Twelve Hours

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6:00 AM

“They’ve been gone a while,” one student commented.


The six students grabbed their makeshift weapons and flashlights and headed out the Spanish room door and down the hall wary of the traps they had set.

Finally they reached the bathroom were two bodies and blood lay on the floor.

“Cristi!” Veronica shouted running over to the girl where she was propped up against the wall.

In response Cristiana screamed and swung her frying pan just narrowly missing Veronica’s head. She looked around fearfully before his eyes settled on Veronica.

“It’s okay,” Veronica told her friend pulling her in a hug causing him to wince. “It’s okay.”

Meanwhile Elias slowly walked over to Jordan. He bent down next to his friend tears in his eyes as he let a sob escape his lips.

“What happened?” Duke asked when Veronica pulled back from her and Cristina’s embrace.

“I-I don’t r-really know,” she stammered. “I-I was in the bathroom and when I came out he was lying there. Someone was leaning over her so I raised the frying pan- a stupid weapon- and just swung hit as I got slashed with that knife...” She trailed off looking to the knife on the floor.

“Seven now...” Jackson whispered quietly.

The number sent a shiver down the other students spines. They had gone from twelve to seven in eleven hours. Their group had nearly been cut in half. And based on Cristiana currently being covered in blood their numbers might be halved after all. Not to mention that a killer was still among them.

“If there’s another person out there we need to get back to the Spanish room,” Duke said moving closer to Cristiana and picking her up. Cristiana gave a quick shout of pain when she moved. “Sorry.”

“We need to get by all the traps...” Jackson murmured.

“Veronica, need to direct us,” Duke told group. “Riley you need to watch out for that person from the front, Jackson the back, and Mickey and Elias watch our sides.”

The four grabbed their weapons tightly and took their spots as Veronica began to carefully helped the group navigate the traps they had made. It was slow moving. Now and then they stopped completely at the sound of a noise. Or in order to properly walk over a piece of string meant to trip their enemy. Finally they reached the Spanish room.

“That was too easy,” Jackson commented worriedly. “That other person should’ve attacked us right then and there.”

“Maybe they have a different plan,” Mickey said as Duke set Cristiana down on the floor.

“Like what?”

“I don’t know. I just said maybe,” she shrugged.

“I’m not the best but I can try to clean the wound,” Riley told Cristiana as he walked over to her with the small amount of medical supplies they had.

“They’re watching us,” Mickey realized.

“Wasn’t that obvious?” Jackson asked her.

“Not what I mean. I mean they watched us bypass the traps.”

“They know how to get to us then,” Veronica said leaning back against the wall. “Those traps are meaningless now.”

Elias walked to the window flashlight in hand and peered around outside. “We still haven’t tried the fire escape. Let’s try breaking the window and getting out of here. I know we agreed we didn’t want to be out in the open but do you honestly see a better idea at this point?” He turned back around and faced the group. “So. I’ll go down and check it out. I highly suggest someone come with me but I will go on my own.”

When no one responded he tried to unlock the window and unsurprisingly it didn’t budge. Duke appeared beside him. He nodded slowly before picking up a deal. “Move away,” he told the others. Smartly the rest of the group moved away from the window as he took a few steps back. He took a deep breath before running the few steps forward and then threw the desk into window.

The window shattered and Duke raised his arms to cover his face a few shards came toward him. When he removed his now bleeding arms from his face he couldn’t hide a small smile seeing the desk successfully crashed through and landed somewhere outside.

Elias stood and walked to the window herself he climbed through the window and onto the fire escape ignoring the sudden rush of cool air. Elias turned to the others a smirk on her face. “Anyone else coming?”

Jackson walked over to her and glanced down. “We should scout it out and then bring Cristiana down,” he suggested.

“Me?” Cristiana asked confused.

“You’re injured,” Riley told her simply. “We’re trying to keep you alive. Trying to keep us all alive.”

Elias started down the fire escape and following him Jackson put one leg through the window when a bullet pierced his chest. Jackson suddenly fell back onto the glass covering the floor and blood came out of his mouth. Veronica screamed while the other student’s eyes turned to Cristiana who held a gun in an outstretched hand. “No one is going anywhere,” she growled standing up slowly.

“Cristi,” Veronica gasped her eyes wide. “Y-you...”

“Killed them?” She finished for her. “Yeah. Now nobody move.”

“Elias run!” Mickey shouted before a bullet landed in her leg. “Run!” She shouted again stumbling back.

Elias flew down the stairs nearly tripping over himself. Cristiana cursed and went to the window firing a couple times causing Elias to scream but even so he managed to escape without being shot.

“Nobody moves,” Cristiana repeated breathing heavily.

“Why?” Veronica demanded standing up. “Why? Why kill all of them? Matteo? Nani? C-Colin? Ashley? Jordan? Why?”

“Ashley was gonna be fine,” Cristiana said shaking her head quickly. “Completely fine! What she did was her-” her voice caught. “-her choice...”

“You said that someone cut you...” Riley said.

“Self inflicted. But there’s someone else here. Elias won’t get away.”

“Why are you doing this?” Veronica asked her.

Cristiana didn’t answer her question and rather he turned his attention to Riley. She waved the gun at the boy who sat on the floor. “Move over there with those three,” she ordered. “Hands where I can see them.” Riley slowly stood and raised his hands and moved over before sitting by Jackson and putting pressure on friend’s wound.

“Why? What do you gain by this?” Veronica shouted at her best friend.

“Move over there with them,” Cristiana responded. Beside them Jackson coughed up more blood and groaned closing his eyes tightly in pain.

“Not until you answer me dammit. What do you gain by killing off your friends?”

“How many lives would you take in order save the person you love?” Cristiana asked her. “I had a list of targets needed to off in order to save that person. Tonight? Tonight was the perfect chance.”

Cristiana opened her mouth but didn’t get to respond but Duke cut her off. “It doesn’t matter.”

“He’s right,” Mickey said breathing heavily trying to cope with the pain. Her eyes flickered to the clock and then back to Cristiana. “You’re too late. It’s 6:59 bitch. Our parents here to pick us up... and Elias is running right for them.”

Cristiana eyes widened and she turned sharply to look at the clock. “Fuck.”

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