Divine Help

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Chapter Seven

Chapter Seven

After a long day at work, Jacob headed to the jeep for the drive home. With the events of the day still running through his mind, he wasn’t paying much attention to what was playing on the radio until a familiar tune came on and he quietly hummed along. Jacob only halfway listened to the words when the chorus began.

For some reason he focused more on these words...and found himself singing along. “Here I am. Will you send me an angel? Here I am, in the land of the morning star.” Suddenly, emotion filled him as these simple words touched his heart. As he sang along Jacob’s thoughts returned to his long lost love and the son he would’ve had. A tear rolled down his face as he repeated the line of the song. “Here I am. Will you send me an angel?”

As he reached home later that night, he dragged himself into the house, emotions running high. He sat down in his easy chair as the memories of Rachel flowed freely in his mind. He remembered all the good times they shared. He decided that sleep was probably best, so he made his way up to him room.

He passed Kaleb’s room and cracked open his door just to check on him. Seeing that he was fine, he went into his room and stopped to watch his beautiful wife sleep for a few moments.

As Jacob succumbed to sleep, he started to dream. In this dream, he was running down a dark alley after a person who had just robbed a convenience store. While he was chasing the suspect, he saw a young woman’s, blurry form. As he approached the young woman, she started to become clearer. Jacob noticed that she was in her late teens to early 20’s, stood at 5’5”, had the body of someone who worked out, long, fire-red hair, and beautiful green eyes. As the young woman came into full view, he noticed that it was Rachel in a white gown. He abruptly stopped running and stared at her.

“Rachel, is that you?”

“Aye, love, it tis.”

He reached out to take her hand as tears fell from his eyes. “You died! How can you be here?”

“We are here to help ye, Jacob.”

“We?” He asked, not breaking the lock he had on her gaze. “Rachel, I only see you.”

“That’s because yer not looking hard enough.”

Just then, a small boy appeared beside Rachel.

Jacob’s eyes moved from Rachel to the face of the boy. “Who is this little one?”

A smile appeared on Rachel’s face as she slowly replied. “Ye know him, Jake. Just search yer feelings.”

Jake stared at the little boy that stood before him and was suddenly filled with a love he thought he’d never know. “Isaac, is that you?”

A huge smile broke across the little boy’s face, and he giggled as he ran to his father. “Of course it tis Dad,” said Isaac, who threw his arms around Jacob.

Jacob embraced his son, and then pulled away, wanting to look at each detail. Before him was his five-year-old son, dressed in all white, with brown hair, bright blue eyes, and a crooked smile that Jake recognized well.

Rachel walked forward and placed a hand on the shoulders of both Jacob and Isaac. Jacob rose, lifting Isaac as he went, and they all embraced for a moment.

Jacob sat Isaac back down and turned toward Rachel. “Rachel, what did you mean when you said that you and Isaac are here to help me? Help me to do what?”

“We are here to help ye find the person who killed us, Jake.”

Jake’s head fell. “I’m so sorry that I haven’t found him. I’ve tried so hard. The trail has just gone cold.”

Rachel reached over to Jacob’s chin and gently lifted his face, gazing into his eyes. “Jacob, ye aren’t meant to do this alone. We are here to help, and others will be, too.”

As emotion got the best of him, Jacob sobbed softly. “I miss you so much, Rachel. A day doesn’t go by that I don’t think about you and Isaac.”

Rachel took both of his hands in hers and whispered softly. “We miss ye too, but we are n’er far away. And, Jake,” she said taking in his eyes, “tis okay that you found someone else. I know how much ye worry ‘bout that.” Rachel chuckled. “We had something to do with that as well. Ye and Megan need each other. Promise me that ye will stay close to them, Jake, to Megan, Kaleb, and Elizabeth. Be there for them.”

Jake looked at Rachel curiously. “Elizabeth?” he whispered.

“Yes, Jacob,” Rachel replied with a broad smile. “She is going to be such a beautiful, strong woman, just like ‘er mother.”

Jacob looked at Rachel curiously, and then realization hit him. “Elizabeth,” he repeated. “I’m going to have a daughter, Rachel?”

Rachel smiled and nodded, then reached up and placed a hand on his cheek. “Isaac and I are in a better place, Jacob. We will always be yer family, and will be here to help ye, but ye have another family now, too. Please let them help ye as well. We have to go now, Jake.”

“No, Rachel! Please don’t go. I need you both here with me.” Jake said as he reached out for her hand.

“Jacob, remember we are ne’r far away.” Rachel said as she placed a kiss on the back of his hand, and then let it go. She turned to her son. “Come now, Isaac.”

Rachel reached for Isaac’s hand and they turned to walk away. Isaac glanced back for a moment to say. “I love ye, Daddy.”

“I love you, too, Isaac,” Jake replied. That familiar, crooked smile broke across Isaac’s face as he waved goodbye.

Megan woke up suddenly as she felt her husband stir. She found Jacob sitting up in bed, tears streaming down his face, his hand reaching out for something.

“What’s wrong, baby?”

He dropped his hand down to his lap. “Oh, nothing,” he replied, as he wiped the tears away. “It was just a dream.”

Megan reached over and touched a tear with her finger as it fell down Jacob’s check. “Tell me, baby. Please?”

Jacob struggled with the decision on whether or not to tell his loving wife about his past. He wanted to so bad, he was just not sure he could. The pain was just too close to the surface, especially now because of the dream. Only one other person knew about his past.

“I…I wish I could talk to you about this. Give me a little time to wrap my head around what is going on and then I promise I’ll tell you.”

His wife sighed. “All right, as long as you promise. Just don’t forget the dream so you can tell me later.”

Jake chuckled softly. “Don’t worry. This is one I can’t forget, no matter how hard I try.”

Megan snuggled up to her husband and they both drifted off to sleep.

As Jacob started to get dressed the next morning, he remembered the pained look on Megan’s face when he told her he couldn’t tell her the dream. The pain wasn’t the kind that came from being hurt, but came from feeling helpless. Jake decided to get some advice from the only other person who knew about his past…Jaxon.

Jacob went to the station and found Jaxon at her desk. How could he bring up the subject he needed so desperately talk about?


As Megan started to clear off the table and got ready to do the breakfast dishes, she kept thinking about her husband’s dreams. They must be bad dreams, because he kept waking up all sweaty and breathing heavy. Megan really needed to talk to someone about all this, just so she could get her head around it. She decided that she would go talk to her best friend, so she called her on the phone and asked if she would meet her for lunch. Her friend Stephanie agreed, and they planned to meet each other at the small café in the city. Megan called her mother and made plans to have her watch Kaleb while she was gone.

When Megan arrived her friend was waiting for her.

“Hey Meg, how are you?”

“Hey Steph, I’m okay. How are you doing?”

“I’m good, thanks. So, what did you need to talk about, sweetie?”

“It’s about Jake. I’m worried about him. He has been having these dreams that cause him to wake up in the middle of the night. He won’t tell me about them. He says he will when he is ready.”

They both ordered the daily special and continued their talk as soon as the waitress left their table.

“Well, sweetie, you trust Jake right?”

Megan nodded.

“Well then I think you should just be patient and wait ‘till he is ready. I know that’s not what you wanted to hear.”

Megan sighed and took a drink of her Mountain Dew. “I just wish there was something I could do to help him. I love him so much, and it hurts to see him this way.”

“I know you do, sweetie. You could go talk to your Bishop and ask him if he has any ideas on what you can do to help him.”

“That is a really good idea. Thank you, Steph. You’re the best.”

Steph winked at Megan. “True, I am.”

They laughed and finished their lunch while catching up on each other’s lives and things they were involved in. Then they got up, paid for their meal, and hugged before leaving the café.

Megan returned home and thanked her mother for watching Kaleb. They hugged. Megan picked up the phone and called the Bishop’s secretary to set up a time when she could see the Bishop.


Jaxon glanced up from her computer and smiled. “Good morning Jake. How are you?”

Jake looked over at Jaxon. If he planned on getting anything done today, he needed to get this off his chest. “I need to talk to you about something.”

She stood. “All right, Jake. Let’s go somewhere and we can talk.”

They found a room that wasn’t being used and sat down facing each other.

Jake took a deep breath. “It’s about my past, Jax. I had a dream about Rachel again.”

“Was it the same dream you had before? The one about the murder?”

“No, not exactly Jax. It would probably be a little easier if I tell you about the dream I had, if you don’t mind.”

“Go ahead.” She said as she crossed her legs.

Jacob sat back in the chair and recounted the dream he had, and as he finished he looked at Jax.

“You’re the only one who knows about Rachel, and about the dreams. So I had to come to you about the most recent one.”

Jax let out a deep breath. “That is pretty intense, Jake. What do you think about it?”

“You are going to think I’m crazy, but I think it’s real. I believe that Rachel has come back to help me find her killer. I haven’t gotten anywhere on this case in a long time. At this point, I’m almost willing to try anything.”

“Well, knowing how much you and Rachel loved each other, I do think it’s crazy, but if anyone could come back and help you, it would be her.” Jaxon looked at Jake. “You haven’t told Megan yet have you?”

Jake sighed. “No. I have tried a few times, but haven’t been able to. I need to, though. I owe her that much for putting up with me this whole time.”

Jaxon smiled. “You will know when the time is right. Don’t rush into telling her. The time will come.”

“I guess you’re right, but I hate not being able to tell her about it.”

They hugged and got back to work trying to catch the scum of the city. As the day came to an end, Jake decided that he and Megan deserved a vacation. He glanced at the calendar and noticed that their wedding anniversary was a couple weeks away and decided to make plans to surprise her.

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