And Then There Was Fun

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Willowdale, Kansas is the essence of small town America. In this Midwest village, the townspeople cherish God, country and their Little League program. Then the league's coaches start to perish one after another....

Mystery / Thriller
Michael Connelly
5.0 32 reviews
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Willowdale Bugle - Sports

Little League Standings & Statistical Leaders

Regular Season Final Standings

Team - Record..........Coach

Tigers - 17-3..............Coach Bradley Wolfe

Yankees - 15-5...........Coach Sal Serino

Astros - 12-8..............Coach Tyler Millrich

Royals - 11-9..............Coach John O’Connell

Twins - 10-10.............Coach Lynn Matthews

Cardinals - 7-13.........Coach Walter Mitchell

Dodgers - 3-17...........Coach Josiah “Colonel” Jackson

Leading - Batting Average

Robert Tracey - Tigers .523

R. Scott - Tigers .515

Lee Thibeault - Cardinals .495

Rich Twombly - Astros .482

Leading - Home Runs

Sean Scales - Astros - 7

Jay Parker - Tigers / Chris Bear - Cardinals - 6

Johnny Allen - Yankees / Mike Pisano - Cardinals - 5

Mike McKie - Tigers / John Benson - Astros - 4

Leading Pitchers

Jules Cesar - Tigers 5-1

Joey Lyons - Yankees 5-2

Michael Radley - Tigers 4-1

Peter Martin - Twins 4-2

Pat Hurley - Cardinals 3-1 / Shane O'Leary - Dodgers - 3-1

Rule Loving - Astros 3-2

Playoff Schedule July 5th: Astros versus Yankees / Tigers versus Royals

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