Mafia stepbrothers

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Christina... A 17 year old innocent, kind-hearted, sweet girl... Good at everything and lives with her mom daisy... Suddenly her mom finds a lover who has 5 sons.. All handsome and rich... Will they accept her??? Will she find their biggest secret?? How will Christina react to it??? "wait!! What?? 5 sons?? " ,said Christina with shocked eyes.. This is my first time writing a story... Hope you all will love my story 😊😊

Mystery / Drama
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Christina is a 17-year-old girl who is kind-hearted and loving... She loves her mom a lot...Her father died when she was only 5 years old.
And now her mom has found someone for her...
A man she loves a lot and she decides to marry that man...

Christina studies in high school... She is hardworking but a quiet girl...
She doesn't like attention and loves to spend time all alone

Description About the characters:-

Christina:- a117-year-old girl.

Daisy:- mother of Christina...

Emma:- a 17-year-old girl... Best friend of Christina.

Katherine:- a 17-year-old girl... Best friend of Christina

Aidan:- eldest stepbrother.. 22 years old. A funny yet loving brother.. Cares for his brothers.

Davin:- second eldest stepbrother... 21 years old... Clumsy and loves to eat... Doesn't like to talk much with others.

Justin:- third eldest stepbrother.. 20 years old... Badboy of school... One of the scariest people in the family.

James:- second youngest stepbrother..20 years old.. ... Also a Badboy of school. Loves to show off his richness...

Lucas:- the youngest stepbrother... 18-year-old. Playboy of the school... An attention seeker... And heartthrob of the high school

John:- stepfather of Christina...

The four elder brothers study in one of the prestigious universities whereas the youngest brother is in high school...
They all are generally called bad boys because of their attitude... They all are rich, handsome due to which a lot of people want to get into their good books...
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