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Lorelei Hyde: The Vampire of Oxford

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Dr. Lorelei Hyde is a staateattorny with many regrets. In 2025 she decides it is time to tell her story as she has to face her worst opponant so she consults a young writer who simply goes by the name Daniel. The first book in the series follows Dr. Lorelei Hyde and D.I Sam Brook on the Case that changed everything. In April of 2021 the muitalted corpse of a young army soldier was found in an abandoned building in the middle of oxford under even stranger circumstances then one would see at first glance. This was just the start of one of the worst serial killings they had seen. A cat and mouse game beginns between the killer and the duo of Dr.Hyde and D:I Brook while Lorelei is still battling the demons of her past. This not your regular Thriller as it goes into depth of the main characters life and what lead them to situation they are in today and how much influance a terrible childhood can actually have.

Mystery / Thriller
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An interview with a bitch or an Inrtroduction

It was rather dark as Daniel entered the room. There was one window but it was covered up a little so the minimum ammount of light would enter the room.

“I´m glad you could make it”

And with that scentence a lamp turned on. It was right in the middle of the room. You could definitly see but the light wasn´t very strong. There was a chair infront of Daniel. He looked at it for a second not sure if he should sit down or not.

“You can sit. I dont allways bite”

The voice brought his thoughts back to reality and he sat down this is when he locked eyes with her, Dr. Lorelei Hyde. She isn´t a medical doctor. She has a docters degree in Toxicology and a Bachlors degree in law. She is also probaby the best yet the most terrifiying and disliked Stateattorny london has ever seen at just 25 years old. There is no denying that she is infact good at her job and intelligent but it is her attitude that most people dislike alongside a fair record of scandals.

One time the press was showing up in gigantic crouds around the court, yelling and begging for information almost running over the defendend on trial if it wasn´t for securty. It had pissed of Dr. Hyde for several days at the time so when a microphone was pressed in her face she turned around and as calm and collected as anyone could be said “If you all won´t refrain from such foolish acts of wasting the courts time, my time, the defendents time and tax payers money for the securty I might not refrain from showing up with a bottle of acid and throw it around to play acid rain with you all. I´m not here to look pretty as a staateattorny you as reporters on the other hand do kind of depend on it so I don´t have to care if it hit me”

This statement had almost cost her her job and it was a big controversy that the court had let her stay. This was three years ago. While there is people still angry about it, the general public however doesen´t seem to care anymore and she had proven herself valuble to the court and defending public interest time and time again.

Dr.Hyde is a truely controversial character, Daniel thought to himslef, you either love her or you hate her. She takes her job very seriously and goes overboard for it.

Daniel didn´t really know what to think of her at this point. She seems very cold and very serious with a bad temper or was it arrogance?

Thats what you´d think as the public as she was sitting infront of him however he, she didn´t seem the ever so cold and rather unlikeable person the media portrais her as. She had red hair which, judging by her dark brown undercut, were diyed. She has rather thin lips and was 5`7 inches tall. Her resting face didn´t seem cold but tired.

Dr. Hyde hadn´t brocken their eye contact yet. She started to scan his face and a slight smirke spread acros her face, her eyes had something sharp while looking at him.

“You are looking at me as if I was an alien”, Dr. Hyde chuckled a little as she spoke those words and her voice had life in it.

She sounds surprisingly nice and almost warm? is that the word to describe it, he thought.

“to be honest I was a little terrified of today. I didn´t knew what to expect from meeting you and the only thing I could expect from an outsiders perspective was ... Uhm ... You know ...uhm”

“An unloveable bitch who probably couldn´t understand the definition of nice if its dictonary page would be laying in front of her?“, Dr. Hyde had an eyebrow raised while saying it but not in confusion. She seemed interested.

Daniel swallowed a little which seemed to be the reaction Dr. Hyde had been waiting for. The look on her face softened and she laughed a littel.

“You don´t have to be shy. I´ve heard it all before. This was a word for word description a new coworker of mine let loose thinking I wouldn´t be hearing him but matter of fact I did hear him. He looked as tho he was fearing for his life as he noticed that I did hear him. He is quiet amusing and he did learn as many that I might not be that much of a bastard. The description is fitting but yet almost a bit to cruel”

“I wouldn´t say it that harshly. Why is it that I´m here? Why did you arrange a meeting with me. I´m just a writer and a pretty new one at that”

Daniel was confused and that was very obvious at least to Dr,Hyde.

“That is exactly why I wanted a meeting with you. You are new and very good and I can offer you the story of a lifetime”

“what do you mean by that?”

“If you live an interesting life it is your obligation to tell people your story to either get the truth of your chest or to inspire people or at least entertain them. Many great artists and people were inspired by the most weirdest of things or most unexpected of people”

Dr. Hyde was starring out of the tiny part of the window that wasn´t covered, like she was in thoughts while she spoke.

“Excuse my question but you aren´t even close to thirty yet why would you wan´t to tell you story allready”

Daniel felt a lot more relaxed and to admit it kind of free now. He didn´t seem to be as scared as he was when he arrived.

“And you are even younger then I am yet I asked you to be the writer. The answer is simple. I myself like to get actively involved in my cases and I think that this time I might not get away with it alive. I´m going against the worst murderer yet and london has no idea of his existance yet. Its for the better. Public panic wont help us. I think you understand why you are supposed to shut your mouth about today”, she waited for him to nod which he did, “Good. Would you like a cup of tea because we will be sitting here for while?”

Daniel nodded. For the fact that she just admitted that she is probably going to die in probably the next few weeks she seemes to be very relaxed. Her unbotheredness paired with how nice and relaxed she could be calmed Daniel down.

He watched her make the tea. She had an electric cettle, quiet noisy but rather quick.

“Is there any tea you prefer?”

“I like Earl grey if you have it but something fruity is also okay”

“Earl grey is a great choice. Its one of my favorites actually.”

Dr. Hyde continued to make the tea. She put the tea bags in the cup pured the water in, put the cups on a tray, put a container with milk,one with sugar and one with honey on the tray and a pack of buiscuits while carefully walking back into the what seems to be the living room.

“Grab a cuple buiscuits if you like”

She sat back down with a sigh and looked at Daniel.

“If you want to tell your story there are a few questiones I have before we beginn. One of which is rather personal”

Daniel looked at Dr.Hyde with a softer look while he was still a little on edge from the moments prior. Hyde took a good look at him and smiled.

“And this is the reason why I asked you to be here. You would know what questiones to ask and what details may be important. start with the personal question”

“are you sure?”


“There are alot of rumours surrounding you and your relationship with D.I Sam Brook. I was wondering if you two were in a realationship as many suspect Other suspect you to be rather cold towards him or that he is just your ... well... Some say that they think that D.I. Brook is nothing but a toy to you”

Daniel couldn´t really look into Dr.Hydes eyes as he asked the question. He barely knew her and he was quiet a bit shy too not to mention how scared he was of her in the beginning.

“As you know D.I Brook is quiet a lot older then me. Sam is in his 50s to be correct-”

Dr.Hyde wanted to continue but Daniel interrupted her feeling terrible about his question.

Well done, Daniel! You barely know her. You alllready judged her twice and now you are accusing her of things and she has to be a fucking staateattorny of all things. She could have my ass in prison in seconds!, he thought while he allready had his mouth running again.

“Forget the question I´m sorry that I asked this. I don´t want to accuse you of things and the thought that you two could be a couple is also stupid if we think about it he is old enough to be your father so its probably not true and I just made you uncomfortable did I?”

Oh god just shut up Daniel, he thought.

Dr. Hyde just starred at him for a short second. Scanning his expression.

“The question isn´t stupid it is actually important. And to answer truthfully Sam actually is my boyfriend and to be exact saying boyfriend would be a lie. We actually secretly got married a year ago but we wanted to keep these things privat for many reasons. 1. Our jobs. They dont make us popular with anybody and we do recive a lot of threats from people especially if we took part in investigating their cases. 2. People allways assume things. Just look at the internet people would emmidietly assume that Sam would be grooming me or worse just because of our age gap because some people just dont belive that age gap relationships could work. I´ll be honest. I´m simply not attracted to people my age. A lot of people my age don´t really think about settling down yet. While some are now on the same page as me the other half still wants it wild and I don´t want to waste my time on something that just wont work or is likely to break. People get into relationships they know wont work out and still try to make it work out or do it because they don´t want to be alone. Why waste your time on that when you can fokus on other things. If you know it wont work and that this not your forever why stay? I dont see the reason. I don´t mean that he or she needs to be perfect. God knows Sam isnt perfect but he is my foreever and I knew that. I know its easier said then done but the world we live in is fare to complicated be perfect.”

She again looked out of the little part that wasn´t covered. She knew she couldn´t communicate what she meant entirly.

“I dont ask you to understand what I just said. It´s complicated and I just can´t seem to put it into words”

Daniel scanned her face. She seemed to be in thoughts.

“D.I Brook does age like fine wine so I cannot judge you even if I wanted to”

“Thats true”, she said with a little laugh” I saw pictures of him when he was younger. He looked so innocent and to be a little shallow not as hot as today. He can go from friendly neighbourhood D.I to hot damn in a matter of seconds nowadays. It would have still worked out if he was younger but hes more of my typ now then he was then. The gray also suits him fare more then the blonde. My friends would be suprised because I only dated two types of people. Women or tall guys and here I am with my shortie. He would be pissed if he heared that. But what was your other question?”

“why excatly do you want to tell your story you didn´t really answer it”

“Well I do have a few confessions and explainations to make”

“And that would be?”

“You know that sometimes in very big cases or murder cases the defendent just got away because of one mistake by a D.I ectr. I was tired of seeing monsters get away with shit. People paying their way out. I was tired of the corruption so I knew people that were just as tired that work in law or just people some of which criminal that would know how to take matters into their own hands. Is it so wrong to have done these things? By law ? Yes but by morality it is the decision of each person. Is it so wrong that the serial killer that got to live outside again because of one mistake in the heat of the moment finally gets what he deserves. Is is so wrong to want the serial child molster that got away feel the pain that are a result of his actions. People allways say we got the justice systeme for it and I so wanted to belive it but its fare to dumb and corrupt on a lot of days and that leads me to one question. Are people that work in law corrupted because they work in law or do they work in law because they are corrupt? Is it the air that turns us this way or is it us? Well it turned into two but I suppose you understand the sentiment behind them”

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