Twelve Hours

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1:00 AM

“I still kinda want to see him...”

“We need to focus on getting out of here right now... A-and I’m sure Matt would say the same thing,” Jordan said trying to comfort Elias.

Duke walked with them silently as he shunned his flashlight this way and that. “Here,” he said finally as they reached an emergency exit stairwell. He pushed the door but nothing happened. The bar moved in but the door itself didn’t budge. Elias stepped forward to help him. But no matter what they did the door didn’t move.

“What the hell?” Duke asked giving it a kick.

“Someone put thought into this,” Elias gasped in realization. “We can’t get out any way. Someone would’ve had to mess with the door beforehand... They planned this...”

“No,” Duke said firmly. “We’ll smash windows if we have to. We’re getting out of here.”

Colin was struggling to even look at Mickey as he tried to calm Ashley down. Did she seriously think his terror was funny?

“Shit, this door won’t open either,” Mickey frowned. It was the third door they had tried.

“There has to be a way out,” Veronica voiced.

“What if it was me?” Ashley asked quietly. “I didn’t see who attacked me... I could’ve...”

“Stop talking like that!” Mickey shouted suddenly. “You aren’t acting like the bitchy sister I know and am forced to live with! Now either give her back or shut the fuck up!”

Ashley silenced and wiped her tears.

Jackson did his best to apologize to his best friend. While Riley had put on a brave face Jackson knew better. If Riley had been scared before he wasn’t sure what the word for what was going on now. Beside the two walked Nani and Cristiana, both starting to feel a bit guilty.

The groups walked along searching for anything as time ticked by. They seldom spoke out both out of fear and respect for the dead. It’s not a game anymore. It’s life or death. And that thought was nailed in their heads. Well all except the one behind it of course. They silently sabotaged their friends all the while deciding what to do to get rid of the person who knows too much.

After a while of this the groups came together as one again.

“Every door is fucking locked,” Duke growled.

“We need to just smash a window,” Mickey stated.

Colin nodded. “We can head back toward the front doors and smash it there. We can head out and call the cops.”

“Then I’ll turn myself in,” Ashley said quietly.

“Ash...” Mickey said quietly.

Elias glared at the girl. “You killed him?”

Ashley looked down at the floor. “I-I... There couldn’t have been anyone outside of us to attack me. And I pushed my attacker off and they didn’t follow... It must of been Matteo... I-I mean he wouldn’t have attacked me but... I was freaked out and I think I...”

“If anyone killed him it’s everyone involved in this sick thing,” Riley said. “You thought your life was in danger.”

“Let’s just get going...” Cristiana said starting to walk toward the front. “I’ve spent enough time here.”

They walked along slowly as and they did one student toward the back of the group pulled another to the side.

“Here. Take this.” The first student whispered.

“What is it? A button?”

“Yeah... I’ve got a theory and in going to test it. I have a button too. When I hit mine your button will beep. I’ll be in the Chem Lab. Just bring everyone there when it does okay?”

“What are you going to do? And what do you need to prove? Ashley admitted it.”

“It’s not just her. I think I know who it is. I screwed up. I’m going to go make this right.”

“You could get yourself killed.”

“Not if you bring everyone.”


“Just do it okay?”


Too bad they didn’t know they had been overheard.

The group walked along before someone stopped.

“Wait a minute... We are missing people...”


They all looked around surveying and frantically they broke off in groups in search of one another. The one person with a button looked around before following a group holding the button tightly.

“You’re stupid enough to wander out here by yourself? There’s a killer out there.”

“You’re out here alone.”

“I came looking for you. Can’t have anyone else dying.”

“Then why didn’t you come with another person?”


“By coming alone you put yourself at risk too. Had you wanted to avoid that you would have come with at least one person.”


“But I guess you have nothing to worry about. You’re the murderer after all.”

“No I’m not, and I don’t have time for these sort of games. We should get back to the others.”

“I’m not going anywhere with you. You’ll just shoot me with that gun behind your back.”

“I don’t...” the student faltered before sighing. “You rather die here then?”

“I won’t die at all.”

“Oh really? You do see this gun pointed at you right?”

“I can see but so can the cameras. Remember how we all set up night vision cameras in rooms so we could laugh later? I put one in here.”

“You’re bluffing.”

“Am I?”

“You are.”

“Fine. Shoot me. Just wait until the others watch the recording... I see your hand is shaking. Nervous?”

“I’m not. And there isn’t a camera.”

“You’re willing to take that chance?”

“I’ll just have to kill them all too then. Simple.”

“Y-you wouldn’t.”

“Not so confident now huh?”

“They’ll hear.”

“That’s why I brought this. Ta Dah! A silencer.”

“Why are you even doing this?”

“Doesn’t matter. But, obviously this isn’t your whole plan right? There has to be something more... Like that button you’re pressing behind your back. But I can promise you that no one would come. I may or may not have messed up one of the buttons...”



“I- I-”

The silencer muffled the shot which pierced flesh. The broken button was dropped as hands went to cover the neck as blood started to spew from the wound. They fell to floor coughing up more of it.

The killer looked down at their victim. “I mean come on Nani, give me some credit.”

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