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Emma's dad had died 2 years ago and she always felt a person behind her but went to school everyday normal until... I update every Monday.

Mystery / Thriller
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Her dad's death

Emma and her dad were really close because her mom died when she was 9 years old. One day her dad was acting weird he drove her to school like usual then when it was time for Emma's dad to pick her up he wasn't there so she went on the bus.

It was weird because he wasn't home when she got home but she thought maybe he's working late ever since her mom died things have been tight for them in money. It had been 2 hours since she had gotten home so she texted him no replie she called him went straight to voicemail so she thought maybe his phone was dead.

Right after Emma called him there was an unknown call she remembered what her dad always said "if you get a call from and unknown number awnser it if he's not home" so she awnsered it they asked is this Emma Walker "yes" Emma said he wispered something and she dropped her phone...

The caller said that the dad died of a drive by shooting at work she thought it was weird because that's the exact same way her mom died 1 month later she went to live with her aunt who was 80,when Emma got there her aunt was very welcoming because she got the same call so she new what she was going through.

One year later her aunt died she was now 16 and she had to live on her own she now was depressed she went to the doctors to get tested and she was positive for depression because of her mom's passing her dad's passing her aunt's passing.

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