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"When the normal, everyday people of the world can't handle those who've undergone an unexplainable transformation due to horrific, unnatural occurrences, they contact the Last Resort. By the time they're off the phone, the disturbances are nowhere to be found. They end up here - we end up here, ominous people who live in the hidden town of OminouCity." What was once an isolated ghost town has been sparsely populated with strange young outsiders declared beyond insane and threatening by common people of the world, bought there by unknown methods by a mysterious secret group called the Last Resort. They're alienated completely, out of harm's way, and that's that. Lost Causes. That's what they call them. But sometimes, the crazy outsiders are the perfect candidates when it comes to uncovering the real reason why they've been transformed into ominous individuals, how it's been done - and most importantly, who or what by? And who better to lead the crazies of OminouCity than the newest member, a teenage boy who seems to have a hard time remembering what exactly he'd undergone or undertaken to become a Lost Cause, his past and not to mention who he actually is? BASED ON THE SHORT STORIES OF MAKE IT STOP

Mystery / Fantasy
Cheshire Celeste
Age Rating:

Author's Notes

Welcome to OminouCity.

I, the one and only Cheshire Celeste, present you with a story so ominous, so beautifully twisted and powered with imagination from the oddest of minds, that you may be just as odd for choosing to read it. But you'll see that being odd is far better than being normal. If this story had normal names with normal people in a normal city, the wonder would be gone, and I can't have that.

I live to inspire, inspiration is everywhere, and in a place like OminouCity, I'm certain it's the perfect place to start.

All you need to do now is read on to see if I'm right.

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