Divine Help

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Chapter Four

Chapter Four

Megan woke and stretched as she tried to work the kinks out of her body. The soreness was a good type of ache, the kind you can only get after a night of hot passion. It was a sensation she hadn’t felt for a long time. If last night was any indication of Jake’s feelings towards the baby, she needed to find a way to tell him good news like this more often.

An alarm rang softly in the background, pulling Megan out of her day dreams, and serving as a reminder that their son, Kaleb, needed to get up for school.

She kissed Jake, and then whispered in his ear. “Honey, you need to get up for work.” She slipped out of bed and paused at one of the pictures, hanging on the wall. The photo had been taken when they were at the beach last summer. Her heart swelled with the love she felt for her family. As she made her way to Kaleb’s bedroom, she hummed softly.

She gently knocked, then opened the door. “Kaleb, sweetie, you need to get up.”

“Just five more minutes, please?” he said in a soft, sleepy voice as he rolled over in his bed.

“No extra minutes. You need to get up and get ready for school. Breakfast will be ready in ten minutes. Please be ready for school by then, okay?”

“Yes, Mommy.”

“Your school clothes are on the end of the bed.”


Kaleb slowly got out of bed and stretched. He looked in his mirror and laughed at his messy brown hair. He ran his hands through his hair to mess it up more, changed into his school clothes, and ran down the stairs. He hit the kitchen at full speed and jumped up into his chair for breakfast.

“Good morning, Mommy!”

“Good morning, sweetie. I see you did your hair. How did you sleep?”

“Good, I d-d-dreamed about D-d-daddy last night. It was awesome.” Kaleb said, trying not to stutter.

Megan looked down lovingly at her son. “Really? Tell me all about it, sweetheart.”

“Well, I d-d-dreamed that I was older, and D-d-daddy and I were catching bad guys and helping people,” Kaleb said excitedly.

“That’s wonderful, sweetie. Now eat your breakfast. You don’t want to be late.”

“Okay, Mommy.”

As Kaleb finished his breakfast, Jacob came down the stairs and gave his step-son a hug and a kiss. As he headed out the door, Kaleb yelled after him. “I had a d-d-dream that I got to catch bad guys with you at work D-d-daddy.”

“That’s awesome, Bubba. When you get older you can really help me.”

Kaleb smiled, grabbed his school stuff, and headed out to the car with his mom to go to school.


Jacob arrived at work with a cup of hot chocolate in hand.

He sat his stuff down on his desk as Captain Williams shouted, “Alexander! Strong! In my office now!”

“What’s up, Captain?” Jacob asked as they entered the office.

Captain Williams was a tall man at just over six feet and was in his early forties, although his graying hair made him look older. His commanding presence made others listen. Jake respected him for the twenty years of experience, and in the three years he had under his command, had learned to carry himself with the same confident air.

The captain was sitting at his desk, surrounded by piles of case files. He looked up. “I just received a call from the Mayor. He needs you two at a meeting at City Hall in one hour. Don’t be late.”


Jake and Jaxon arrived at City Hall right on time. As they entered the room, they are greeted by the Captain and a few others they didn’t know.

Jaxon leaned over and whispered to Jake. “Hey. Who are these other people?”

“Not sure, but they look important.”

They took their seats around a long table as Captain Williams started the meeting. “Gentlemen and ladies let me start by introducing everyone. I’m Captain Williams, and this is Mayor Calloway. Next to him, we have Deputy Mayor Max Rogers. Next to him is Judge Kameron Hunt, the youngest judge every elected.

I have been authorized to form a new task force in charge of finding and arresting the most wanted fugitives in Utah. The Mayor has asked that I assign my two best Detectives to lead this new task force.”

Jake turned to his partner and whispered sarcastically. “Well I guess if we are the best, then we’ll just have to accept the assignment, right. Jaxon?”

“I couldn’t agree more, Jacob, seeing how we are the best.” She retorted.

“Yeah, yeah. If you two could bring your egos back in check, we have your first assignment.”

“By all means, Captain, please continue” said Jacob with a smirk.

Someone flipped the lights off and a projector turned on. “Here you see pictures of the top three people on ‘The Most Wanted’ list. The first one is Marshall Clarke, AKA ‘The Fist’. He has been in and out of prison for most of his adult life and is currently wanted on felony assault and murder charges in several states. Clarke is no stranger to the streets. He has multiple tattoos, and has also been known to affiliate himself with several gangs in the Salt Lake City area. He is from Philadelphia, moved here at a very young age, and ended up growing up on the rough side of town. He is 5’10” and 230 pounds, white male, long brown hair, and a scruffy beard.”

The slide changed, and two more pictures appeared on the screen. “These are Clarke’s known associates. The one on the left is Max LaRue, AKA “MadDog’. Now, MadDog is a violent street thug that Marshall hired a few years ago. He needed eyes on the street. Who better than Max MadDog LaRue? He’s been in prison before, so he knows how the legal system works, which is another reason Marshall keeps him around. He is 6’4” 280 pounds, African-American male, dreadlocks, beard, and mustache. He has been previously incarcerated for many gang related shootings, and is also the leader of The Dawg Pound, one of the biggest street gangs here in Avalon City.

The one on the right is Juan Vieira, AKA, ‘The Mexican’. He is 5’10”, 235 pounds, short brown hair, brown eyes, a scar over his right eye, and a tattoo of a devil on his left upper arm. This one is very sly. He’s also wanted in the questioning of some of the biggest hits in the country, but no one has been able to locate him, much less catch him. They get someone who will testify against him, and then somehow he gets to the witnesses and kills them, then disappears. We have received intelligence stating that he has some law enforcement on his payroll, which must be how he is getting the information on the witnesses.

Marshall has hired these two thugs, and in doing so, is now the head boss in the street gang and drug fronts. We need to get these dangerous fugitives off the street as soon as possible. In order to get Marshall behind bars, we need to get MadDog and The Mexican. I need you all to realize that this case takes precedence over any other cases.”

As they left the meeting, Jake tapped Jax on the shoulder. “Hey Jax, why do you think they want us to head this task force?”

“Maybe they are tired of your ‘Robin Hood’ style of law enforcement. So they are giving you your own team and maybe you’ll see that this style doesn’t work.” Jax struggled as she tried to keep a straight face and bursts out laughing.

“Ha ha. Very funny, Jax, I would say it’s more of a Batman style. Let’s stop for a bite to eat.”

“I’m all for that. Where do you want to go?”

“I know just the place, and its right down the street from City Hall.”

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