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Somewhere In Later

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"Somewhere In Later", is a short fiction about "Noah". He is a twenty-eight-years old farmer, who had traveled in time, and had the opportunity to see himself in the future, Noah turned into a sixty-years old man in one night.  It is about his first reaction, when he woke up and realized that he had slept for more than thirty years. This story is written for broad general readership, and it was narrated by the main character himself.

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Somewhere In Later

As a rural man, who has spent his entire life in the countryside, usually the first sound I expect to hear when I open
my eyes is dozens of birds chirping sweetly and singing together as a unity, just like an orchestra concert. Which gives me that first dose of energy
that I need to get up.
What an incredible way to start a new day.
But today unexpectedly the construction machines, cars and other annoying noises were the reason for waking me up. I’m confused did we move to the city to hear all these noises at once?. This might be my first time ever I’m feeling bothered in the morning.
As soon as I had opened my eyes,
I felt like every bone of my body was broken, The amount of pain was indescribable. I was so tired, It felt like I was in a hangover.
But last night I didn’t drink at all, I’ve spent the whole night reading to my three years old daughter one of my own stories. She is so lucky to hear all of my pieces before everyone else.
We call her Amelia; she’s as beautiful as my wife. Amelia is my biggest blessing. Everything has changed, since the first day this little angel became a member of our small family.
My name is Noah by the way; I’m a twenty-eight-years old farmer who lives in Western Australia. Probably nobody else loves his job like I do, but my real passion is writing.
Even though I am doing it only for pleasure, but I am giving it too much time, care and efforts.
Life in our village is quiet and simple enough to provide me the right kind of inspiration which I need to improve my skills and keep working on my hobby.
Last week, Amelia surprised me with a little secret; She told me that there is nothing else in this whole world can make her more cheerful than spending time with me in our small farm.
When I heard that, I automatically said: “I promise you that we will spend the rest of our lives here together.”
That’s why I was so confused this
morning, when I heard that unusual sounds.
I was looking up for a while, until I realized that I was sleeping in the wrong place. This is not even similar to my roof. Here my doubts started to appear, and my worries was increasing until they reached their climax. Everything I have seen there was strange to me.
Although it was way better than my room, but I couldn’t feel comfortable for a single moment there. My body was hurting so much, I couldn’t even leave my bed. I tried to get up many times, but I already spent all of my energy. I kept trying until I looked at my hand, I observed something weird. Who can explain to me what I have just seen?
Since when I have wrinkles on my hand? I lost control, and I started screaming at the top of my lungs: “Olivia, Olivia, where are you?”
I was calling for my wife, but I didn’t hear a single word back. “I wish it is just a nightmare”, that’s the only words I was telling my self, but unfortunately reality was far away from my hopes. To be honest, It was the scariest moment I have ever experienced in my entire life. I couldn’t understand what was going on, and I wasn’t able to get up and figure it out by myself, so I kept screaming and hoping for someone to come and get out of this maze.
Suddenly I started hearing a sound of high heels, and the sound was getting louder
with every step, like if someone is heading towards me. As soon as I looked at the door, a young beautiful lady walked into my room. She looked exactly like my wife Olivia, with some little different details,

She was so calm, like she knew everything I was experiencing there. The young lady held my hand softly after she sat down on the edge of my bed, then she said: “good morning, dad.” With only three simple words she had touched the deepest part of my soul, it was the first time I saw her face, I couldn’t recognize who was holding my hand, I didn’t know why there was a little part of me, that wanted to believe her.
She added: “I’m Amelia, your daughter, I heard you calling my mother’s name, and I’m sorry to let you hear again that she is unfortunately dead since I was fourteen years old”.

“Again?” I interrupted her.

“I know every word you are going
to say now, yes we’re living in the city, And this is our appartment.
Since she passed away, everything has changed, and we were forced to leave our land, hoping to leave our sorrows there too.”
I am not exaggerating, but I’d rather be dead than hearing this kind of news. And when she informed me that my soulmate had passed away, I felt like someone have pulled out my broken heart, and threw the pieces far away, where nobody can find them, and try to impale them all together again.

What’s the point of the whole life, if you are goingto live it without the person who
taught you what it means to live.

I was shocked, confused and sad at the same time. I took a deep breath without saying a single word. Amelia looked at me with too much pain and sorrow on her face, then she went to bring me my breakfast as usual.

After a few minutes of silence.
I finally started to remember some of the other memories I had before.

But nothing was clear, that short random memories had no importance to me, they didn’t give me the answers that I was looking for,
they clearly didn’t fix my insane morning.
It was an unbelievable mess. I didn’t know what to say, I was not even sure, if I should believe what I’ve heard.

This is a fictional piece based on imagination, this type of stories can contain some unexplained events.
But here I think it is also obvious that Noah didn’t travel in time. He is actually a sixty years old man who had been struggling with Alzheimer disease, which led to create such a strong effect on his memory. It was not his first time, and Amelia was prepared for her father’s situation, because she had experienced it a few times before. Which explains her strange reaction the whole time.
Perhaps there will be another parts in the future.

LATRAOUI Oussama Djamel Eddine.

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