The Last Alpha: Time Keeper

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Paying for something that was never hers made Selene realize that things in her life have never been simple. Knowing that her father is on the run made her sure that this fight is not hers alone. Both Allerick and her will have to fight for the safety of their pack and their son. And now that a new king has awakened, Selene will make her new plan move forward. But what if things crumble due to something dark lurking in the shadows? What if they all thought the solution never was but a mistake? Sequel to the Eye of the Codex- The last Alpha: Time Keeper.

Mystery / Erotica
Silver Taurus
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An Escape


Somewhere in the forest

I couldn’t believe it. How dare she?

My plan was supposed to work, but how come it didn’t?

I gritted my teeth and continued running down the steep paths in the forest.

I barely had managed to escape the building. Thanks to Selene’s plan, the entire place crumbled, and now everything was useless. The codex got destroyed, and the eye as well. My plan had sunk like a ship.

Moving along the way, I curse as the wound keeps burning. The pain and blood loss was making me dizzy. Finally, I made a stop and looked around. I was already far away from everyone, and no one would know I had even escaped.

Earlier I had used the escape passageways of the chambers which lead to the forest. I had been there many times I knew my way around.

Hearing a rustling, I look over my shoulder and notice a black cape.

“Tsk, it seems you’re useless,” the female voice said.

I hissed at her and tried to stand straight, but it was in vain my body was aching too much.

“Hmm, those are deep wounds. So it seems Selena did get you,” the woman continued. I glared at her but remained silent. “Should I end your pain by killing you?”

“What?” I hissed. “Do you know whom you’re talking to?”

“A useless king,” the woman smirked.

I was about to retort when I felt my airways getting cut. My hands quickly moved to my neck as I tried to breathe.

“You know, now I don’t need you anymore. It would be best if you die,” the woman said closely from behind. My eyes widened in fear as she whispered in my ear, and my backbend and breaks.

I tried to yell, but she sealed my mouth with magic.

“Thanks for your service, my king,” she whispered and ripped my head off.

The woman stood still with a smirk plastered on her face.

“Tsk, now it’s time to continue my plan,” the woman said and turned. Then, with a snap of her finger, the dismembered body caught fire.


A few hours later

“Sister, where is he?”

“Did you get it?”

“We have a new soul.”

“Delicious soul.’


My footsteps echoed in the vast room of the castle.

“Welcome, you came back,” a soothing voice said from the side.

I moved my eyes and noticed him with his legs over the wooden table. I scowled at him and continued walking. Then, removing my cloak, I take a seat and grab the cup of wine.

“Is he dead?” the soothing voice asked.

I spared him and glance and nod.

“He was useless. That mage made the wound he had on his body,” I answered. “It’s good to know he is still alive.”

“That it is,” the soothing voice said. “Now what? Can we move along?”

I stopped and put my cup down slowly. I smiled sweetly.

“What makes you think that? Don’t you want your revenge?” I asked curiously.

I saw his eyebrow twitch.

“My revenge, you say?” the soothing voice gone, and now it was full of hate. “THOSE BASTARDS WILL PAY! ESPECIALLY SINCE THEY TOOK WHAT WAS MINE!”

I smiled and nodded in agreement.

“Very well, King of Demons,” I said, standing. “I can’t wait for a good war.”

The man looked over his shoulder and, without another word, walked away. I stood watching with a smile.

This time, it was about revenge and not any revenge but to recover what’s his and mine.

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