. “If you are smart Jaxon, you will drop the gun and join us.”

To her horror, she saw that one of the men has a gun pointed at Sarah. Jaxon slowly lowered her gun, walked over to where Sarah was tied up, and grabbed her hand in hers. “I’m here, why are you here? What do you want?”

The leader of the group simply laughed then his stare went cold. “We are here because you and she are still alive. And for as what we want, well it’s not what we want, we are just here to do a job. It’s all about what The Master wants and he wants you both dead so that is why we are here.”

The one, who had his pistol aimed at Sarah, shot once and Jaxon screamed as Sarah’s limp body fell over in the chair she was tied to. The tears flowed down her cheeks as she looked at Sarah.

She turned a murderous glare toward the leader who just simply laughed. “That is the reaction we were wanting. And now my dear, it is time for you to join Sarah.”

Through her tears she softly but firmly spoke. “You won’t get away with this. Jacob will make you pay dearly for this.”

“Oh but that is where you are wrong. You see, we just came from Jacob’s home and he is in no position to help you seeing how we killed him first. And don’t think that his new partner Sophia will do anything either. She knows nothing about us being here or what we have done, at least not yet. We can’t leave any witnesses as you well know.”

With that said the leader pulled out his pistol and shot Jaxon, dropping her where she stood. He then took out his phone and dialed the same number. “Target number two is complete advising team three to proceed onto target number three. The next call you get will be when all the targets have been completed.”

“Very good, you and your team have proved very useful. Your payment will be waiting for you. Goodbye.” The line went dead, as dead as Jake, Jaxon, and their families.


Jaxon awoke in a cold sweat screaming Jacob’s name. She tried to get her bearings as she reached for the gun she kept close to her bed.


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