Honesty Is A One-Way Gate To Hell

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Choose your words wisely before speaking, they can be turned against you at one point.

Mystery / Drama
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My leg jumped up and down as I gazed around the interrogation room. The clacking noise of the cuffs around my ankle was the only thing banging in my ear. The door was pushed open by a deputy, he nodded his head and a woman walked in. She was wearing a grey blazer with a matching pencil skirt, her glasses were on top of her head as she held a binder in her hands.

"Hello Inanna, I'm Detective Martin." She speaks up with her Australian accent.

I gazed up at her.

"New assignment?" I asked her. "Cause, the detective in my case is actually Detective Houser."

She smiles and sits down on the opossite chair from me. "That is true, but he got switched, so you're stuck with me now."

"Great." I take a deep breath.

The detective opens her binder and searches through it for a couple of seconds before stopping on a page. "What is your name?"

"You just said it a couple of seconds ago."

She takes a breath and puts on her glasses. "Yes, but I still need to ask about it.

I huffed. "Inanna Barone."

She grabbed a pen from the back of her binder and wrote it down. "How old are you?"

"I'm twenty-two, why are you asking questions that don't make sense?" I asked with a raised brow.

"I like to start with the basics before we go to the other ones." She replies and continues to write down on the paper. "How old were you when the incidents happened?"

I fiddled with my fingers. "I was nineteen when it all happened."

"Which school were you in?"

"I was in college, the University of Melbourne, my second year." I replied and she notes it down, with her index finger she pushed her glasses up her nose bridge.

"Did you have any extra activities?"

I shrug my shoulders. "Leader of a sorority called Kappa Beta and singing."

"Who were the others in the sorority?"

I took a deep breath. "There were over thirteen or fifteen in the sorority, but only three of them I hung out with."

"What's their name?"

"My second in command; Kiera Jones, Nita Reese and Esther Fields." I replied and she continued taking notes.

"Were you friends with Joane Forbes?" The detective asked, I shook my head.


"Did you have a boyfriend?"

I nod my head. "Yes, of course."

"Name?" She writes down on the paper.

"Aiden Scott."

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