Whispers of Time

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Chapter 6: First Case Closed

After searching all the files of missing persons cases, Jennifer couldn’t find any mention of a missing Sherry Lynn Marler. All that was mentioned was a police report of the girl’s body. Doing all her research, she felt comfortable in finishing her report, although a pang of regret for not finding Sherry in time went through her. Jennifer shook her head.

I did all I could. So did Will. At least the police were able to find her.

As she finished typing, she stretched and yawned. Case closed. She smiled, proud of herself. Her very first case and she was able to solve over half of it before the time went out. Of course she didn’t do it alone. Will Scot seemed to be a very bright man, while he did have a bit of a joking nature. Together, they could make an unstoppable crime fighting team. A knock at the door startled her out of her daydream of fighting crime and injustice.

“Who is it?”

“Some of your new team mates.” A male voice replied.

“Oh, come in.” She stacked her papers into a semi-neat pile and smiled as two men entered.

“I’m Owen Mathsfield, you can just call me Owen, and this is Ethan. We are partners in crime.” He winked.

“What he means is, we work together.” Ethan’s clipped response immediately warned Jennifer that he was a strict person, but Owen smiled through it.

“Whatever. So, how was the new case? Was it super stressful?”

“Yeah,” she sighed, “pretty much. We didn’t even get to fully solve it, we’ll never know exactly what happened to her.”

“Hey, that’s just the way it goes sometimes. At least now the family can move on, thanks to you. And you were able to clear Raymond Strongfellow’s name.”

Jennifer smiled. Yes, even after Raymond’s death, many still thought he had something to do with his step-daughter's disappearance. Luckily, Betty stood by her husband and believed him to be innocent. She was right.

“So, now that the case is closed, want to go to the Tavern? It’s a little hub within walking distance of the warehouse. A little hangout area.” Owen invited.

“Sure, let me drop off the official report from my end to Ms. Black.” Jennifer carefully took the files and her Nitro. As she left her room, she noticed that she had no idea where Black’s office was.

“Um, could you direct me in the general direction of her office?”

Owen smiled. “Of course, this place is a maze if you aren’t careful. Here, I’ll show you. I find it easier to mark specific details as I go, it helps.”

“Job well done. I don’t usually say this often, but given that this was your first time, you did quite well. Both of you.” Ms. Black straightened in her chair.

“Now, I’m allowing you some time off. First cases are often the hardest. Before you leave, do you have any more questions about this job?”

Will shook his head and smiled as he left the room. Jennifer stayed.

“Yes?” Ms. Black asked.

“While all of this is quite new, I don’t really have any questions about the job exactly. But, I feel like we are just replacements. Like you didn’t really want to hire us but had no choice.” Jennifer finished the sentence hesitantly.

“Well, you are correct. The pair before you were one of the first to join. They were loyal and brave. They died doing their job. Unfortunately, the job still needs to be done. My superiors forced me to replace them as quickly as possible. You were not my first choice but certainly my last. If it were not for so many recommendations, I would not have even considered you.

“But, for once, I’m glad I was wrong.”

She went back to her paperwork, indicating that Jennifer’s time was up.

“Good night.” Jennifer mumbled as she headed for the door.

“Good night, rest easy.” Came the unexpected reply, making Jennifer smile. Her boss wasn’t as scary or cold as she tried to be.

I think I like this job. She thought to herself as she input the coordinates that Owen had given her for the Tavern into her GPS.

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