Twelve Hours

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8:00 PM

“Alright. You do remember your part right?”

“’Course. It’s not that hard to remember,” the answer was followed by a smile. “Maybe I’ll get detention more often.”

“Please do. Join the crew.”

“So the power is out in 30 right?”

A nod. “30 and then I lay down. They find me. You do your part and BOOM! We have a live game of Clue!”

“I’ll go hide then.”

One student slipped away and into a bathroom. Once in the stall the student took out their other phone. The simple phone was opened, and a quick message was sent off before the phone was tucked in a pocket.

Once done the student headed back out like nothing had happened.

“You actually have a nap corner,” Jordan commented surprised.

Matteo looked up to him from his nap corner. His corner was up against a wall where a bookshelf has been moved. It had been that way years before they had come to the school. Another student had made it, but that didn’t mean Matteo couldn’t take advantage of it.

“I said I did, didn’t I?”

Jordan shrugged.

“I wish I had my phone,” Matteo pouted.

“You’re that bored already?”

Matteo shook his head. “I never apologized to Daniel.”

“Oh,” Jordan said surprised by his answer, after a moment he sat down in front of his friend. “Look I–I uh, I know you don’t want to hear this. But I think you should-”

“No,” Matteo said firmly.

Jordan ignored him. “You should at least tell Daniel.”

Matteo didn’t respond and rather chose to stare at his arms.

Jordan sighed.

“Found you!” Veronica shouted. She had been wandering for a while and looking in random rooms finding no one. Finally she found someone.

“Yeah, yeah. You found me,” Nani said rolling her eyes as she climbed out from under Mr. Clark’s desk. Together the two girls exit the computer lab.

“Where should we look now?” Veronica asked the older girl, watching her nervously. Veronica didn’t really know much about Nani. She knew that she was the new kid- a senior at that and that she always managed to get herself caught up in their fights. She couldn’t help but feel a bit sorry for Nani, she had gotten in trouble and she had not really done anything to deserve this twelve hour punishment.

Nani paused. “I gotta run and grab something from my bag. I’ll call out anyone I see on the way back.” Nani didn’t wait for Veronica to reply and hurried off.

Veronica watched her go confused before she sighed heading off ducking into more rooms to find people. Why did she have to get stuck with this job?

“I thought I told you find your own hiding spot?” Mickey glared. Colin looked at surprised.

“That was my plan...” Colin answered honestly. “I’ll leave but, can I ask a question first?”

Mickey paused weighing her options before nodding. “Shoot.”

“Why are you hiding in a boy’s bathroom?”

“Cause this place is so disgusting no one would think- no dare to look in here. Honestly I’m so disgusted I’m thinking of cleaning in here.”

“Don’t you might catch something.”

“True. Now get out. I’m hiding here.”

Jordan left the library with a sigh. He started down the hall before frustration overwhelmed him and he lashed out kicking the locker beside him, he immediately grabbed his foot and winced in pain.

How did he even get caught up in this?

Oh right. He tried to stop a fight.

Another thing to put on his list of things not to do again. Get detention? Maybe. Stop a fight? Definitely never again.

Jackson sat on the windowsill not really caring about the game which was going on. Jackson stared out at the heavy falling snow hitting the ground. To think it was just like tonight a whole eleven years ago when her life ended.

“What’s he doing? Where’s his parents?”


“That little boy he’s just standing in the street. He’s gonna get hit or something...”

“Come on mom. We need to go get home before the pizza gets c-”

“Hey! Look out!”

She was gone in an instant. She hadn’t hesitated. She had simply run forward and pushed the boy out the way. She saved his life without a second thought. The driver tried to avoid her but he managed to clip her before he skidded on ice veering into tree. He had died along with one of his sons while his other son laid a coma for months afterward.

Was it really okay to be friends with that boy? Jackson asked himself for the millionth time. To possibly want to be more than friends with him? Was that wrong?

Jackson took a deep breath when he felt a tear roll down his face. Not now. Anyone could come find him like this. Not now.

Not now.

Ashley wandered throughout the school in search of Colin knowing that her boyfriend would be bothering her twin who would try to win him over. And that could not happen. She peeked in a room finding it empty. She went to the next and opened the door-

“Found you!”

A startled shriek escaped Ashley’s lips as her eyes fell upon Veronica.

“That’s not much of a hiding spot,” Veronica commented.

Ashley shook her head and took a deep breath attempting to regain her normal heart rate. “You nearly scared me to death.”

“Good thing I didn’t then. I need help finding the others.”

A glance at the clock. A glare toward the electrical box.

A glance. A glare. A glance. A glare. More glaring. Glaring at the clock now. Glaring between the two.

The twenty minutes had gone slow enough. Another ten seemed like hell.

“Screw it. I can’t wait any longer. Let’s get started!”

A switch is thrown and buttons are pressed. Plunging the majority of the school into darkness.

A few smiles spread across faces. Time to get started.

“Damnit now I can’t see what I’m doing,” Duke said standing up and kicking the locker in front of him.

“Perhaps it’s for the best,” Cristiana said attempting to calm him. “It’s not the best idea to vandalize people’s lockers.”

“He’s not a person.”

“You two need to get over yourselves. You used to be best friends.”

“Used to, as in not anymore.”

“Whatever,” Cristiana replied with an eye roll.

“I know! I’ll get my flashlight! You wait here! I’ll be right back!” Duke ran off without another word.


“Eager bitch,” a voice chuckled.

A student walked out the room and quickly headed for the predetermined destination before laying down on the floor.

Now to lie in wait.


“Let’s check the pool,” Nani (who had rejoined the other two) suggested. “Based on what people say about him, Matteo loves water. He is bound to be there.”

“The power went out. Shouldn’t you be more concerned?” Veronica asked her.

“Nah. Lauer will be back soon to let us out once he sees the power is out. So might as well finish the game in the meantime.”

Ashley nodded in agreement. “Come on. This way.”

The three continue until they enter the dark pool. Nani swung her flashlight to and fro searching.

Veronica shuffled behind the other two until her foot connected with something causing her to trip and crash into the floor. “Owww,” she groaned pushing herself up. She touched the thing she tripped on and finds it... Odd... It has a nose?

“You okay?” Nani called.

“Yeah,” Veronica called back.

Nani swung the flashlight toward the direction of the other girl’s voice only to let the flashlight slip from her hands. A scream escaped from Ashley’s lips and Veronica scrambled back until she finds himself inside the pools water.

“Is-is t-that...?” Nani started ask while staring down at it. “I think I’m gonna puke.”

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