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Welcome to Paradis! A game where all your wishes would come true. Well... only if you win of course. --- Alexa Jenkins is not your average protagonist. After the mysterious death of her uncle Manuel, she now has to find his killer. But, after a series of unfortunate events, she kow has to join a game. Where you can either be the predator or the prey.

Mystery / Thriller
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I'm not even supposed to be here. Running around the block like a fugitive being chased by cops. But this time, a serial killer's on the loose, and unfortunately, I am his prey.

I wiped the sweat on my brow and looked over my shoulder. He was nowhere to be seen. He must've lost me.

Thunder crackled and lightning burst in the darkened sky. Raindrops pour over my body, making my dark jacket and jeans wet. I lowered the hood of my jacket even further.

I need to find shelter.

Luckily, after running, I found a two-story abandoned building. It must've been a clothing factory before. Racks and hangers were scrambled all over the place. Sewing machines were stacked to the side as if they were trying to block something from view.

I fought the urge to sneeze as cobwebs and dust crinkled my nose. I climbed towards the second floor and entered an open door. It created a slight creek as I opened it fully

Closing the door from behind me, I sat on the floor. Trying to relax from the pulsing adrenaline inside of me. I need to act fast and formulate a plan. The killer might still be out there, knowing how smart he is, he might just---


I froze.

He's here.

I quietly locked the door and reached for the chair in front of me. I leaned the chair towards the door and stared at the block of wood, hiding me from view.

I can hear his footsteps as he walked upstairs. Shadows are now seen, as he pries and examines the rooms. My heart stopped as he tried to open the room I am inside. I can hear the doorknob jiggling as he forced it open. He suddenly banged on the door. Knowing the location of the room--which is found at the corner of the hallway--he must've assumed that I would be here. I clicked my tongue and searched for the best place to hide.

Shit. I guess that's the only way then.

Killer's POV

I love the smell of blood.

That's why I joined this game. Not only is the puppet master quite thoughtful at giving his prizes but it gives me euphoria. I love the adrenaline my body is giving me whenever I see my precious little mice as they give me their fearful gazes.

As they try their best to run for their lives as if they have the chance to even begin with.

Oh, I love the look of false hope as I tease them that there's a way out.

I'm sad that I have to finish the game. With this feisty little mouse. My prey must've thought that it could escape my clutches. I commend it though.

That little shit stabbed me on my thigh.

Lucky for me, I'm already used to these little stabbings. But... that's another story.

With a bang, I finally opened the door. I smirked as I found out that my little mouse has nowhere else to hide. There are no windows so the possibility of her escaping there is none.

"Little, Mouse~" I called in my sing-song voice. Knowing the fear I give onto them, I continued. "I know you're in here. Why must we always play this game of hiding and seek."

I roamed around the room and walked towards one of the lockers. "Are you in here?!"

None. I opened the others again but my little mouse is nowhere to be found.

"How about under here?"

I looked down at n the bed and saw nothing. I turned around and stared at the final hiding spot she could've possibly gone to. How generic. I thought she was smarter than this. I slowly approached the cabinet.

As I turned the knob open, I suddenly fell from the impact as a figure pummeled inside the closet. Because of it, the grip on my hand lessened and the knife flung away from me. The mouse scrambled to her feet and grabbed the knife. I could've been proud of what it planned if only it didn't stab me again. This time on the stomach.

Unknown POV
"He's dead," I stated the words as if it were a prayer. "It's finally over!"

Relief fell through me as I stared at his unmoving body. I sat down as I felt my legs give up because of joy.

My phone rang and an unknown number showed on the screen. It was Master.
I answered the call.

"I finally defeated him you piece of shit."

The voice with a playful tone answered. It wasn't the usual monologue voice I hear whenever it tries to talk to me. Or maybe she, because the voice sounded like it was from a girl. "Congratulations, Charlie. You finally won the game."

Yes, all of this for a game. I can't help but feel guilty as the thought of killing someone hits me. If only I didn't need that prize. If only I was born in a different circumstance.

I shook my head and erased these thoughts. I can't cry over spilled milk.

"When will you give me my prize?"

"Oh," she suddenly said. "I'm afraid I can't do that anymore."

"What do you mean? I won the game, I must--"

Killer's POV
I pierced the knife to the mouse's neck from the side. I can hear it choke as blood poured from his mouth. I dug the knife even more and heard a sickening crack. Crimson blood dripping to the hard concrete. A soft thud was heard before a louder one as I threw my mouse's dead body to the floor.

I grabbed the phone--that now has a broken screen-- on the ground and grinned. The call hasn't been ended yet and the caller is silently waiting from the other line.

"Playtimes over."

"It's you!" The other line excitedly shouted. "Brother told me you're gonna die today. I knew you'd win again, Mr. Consecutive."

"Please, I thought I'd die today, too," I stared at the mouse's body and chuckled. "The toys are a bit smarter than the last game."

She chuckled and I grinned harder at that. She's such a cute girl. "How humble of you to say that. But, if you were to die today, the games won't be that fun anymore."

I laughed at the thought. "Don't worry. After all, you'll find someone as sadistic as me. I'm not the only broken soul in the world."

I can imagine her pouting as she sighed. " I like you though."

"You don't want your brother to hear that," I chuckled at that. "Anyways, keep the prize. I don't need it anymore. The best thing I got out of this game is the adrenaline. Taking the prize means taking the fun of it."

" I can't do that. Even if I find you entertaining, rules are rules."

" Hmmm," I paused for a moment and kicked a rock. "Why don't you just give it to him."

"Who, Charlie?"

"Yeah. After all, the little mouse quite frightened me back there. It even stabbed me. Twice." I chuckled again at the memory.

"Is this you saying that it's your idea of penance?"

"Tomato, tomato. You get the idea."

I can hear her typing from her keyboard before a notification popped up.

"You could be a nice guy if you weren't a psychopath."

"You could be my girlfriend, if only you weren't that ugly." I can feel her roll her eyes. I hope master doesn't take it seriously. I'm only joking~

"You should know, you're uglier than me."


The cop's found another body. It was killed the same as the other ones they found. They don't know who the killer was or why he/she is doing it. They only know that they like to engrave the letter P and gauge both eyes of their victim. The victims don't have any relationship with each other. That's why they still---"

"Honey, I was watching the news." A tall man with a bronze complexion and brunette hair stated as he watched his wife, a woman with a lighter complexion and red hair, pressed the off button on the T.V.

"You know it's not good for the baby. And, you know I don't like listening to that kind of news."

" Okay, honey. I'm sorry," he stood up from his chair and walked towards his wife. Kissing the big bump on her stomach and patting it gently.

The baby's about 9 months old now. The only problem is that they don't have the money to move into a better house or an educational plan. The family wasn't exactly that poor but they were in that spectrum. Both of them were having problems with how they'd support her.

But, every time there were some changes or there was a kick, both of them become optimistic. After all, having a baby is a new step in life. They didn't want to be pessimistic about it, especially because they know that they wanted this.

A ding was suddenly heard from the man's phone. As he looked at it, he can't help but feel ecstatic. His perplexed wife asked him about it. He showed her his phone and happiness erupted from her.

"I can't believe it. How did you get that much money?"

" I don't know. This must've been what Manuel was talking about. I don't know how he did it but---"

The man's phone was suddenly ringing. It was his mom. Both his wife and he gave each other a questioning look. Was it something important?

" Mom, how are you?"

" Yes, I saw the news. What about--"

" What? That can't be. Manuel just called me a while ago.

"This noon. Yes, he did. He--"

"Are you sure? Is it confirmed?"

" Goodbye, mom. We'll go back home for it."

The man sat down. He was shocked. The woman was confused. She wondered what her boisterous mother-in-law called.

"Manuel, my brother, he's dead."

The woman felt a sudden pain. It must've been because of the thought of Manuel--may he rest in peace--being dead. But then the pain didn't stop. She touched the hem of her dress and saw blood on her fingers.

She hissed. The man abruptly stood in his seat. A panicked expression cast on his face.

She's about to deliver.

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