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Detective Shaw finds himself unraveling a web of deceit behind a series of murders that are somehow connected to the death of his wife.

Mystery / Thriller
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“Why are you doing this?” Cynthia asked panicked.

The young man remained silent as he continued to tighten the ropes around her body. The fear that swallowed her was almost visible as she helplessly sat there beaten and bruised.

“Is it money you want for what we did to you? Just tell me please I’m sure I can have something sorted out!”

Her desperate pleads fell on deaf ears as the young man kept on doing what he seemed to have been planning for a while now with unnerving focus and intent.

“Could you imagine what it was like for us?” The young man's words were spoken calmly yet it carried a lot of weight behind it, Cynthia tried to look into his eyes but couldn’t. All she saw was a space devoid of any remnants of humanity, a space she helped create.

“Look at me.” He said as he stepped closer. “Aren’t you proud of your work? Wasn’t this what you wanted?” Cynthia closed her eyes tightly like a child hoping that it would protect her from the impending danger or maybe she hoped that this was all just a dream.

“I’m sorry,” Cynthia said softly.

“Well, if only that meant something now.” He replied. The young man left the garage so Cynthia could wallow in her guilt some more then he returned with a black bag that was emitting a rather foul scent.

“W-what is that?” She asked.

“Do you remember the stories you normally told me while I was there? I enjoyed the ones rooted in the Greek mythology lore.” He began to smother the contents of the bag all over Cynthia as if he was preparing her for a ritual. Her breathing started to get jagged again as the blood and almost rotten animal flesh caressed her skin while the tears started to fall freely from her eyes.

“There was one that stood out to me though.” He said as he covered her mouth with duct tape. “I enjoyed the story about Hades and the underworld but most importantly Cerberus.” Cynthia's eyes widened with shock as she caught on to what he was doing.

“The creature Cerberus, a multi-headed dog that’s responsible for guarding the gates of the underworld to ensure that the tormented and dark souls won’t escape. Souls-like yours.”
The young man raised the garage door revealing two chained pit bulls that began to bark and snarl at Cynthia.

“Tonight I’m going to correct the mistake of Cerberus.”
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