Whispers of Time

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Chapter 4: To Understand.

Chapter 4. To Understand.

Jennifer read and reread the last entry. Sherry went on and on about how she would leave everything behind and just go. But not before talking to this Steven fellow.

“Well, this is a turn of events.” Will sat down next to her.
“She didn’t leave because Raymond beat them, she left because she wanted a new life.” Jennifer shivered, remembering all the times as a kid she would pretend to run-away until she got her way.

“We need to talk to Steven. Either they left together or he’s still here. And I’m betting that he knows where she went.” Will took the diary and carefully placed it in his pocket where it wouldn’t be visible.

“Steven? Do you have any information about where Sherry is?” Jennifer asked as they cornered the shifty teen.

“What? No way. Sherry was an annoying brat who liked to talk a lot. Police already asked me all their stupid questions. I don’t know where she is, I barely knew her.”

“Her diary says otherwise.” Will took out the book from his pocket.

“Whatever man, she was delusional. Kept talking about leaving this place. Wanted me to go with her. I told her no. She left. End of story.”

Jennifer raised an eyebrow. “Do you really think we would believe that story. I could just hand this diary over to the police. I doubt they would be very understanding, considering what she wrote about you.”

“I didn’t do nothing! I told the truth,” he looked from Will to Jennifer, “fine! She came back to tell me that she found someone who would take her away from this place. Ben something. Said she forgave me for whatever and left. There, end of story. That’s the truth, ok?”

“That’s more like it. Do you know where she was heading? She must have told you.”

“I think to her aunt’s. Just until she felt courageous enough to go out on her own. Either that or Alaska.” He shook his head and laughed. “Really thought she could be an Eskimo or something. She had lots of crazy ideas.”

“Ok, I think we are done. Thank you for your time.” Jennifer injected before taking Will and heading in the opposite direction.

“Soooo, what now? Shoot, what time is it?”

Will looked at his Nitro. “15 hours left. No closer to finding out where she went. We’re screwed.”

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