Twelve Hours

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2:00 AM

Unsure of what else to do the students had come back together.

“Hey Nani do you have another flashlight? Nani?”

“Where’s Nani?”

Behind them a student bit their tongue and glanced at the button in their hand.

“Haven’t seen her.”

“Shit. Just what we need.”

“She’s in the Chem Lab!” Eyes turn to Elias who had blurted this out. “She had a theory, she said she’d call me using his button so why the fuck hadn’t she called?” He shouted.

“We need to get to the Chem Lab.”

They ran down the hall barely noticing that someone else had rejoined them. When they got to the Chem Lab it was eerily silent.

“Nani?” Elias called. Flashlights shined here and there as they walked in. Their beams shined the floor illuminating the tile floor which which in spots has darkened red. There lay Nani. Her eyes were wide open with fear as she lay there motionless. One had tightly held her neck where blood still seemed to flow from. Her other hand gripped the button like the life line it was meant to be.

“Damnit!” Elias shouted walking out of the room. “I had to do this stupid prank!” He screamed kicking a locker. “Two people are dead because of me!” Tears escaped his eyes and it was Jordan who tried to console him.

“That’s it,” Colin said. He started down the hall and confused others promptly followed. He paused and turned to the wall the sound of break glass was heard before he held a fire extinguisher in hand. He led the way to the front doors. He held the fire extinguisher in hand and before throwing it at the window next to the door.

The fire extinguisher bounced of the glass and crashed to the floor creating a large ringing echo which sounded throughout the halls. “What the fuck?” Colin asked aloud picking up the fire extinguisher once again. He threw it again with same outcome.

“This is beyond creepy and messed up...” Mickey commented.

“There has to be some way out,” Veronica insisted. “Or some emergency phone. Something...”

“Does the fire alarm still works when the power is out?” Colin asked.

Cristiana shook her head. “It should in theory, but no it doesn’t. I already pulled one.”

“We could just stay put,” Veronica suggested. “If no one is separated then we should be okay...”

“I rather not be sitting ducks,” Riley said.

“Everything here has gone to shit since Jared got arrested.” Cristiana said quietly to which Duke stiffened.

“I thought he got out?” Riley asked confused.

“He got out a month ago. But, he’s not the same person...”

Duke opened his mouth to voice a question but faltered when he noticed Cristiana looking away from him. He closed his mouth and took a breath before speaking. “Who could’ve killed Nani?”

“The same person who killed Matteo,” Mickey said.

“It can’t be. I killed Matteo... I-I...” Ashley put in.

Colin gave her a hug. “That’s not true.”

“Let’s keep moving somewhere,” Jackson suggested. “I agree with Riley. I don’t want to be a sitting duck.”

The group agreed and began to wander aimlessly. One student slipped to the back and grabbed another’s arm pulling them to back with them.

“Fire alarms work in power outages,” the first student whispered.

“So some sico even rigged the fire alarms to fail,” the second realized quietly. “They really put thought into this... But who knew we’d all land in detention that early in advance?”

“I don’t know but I suggest we don’t tell anyone else. It will freak everyone out more.”

A nod in response.

“Or let the killer know that you’re too close,” another student said internally with a smirk.

The walking continued and eyes made contact in the dark. Work has to be done.

“My legs hurt. Let’s sit somewhere.”

No one protested as they group made their way to the cafeteria. They made themselves comfortable pulling out sleeping bags and lying on the floor together. The only talk was in whispers to the persons beside them.

“Having seconds thoughts?”


“You do remember that if you don’t-”

“I know. It doesn’t mean I have to like it.”

“I never asked if you did.”

“I still don’t get why you need to do this.”

“I have my reasoning. You’re part of it. But I needed help with this. When this is over I’ll explain everything and you’ll understand. I have a good reason.”

“Actually I don’t care. But I need everyone to split up in order to do it.”

A smile. “That I can handle. Follow me to the bathroom and after you’ll get your wish.”

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