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Dylan is being threatened with danger. Will he survive?

Mystery / Thriller
Patrick Rafik
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The waitress walked over and whispered in my ear, "You have to leave because your life is in danger."

My brow wrinkled in a frown as I snatched my carrier bag and scurried out of the swanky restaurant. I jumped into my limo and drove away. Driving recklessly, I lost control. Crossing a red light, a motor officer was after me.

A river was in front of me. I aggressively began to push the brakes, but it wasn't working. I fell into the river. The limo was submerging and began to fill with water.
Severely panting, I reached the door to open it, but that didn't work. I had to quickly find another option!

I had to try. I had to succeed. I had to conquer.

The water reached my chin, as I started taking short deep breaths. I took the headrest and broke the window. I jumped out and made my way up. Panicking and hyperventilating, I reached the ground and pushed my body out of the river.

The police glared at me, "Put your hands up where I can see them!"
I slowly raised my hands up and fell onto my knees. Ferociously pointing the gun at my head, the police slowly moved towards me.

The wind was screaming, and the trees were taking tae-Bo. The rain angrily poured of the sky and onto my skin.

While the police was handcuffing my hands, he roared, "You are arrested as a result of reckless driving and causing danger to the environment around you!"


I was escaping from danger. I was escaping from getting murdered. I was escaping from getting killed.

He unmannerly pulled me towards the prison. People stared at me and that wasn't something strange. How would you respond if you saw a person with a suit and a tie dripping?

Without having an investigation, he threw me in a cell of complete dusk. It didn't have the small openings of any normal prisions, but instead there was only complete darkness.

I didn't know how would my kids and wife respond if they knew I was in prison? What will they tell me if they saw me again? But...

But they didn't.
They never saw me again.

I began to drowse, while lying on the bare floor. I started dreaming.

"Danger!"said the creepy voice.

I flew through the woods like a cheetah. Everywhere I went, beaming eyes glared back as if they were about to devour me. The humid air fell on my skin, making the hair on my hands stand straight up. The sound of mosquitoes annoyed my every move. I began to realize that the woods was my living nightmare, which I had to escape.

"Danger!"said the creepy voice.

I was panting hard, running to the light at the end of the woods. Suddenly, my body stopped.

"Danger! Danger! Danger! Danger!Danger! Danger!
Danger! Danger!"said the creepy voice on a loop.

I screeched loudly, as I fell onto the floor.

I woke up and started pressing my ears because I was still hearing the mosquito's sound.

Suddenly, the door moved slowly and footsteps were heard. I saw his legs move. He was holding a knife and was coming towards me with rage in his eyes. I couldn't see the officer's uniform, instead he was wearing a black shirt with a trouser and was covering his face and hair. I kept moving back, but he was moving forward. And forward. And forward. The knife touched my skin and the man quivered and his voice shook when he shouted, "Danger!"

I elbowed him and scrammed away.
I was shaking like a leaf. I jumped at the slightest sound and hid from every shadow. I looked at my surroundings, it didn't look like prisons. There was no one outside. Just me and danger. The door outside was locked.

I cried for someone to open.

But no one did.


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