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Final Chapter

The night was almost biblical, the sky and its stars were hidden behind the clouds and the rain kept pouring down. Tonight will be the night I will end it all, my suffering and the suffering of those before me, I know trying to expose them with the evidence I had and trying to advocate was an option, but it wasn’t what I wanted. I wanted to hand them the judgment I knew in my heart they deserved. I entered Mercy Grace for the first time since I escaped and my body felt numb, the memories that these walls held were just too much to fathom.

“May I help you, sir?” The lady at the front desk asked.

She looked young, really young. “How long have you been working here?”

“Excuse me, sir?”

“How long have you been working here?”

“uh about a month now.”

“Go home,” I said.

“What?” she asked confused.

I pulled out the gun and pointed it at her. ‘Does this clear up the misunderstanding?”

She quickly grabbed her bag and ran out of the building then I shifted back my attention to who I wanted first, that son of a bitch Webb. I read online that he was now the director of this shit show and I couldn’t suppress my excitement to put him through the abuse he inflicted on most of us here. I was walking up the stairwell when I ran into one of the nurses.

“Who are,”

I covered her mouth, slammed her against the wall, and plunged my knife into her abdomen. The fear in her eyes was erratic and her hands tried with all the strength it had to release herself from me. With every struggle attempted her strength faded as the life leaked from her body until she was dead.

I finished the stairwell and now was face to face with his office door, I knocked twice and I could hear the familiar voice mumbling about something as he approached.

“I thought I told you not to,” he opened the door and saw me standing there soaked from the rain with my backpack slung over one shoulder, “Who the hell are you?” he asked.

“I’ve come home.”
After watching the video I phoned in a request for backup as I sped through the rain to Mercy Grace. How could I have been so stupid to not notice the unbearable weight Olivia had on her shoulders that day? She came home looking as if she met the devil himself but due to her reluctance to speak I just chalked it up to her having a bad day. I get why she decided not to tell me right away though because more evidence needed to be gathered. When I arrived there was a large group of children outside the building in the rain, they all looked tired and some even looked malnourished and my heart sank. Here they were standing outside obediently even though freedom was right behind them, the other officers arrived like a minute later and I told them to call in an ambulance also.

“You two stay with the children and you three come with me.”

We ran into the building with our weapons already drawn expecting anything at this point, I sent two of the officers to search the first floor while myself and the other officer went up the stairwell and we stumbled upon the first body. The officer with me showed immediate concern but since I knew the truth a part of me felt as if she deserved what had happened to her. I came upon Mr. Webb’s door and kicked it open but what I saw disturbed me to my core.

When the other officer caught up and looked over my shoulder she turned away to puke. Mr. Webb was on his knees naked and his arms were strapped to the legs of his desk. His back had bruises that resembled that of someone being whipped but the truly disturbing part was the three mop sticks that were forced completely into his body through his anus.

“What the fuck is going on?” The officer asked.

“A reckoning,” I answered.

The sound of a gunshot from further down the hall pulled our attention from the office, we ran towards it passing a lot more bodies on the way. Some were still gasping for air as they bled out but the lack of concern for their lives I felt sent a shiver down my spine. Am I becoming the same evil I despised? How could I allow the information of someone's actions to alter the value of human life so easily? Where does the line stop for actions like this if someone's reality can morph these things as justifiable and needed in their eyes?

“You expect me to apologize for doing God’s work?” A voiced said on the other side of the door we reached.

“Put the weapon down!” I commanded entering the room.

The perpetrator quickly grabbed Joseph and hid behind him while having the gun at his head.

“Stay back, detective!”

“Relax ok; this isn’t the way to go about it. You’re uh, Alberto right?”

“I’m warning you Detective Shaw you should leave.”
“This is not what Olivia would have wanted; this was not a part of the original plan, was it? We can go through the due process and have him convicted of the crimes with the evidence.”

“That plan went out the window the day she helped me escape and this bastard had her killed. This is personal for me now, aren’t you upset by it? Don’t you want to kill the man that took your wife from you!?”

His words resurfaced feelings I thought I had sorted out a long time ago, everything went silent as my eyes focused on Joseph and my finger slowly went on the trigger. ‘Do it.” I said to myself, it can all be over with a single bullet even though I knew it was wrong, but why? Why was I still thinking that this was wrong knowing what I knew? This is the man that ruined my life and countless others, he has inflicted pain on others that outweighs everything someone on death row has done but yet here I am trying to save his life, and for what? A pat on the back? A nice headline in the newspaper?

No, I was the naïve one all this time. Good or evil does not exist at this moment because all that stands before me is a monster that does not deserve a second chance, a monster that can’t be rehabilitated by our justice system even if it paid him to do it and there is nothing else to be done but to kill him. I’ll carry the weight of his vanquished soul; I shall be his judge, jury, and the executioner. The pounding of my heart was almost deafening than the sound of three rounds of gunfire going off which startled me, it made me realize I wasn’t even breathing. I took a deep breath then noticed that Alberto was now the one lying on the floor lifeless, the other two officers had entered the room through the door in the other corner and I didn’t notice.

The female officer with me ran to Joseph to ensure he was okay while the other two inspected Alberto’s body. I lowered my weapon but looking at the old man pissed me off especially with the smug look he had on his face.

“You’re a deranged and vile hypocrite,” I griped.

“What’s gotten into you?” The officer asked.

“No worries I’ve been called worse dear.” Joseph chimed in.

“Why children? Why couldn’t you use criminals with life sentences or those on death row? Why couldn’t you use the terminally ill even?!”

“if I were to explain it all to you I highly doubt it would have made a difference.”

“All of this that you do is in the name of perfection? Perfection through the pursuit of science, and knowledge right?”

“Do we need to have this conversation now? You don’t possess what it takes to understand the vision.”

“That’s true, I’m not a larger-than-life kind of thinker who has the money and resources to back up any claim, hunch, or interests I might have but here’s what I know. You’re a fraud, you preach about perfection through science and you aren’t even aware of how pointless it is.”

“Pointless you say? So fulfilling our potential of being perfect beings is pointless?” Joseph asked condescendingly.

“Yes, and I’m just telling you the truth from the way I see it. In this world nothing perfect exists, it’s a myth, an illusion, it’s a concept people are so infatuated with why we try so hard to make it our reality, but ask yourself this what is perfection?”

Joseph sighed. “If I have to explain perfection to you then there is no point.”

“That’s not it, I’m showing you just how delusional you and your family have been. If you guys were genuine believers of science then the concept of perfection would’ve made you realize it's something to despise. When something is perfect that’s it, nothing more or nothing less, the space for imagination, ability, discovery, and improvements become extinct. Do you understand? For a man of science, perfection is a dead end, a void of static hopelessness. Our imperfections breed the desire to be better than any or everything that came before, we take joy and personal fulfillment from continuously trying to exceed our present grasp and achieve something that others might have deemed unattainable for us. From the moment your family decided perfection is the answer for the world you embraced a concept that would never have made sense in the inclusion of society and that’s just how it is.”

Joseph stood there looking at me as if his brain could not find a response within the script his family brainwashed him to believe and I couldn’t help but feel sorry for him. He and countless others lived their lives chained to a fantasy passed down religiously in their family without the freedom of formulating an opinion or view of this world for themselves. Their reality was forcibly shaped by the perceptions of his ancestors' experiences, he wasn’t living his own reality but he was living the one-handed to him.

I sighed as I rubbed the back of my head. “I almost feel pity for you. You were a victim to concepts and principles that weren’t even your own, to begin with, you claim to be a God but you’re just a programmed slave. I hope you find peace.”

I raised my gun afterward and shot Joseph Heinz dead.

I sat in the interrogation room with handcuffs on and it felt strange, I had been in this room countless times but I never once expected I would be on the opposite end. It was now the day after I killed Joseph and I was still reluctant to speak, I told them to tune in to the news broadcast for this morning then my actions would have made sense. After watching the video and scanning through the documents which were related to the different types of experiments and results that have been going on for as far back as 1925, I called my brother and told him to come and pick them up from my house and he will know what to do afterward.

The anticipation was unbearable to prove to my colleagues that I haven’t gone insane but instead I did the world justice by slaying a devil. I looked up at the clock and saw that it was five minutes away until the broadcast began when the Chief entered the room with a colleague pushing in a table with a television on it. The look of disbelief but mainly disappointment flooded the chief’s eyes making it almost unbearable to look at him.

“I hope this was worth it Matthew.”

“It was chief, trust me it will all make sense soon.”

He turned on the television and the broadcast began.

“Good morning and hello everyone, my name is Lauren Hall, and welcome to the morning news. Today we have quite a lot to cover but as you know how we like to do it here we start with the bad then round it off with something good to remain positive for the day. First on the list is the tragic massacre at the Mercy Grace Rehabilitation Facility where luckily none of the children were harmed but the staff and influential philanthropist and multi-billionaire Joseph Heinz was sadly killed but not by the mentally ill intruder, but by one of the city’s finest detectives. His daughter Lillian Heinz will be making a speech later today. More on that story soon, but up next is something that hits close to home because he was somewhat of a friend of mine and an associate of many of us in this line of work, the journalist Jonah Shaw was found dead this morning in his studio apartment.”

My eyes widened in horror as I heard what she said but I barely got a moment to process it as she continued her broadcast.

“Despite these tragedies, there’s always a ray of hope and once again the Heinz family are the backbone of it. What if I told you that if you suffered from things like DMD, Angleman disease, or even Lupus there is a chance of a cure for you now? You heard those words right people from the brilliant minds of these doctors and the nonstop funding of the Heinz family we shall present to you the results of these groundbreaking tests. These results are our massive ray of hope for the day and years to come, this is… Project Anima.”

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