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Chapter 1



The constant sounds of shuttering cameras, photographers yelling to grab one's attention and many elegant looking people in groups engaged in their own conversation were muffled, as I silently sat inside the car with all kinds of thoughts sworming my head, My father had informed me that this was a small get together for the opening of his new winery.

And to say the least, I'm disappointed. because the last thing I need right now is attention and having to deal with my fathers friends, they all dressed so fancy as they exited from their expensive cars, with the help of an assistant and waited on their chosen partner for the night.

Elegantly they strolled in pairs, talking amongst themselves as they made their way down the long pathway, smiling at the nearby photogrophers and entered the luxurious gala bulding, one of the mansions my father owned, it could remind you of a palace, having a soft beige tone with a greek inspired pathway.

I didn't gawk at the luxurious scenery for too long, the driver had already gotten out the car uppon arrival and opened the door for me, everything seemed to grow louder, people bragging about their wealth, blinding lights of camera flashes and the frequent tooter of nearby cars were the only sounds that ringed my ear.

Ignoring the driver I slighlty tugged at my crystal choker and scooted my way out the car, in a split second it felt like time had shifted, the photogrophers now turned their attention to me and ringed me, trying their best to grab my attention by shouting 'hey' or 'over here'. I kept my face hard and held my head high.

With every click of the shutter, a bright white flash reflected on my accessories, giving it that blingy clear crystal tone, and that's what I enjoyed, dashingly satisfying jewelry. Feeling myself I undressed my jacket Kardashian style and looked over my shoulder, rubbing my thumb and index finger together visualizing my partner for the night.


I gazed at the photogrophers blocking my way and that was enough for them to make me my desired space, satisfied I started walking down the pathway with photographers on either sides of me. I kept my face hard, suppressing the annoyance and continued walking as I bit the inside of my cheeks.

I wasn't really excited to be here? honesty. My father informed me weeks ago about this 'small' get together he organized and it basically was him telling me what and what not to say when I'm approached by one of his friends, I don't want to ruin the good image he set up for me so I'll simply ignore and dodge people and questions that are headed my way.

Much better than using big words all while trying to look your best and composed at the same time but in your head there's a whole ritual meeting going on and sometimes it's so bad I'm literally on the verge of a mental breakdown, but I've grown used to it.

I crossed the pathway in a couple of strides, all while ignoring the photogrophers and walked into the gala building, The inside screamed nothing but wealth, the flooring had a glossy gold tone that connected with four golden pillars on either sides of the building and in the middle sat aphrodite, in a sculpted form inside a fountain, and at the very top hung a crystal chandelier, its bright crystals lighting up the whole place, it reminded me of the kremlin palace's interior.

"DIOR" a familiar voice exclaimed causing me to tilt my head from where the sound came from and my eyes landed on my father. his appeared fierce tonight, leaned up against a pillar with a wine glass in hand, he had on a white dress shirt with the sleeves rolled up flexing his muscular arms that littered in veins, a waistcoat and a black jacket resting on his shoulders as if it were a cape.

I turned on my heels and was headed his way, keeping our eyes locked as I did. "Dad!, you said this was a small get together" I Recalled and stood in-front of him with my arms crossed against my chest, he ignored me and kept his attention on the glass of wine he had in his hand and sipped on it, smiling at me after.

"You look beautiful"

Taken back I fluttered my eyes, suppressing the smile that threatened to grow on my lips and turned my head to my left. "thank you" I whispered and gazed at him through the corner of my eyes, he smirked with a nod in response "go on and loosen up, I'll call you when I need you" he flicked a curl out my face and walked towards a group of men, all in formal attire.

I silently sighed and aimlessly moved around the wide room, vibing along to "I fall in love to easily" softly playing in the background, I stopped a nearby butler, taking a whiskey shot from his tray and just as I turned around I spotted monraé at the balcony, waving at what seemed like people and photogrophers below him.

I eyed his back and made my way beside him, appearing on his left side he gazed at me for a split second and gave the photogrophers one last wave with a beamy smile still plastered on his perfect convex side profile. He locked our arms together and started dragging me to the restroom.


He snapped at two guys laughing among themselves, they jerked their heads our way annoyance written all over on facial features and walked out, leaving me and Monraé in the restroom. Monraé sighed taking slow yet steady steps and leaned against the concrete connected sinks.

He stared right into my eyes and I stared right back into his, the commotion from outside was muffled yet the atmosphere felt thick between us, he had yet to turn his eyes from mine except when he blinked .

"Please tell me you're lying" he sighed and ran a hand across hair, pulling back the four strands of hair that reached his eyebrows and brought it back to the rest of his polished dark brown hair that's gelled back.

"I'm not" I flatly responded and gazed at the whiskey shot in my hand, running my tounge across my upper set of teeth, monraé stood with a unreadable expression on his facial features and to describe it in one word it would be frustration.

He grumbled and took a few steps towards me, grabbing my whiskey shot, he gulped everything in a mouthfull and slammed it on the sink. "Dior" he started in a lower register but I didn't really feel threatened reason being he has a naturally pitched voice.

"-how can you tell someone that your family is involved in a drug trafficking circle you clown" he expressed, annoyance lacing his voice, "And your surname is literally number one in Atherton Dior, you will fall, not slip so you can get back up or anything like that, the Blue's O'll literally fall in a deep dark fucking void with no fucking way out" Monare sighed.

I stood with my face flat.

"oh my fucking god, I can't with you" he whispered, resting his forehead on the palm of his hand, "you know-" he started and turned around facing the mirror, "we can prevent this" he stated and gazed at me through the mirror, "and how?" he questioned himself. "me and Trenton get back together we fall in love all over again and he'll keep his mouth shut" I added for him.

"GREAT" He exclaimed and turned around facing me with a beamy smile on his face, "I'm leaving the rest to you, because I wanna enjoy this small gathering" he rolled his eyes at the end, grabbing the empty whiskey glass as he waved at me as and made his way towards the restrooms door. "Oh and-" he stopped and peeked at me.

"Don't tell Arison" he reminded me.

"I already did"


"Well fuck"

My brother sighed and gazed ahead of us, The photogrophers with their camera pointed at us, I honestly didn't plan on coming to this event reasons being it was organized by my exe's father and my pa was excited to be here, saying we would look amazing as a family of four, practically my two Dad's, my brother Tyler and I.

I had no choice but to agree and to say I didn't regret it was an understatement, yelling, heels clacking, alcohol being sipped on and the sound of moisturized lips smacking all filled my ears, and that wasn't my only worry, I was worried to meet my ex, scared even because it's been a week since I've seen him.

And the person I'm talking about is Dior Blue, A face that'll bury it's way deep into your memories so you never forget you've once layed eyes on him, he's the type to look you directly in the eye if you as little as gaze his way, his aura screamed confidence and it's clear he doesn't lack any of that.

But behind something pretty there's always something ugly underneath or inside, and that one quote suits Dior very well, from his alluring eyes to his last name. It was all full of dark secrets, his father has always been my role model but the day Dior himself told me that he's head of a drug trafficking ring was the day my life fell confused.

Never in a million years had I thought that the richest man in Atherton could possibly be head of a drug trafficking ring, it just sat wrong with me, everything did, disturbing even but what can I say?, life's full of surprises and it always catches me off-guard.

It's weird how easily someone can grow attached to another, I stayed when he exposed his family's darkest secrets to me yet he left because our town and his family doesn't approve of our relationship just because of my skin color, like we could be seen as Yin and Yang but no, 'it's too much pressure' I silently mocked his voice.

That's also been stuck in my head like a fucking melody and I do sound a lil crazy because it's two against a whole town and the richest family in Atherton but C'mon, atleast try harder than taking me out for brunch every end of the week, I enjoyed it but grew extremely tired of it. I really should've fucked his brains out before he thought it was a good Idea to leave me dang.

"Sheeesh, look at my boys"

A smirk grew on my face at the sound of an all too familiar voice, Carter Prince. he's a good friend of mine at our school and beside him stood Arison, he looked beautiful tonight, a beige waistcoat that hugged his slender body with matching slacks and white high tops, he wore rose gold accessories and had on opera gloves, his soft features fitting the angel energy that seeped out of him, it was truly a sight you wouldn't want to miss.

He's know as Carter's bestfriend/wife probably as a joke seeing Carter's a very goofy person, Arison and I locked eyes, I watched him as the colors drained from his face, I kept my eyes low and started right into those honey brown eyes of his.

Quickly he looked at the ground and gave me that golden boy smile he carried around, It irritates me knowing I always thought he was an angel and now I can't even see them as I used to before, I'm pretty sure Dior told them he told me about their families and the ties they all have together, I really wonder if Carter And Martin know.

My brother and I greeted Carter and Arison gave us air kisses, suddenly I felt a tap on my shoulder and immediately shot my head to my left, my brother had leaned up really close against my ear, his hot minty breath traveling down my ear canals "Talm' bout the devil" he whispered with his eyes fixed at the crowd of bodies.

I followed his gaze and immediately grew exhausted by the sight, Montaé stood infront of Dior, holding his hand as they brushed through the ocean of bodies and disappeared right below us, it didn't take longer before they climbed the spiral stairs and reached us.

Both of them looked beutiful as always, I'm not even surprised anymore because it's part of their daily routines if i'm honest, Monrae had on a silk formal jacket with the first three buttons undone, exposing his colorbones with a silver necklace that spelled maroon in all upper-case, a black belt that squeezed on his hips making it looks smaller and separated his maroon red jacket and the black leather pants he had on, his hair Slickly gelled back with his fierce facial features to go with.

He reminded me of a wine glass filled with blood instead of red wine.

"Hey handsomes" he smiled, twiddling his fingers back and forth as he gazed at all four of us, Dior stood still leaned up with his back against the railing with his head tiled to his left, showing off his perfect convex side profile, he didn't even bother to look at me and yet I stood here staring at him, he's just too perfect to be ignored.

"What's with the thick tension, oh my" Monraé exclaimed with his eyes glued on his finger nails, swiftly he picked up his head and turned his attention to my brother (Tyler), he kissed the tip of his middle and index finger, tapping my brother's lips after. my brother (Tyler) lightly slapped monraé's behind with a smirk on his face, I stood there with disgusted written all over my face.

"I'm borrowing him for a while" Monraé helped Arison up as they started walking towards the exit that lead to the spiral stairs used to get up here, Monraé and Arison walked right behind each other and Dior followed suit, synchronized they stepped down the Stair and for a split second time seemed to slow down causing Dior to look over his shoulder.

We locked eyes for a brief second and that simple action caused alot of blood rushing to my member, tightening my slacks, we lock eyes and I picture me fucking him in so many positions, slight realization that I'm practically whipped

"Shit he did don't change the lust you have fo' em" my brother slurred on his words, eyes fixed on Monraé, Dior and Arison entering the restroom

"Fuck' you saying"

"A ----'s whipped" he chuckled.

"Nah" I lied and shook my head.

"Slacks saying that's a lie" he shot me a toothy grin causing me to scoff and I replied with "fuck you" then I made my way beside Carter.

"Where's Martin?" I asked.

"Probably rearranging someone's guts"

Monraé rolled his eyes with a slight grin trying his best to cheer up a crying Arison, I actually regret telling them the mess I made but it would be worse if I kept my mouth shut and dealt with everything by myself, I'm exhausted.

"Ari, shut the fuck up and pick up your fucking head cuz crying won't solve anything you hear me" Monaré suddenly snapped, startling Arison and I.

"monraé calm down"

He hasitly shot his head my way, annoyance plastered all over his facial features causing me to tilt my head to my right, knowing which path this would take but I was wrong, Monaré opened his mouth to say something but closed it again, facial features fading neutral at that, "fuck it" he spat and aggressively turned around, forcing open the bathroom door and walked right out.

A sigh escaped my lips.

"He won't talk to us for the rest of the night" Arison scoffed, voice slightly shaking because he cried not too long ago. "Monrae's right, I should pick up my head and not worry about the mess you made." Arison stated, his head held high as he eyed me through the bathroom mirror, I stared right back.

"passe une bonne nuit." With that he gave me one last look and turned around, calmy walking out the restroom and into the main room leaving me here, alone with the miserable thoughts that clouded my mind and head.

I stood with my arms crossed and pressed tightly against my chest, staring at myself through the giant yet modern looking bathroom mirror, I looked stunning today but that's an everyday thing so I'm not really impressed right now and that's when it me.

I'm Dior fucking Blue.

An hour had passed and everything's going the way I want it to, making sure I stay Trentons sight without it looking like I actually want him, leisurely I walked past him, brushing our hands, shoulders and arms together.

He got the memo and tried avoiding me, but I took the butlers tray and followed him around, still ignoring him at the same time, it felt like we were playing cat and mouse but it eventually grew tiring and that's why I'm currently on the upper railing, eyeing everyone as they talked and moved around.

"Your tempting me" an all too familiar voice tone stated in my ear, that sweet baritone register that belonged to no one else but Trenton.

"Am I?" I questioned, eyes fixed on the crowd below us.

"I know you don't really want me-"

"Your right" I whispered and turned around facing him "I don't want you" I placed my index finger on his chest...... "I want your dick."

"And I wanna end this shit properly" He immediately shit back.

I ventured my hand from his belt all the way to his shoulder and grabbed his tie with the other, looking up at him since he was a head taller than me.

"Goodbye sex?"

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