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Small Detectives

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When three transfer students meet, they soon find themselves in a case to save a young boy, all while struggling with their own problems. Lisa is nervous, Celia is scared, and Lucianna is terrified. How will they cope? And what secrets can be found about them and the kidnapping case of Kaida?

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Chapter 1: A Start

Staring at the terrifying building in front of her, the eleven-year-old American held her jittery energy down with a quick lip bite. Although this was not the first time she had transferred schools, she battled palpitations as her little figure remained motionless before the unusual gigantic structure. It looked traditional and comfy, yet the fear of not being able to fit in creeped into her mind. She knew that Japan did things differently. However, it did nothing to soothe her feelings. This school had strict disciplines despite being public, and there was that feeling of being the new kid that just didn’t work out for her.

Anything could happen in an unfamiliar environment, as her parents loved to say. Then again, they were the ones who had dropped her here, wishing her luck and preaching the importance of social relations to her. Sadly, socialising was, as much as she hated to admit it, nerve-wracking. She had always been awkward around people she did not know and she wasn’t sure if anyone would want to know her that well either. Her bluntness and cold aura gave off the impression of a killer. Well, that was what she believed anyway but it still made her feel bad.

She had been raised to be perceptive, yet it only isolated her from the other kids. For every mistake she saw, she tried not to say because it never worked. All it did was hurt her even more. She had once asked her parents about it, but they had ruffled her hair, told her that everyone was unique and their words had helped her accept others the way they are. Sadly, that was not the case. She just couldn’t trust people that easily. If people were that easy to read, what if she had a huge secret to hide? It would be so obvious.

She rubbed her gleaming temple, and tried to ease the tension by telling herself she could do it but that was easier said than done. With all the detective stories she has been absorbing, it was a fresh idea which could help her with the introductions later on. Letting off another deep breath, she resolved she could do it. She was not going to falter, it wasn’t scary at all. It was normal. It was going to be fine.

Gathering her courage, Lisa took her first step into the school, keeping her eyes on her feet as she strolled to the entrance. She pushed back her nerdish rectangular glasses with her index finger to conceal nervousness. So far, this was going somewhat smoothly and she just had to get to the principal’s office. She mentally envisioned the map of the school she had memorised the night before. Shutting her eyes, she tried to pinpoint where she was headed.

Alright, so I go from the entrance, take a right turn on the third corridor, and head to the door at the edge of the hallway. She deduced to herself, checking her mental map to ensure it was right. When she felt it suffice, she smiled and opened her eyelids to reveal her baby blue eyes. She had something to do now, to push all her repeating thoughts away. There was a tendency to do that, but she usually pushed it to the back of her head. That was what she did once more, as her magenta shoes moved according to her plan. Her steps had a flair to them. After all, if there was something she was the best at, it was definitely dealing with situations that required analysis.

Her directions were accurate, for soon the blonde found herself in front of a wooden door. Carved unto it in beautiful calligraphy were the words “Principal’s Office” in Japanese, and the door had a few meters on her. She let out a sigh and imagined it was one of her sessions with her counselor, it would all work out somehow. Gripping the doorknob with her right hand and taking in another deep breath, she wished herself good luck before she twisted the doorknob clockwise, officially starting her school life.

She wasn’t sure what she had expected. From the research she conducted on the school, the principal was a shy person who rarely got out. In fact, he only came to school on special days. Today, the first day of school happened to be one of the special days. There were rumours on the exact reason, some said that he was an alien, others called him crazy and psychopathic. Even the teachers had their own gossip and conspiracy theories, which only made Lisa shake her head in disbelief. This was the head of their school, yet they still had their doubts? It was puzzling. She definitely didn’t want to associate herself with those kinds of people. They just reminded her of what it meant to be human. It meant being wrong, yet refusing to admit it because of pride. It was definitely one of the things she didn’t like about herself. She had difficulty accepting losses, and it lingered above her head like a heavy dark cloud.

Well, that was what she thought until she saw him, face to face, for the first time. The only words that escaped her lips, as embarrassing as it was to admit it, was, “Nice scar.”

The male blinked, his bright aquamarine eyes so similar to hers were filled with confusion, before it seemed to click in his mind, making him sheepishly smile, “O-Oh, thanks.”

His hands moved to touch the scars on his cheeks a bit subconsciously. Obviously not many people saw it the same way she did.

To be honest, she had to admit that she was a bit surprised. For all the conspiracy theories that had come to rise around the school, he was the complete opposite of them. He had sandy blonde hair like her, a Japanese’s face structure, and a skin colour akin to golden wheat. He was not even wearing what regular principals did. He wore a dark green shirt on brown pants and matching sneakers that somehow reminded her of the military. He looked completely normal. Well, if you ignore the scars on his cheeks, of course.

“Oh, hi there!” he waved, with a smile on his face that emitted warmth. It allowed her muscles to loosen up a bit in front of him. Warmth was always how her barrier broke.

“H-Hello, Sir…” she stammered, her anxiety kicking in. She mentally cursed how socially awkward she was, but it was inherent of her to do this around strangers or people she just met.

He didn’t seem too bothered by it, though, shown when he laughed, “You really remind me of myself when I was your age. I didn’t have much friends, either.”

“E-Eh?” her eyes widened, unable to hide the shock in her tone. She had not expected him to be so open and amused by it. Usually people laughed and mocked her for it. After all, who didn’t know how to socialise?

His eyes twinkled, and his laugh sounded so feminine, “I was really socially awkward too, but as they say, it takes one to know one. I can know someone like me from a mile away. Course, my friend is always saying that I’m still that way, but I digress. I don’t agree with him at all.”

Hearing that, her alarm settled down to become a small warm feeling in her stomach. It felt good to meet someone who could notice every single thing like her. She didn’t feel so lonely anymore. At least the school year was off to a good start.

“Anyway, Lisa Blueton, right?” He asked, moving to his desk to take out a file from it. Perhaps it was her school file.

She nodded, scouring around the office to see if there was anything noteworthy.

Unfortunately, she found none. The only odd thing was how empty it was. From what she knew, he had won some achievements before, and yet, they were not there. Did that mean that he was modest? It would make sense, judging by his kind tone, yet Lisa had this feeling that it was more than that. Something else, something connected to all the rumours surrounding him, was the reason it was so bare. Maybe she could figure that out for her first case here. It could kill her boredom.

The headmaster’s smile only grew wider, “Great! Now let me show you to your classroom.”

Hoo boy, she was in for a long ride now, wasn’t she?

She exhaled, but played a smile on her face as she looked up to the headmaster, “Alright then, Sir. Lead the way.”

His response was another hearty laugh, “Please, call me Kin-sensei. I do teach lessons around here from time to time. If you want to know my full name, it’s Kin Aruke.”

Upon noticing the baffled student’s face, he smirked playfully, “Like I told you, it takes one to know one. Now, come on. It’s time to meet your new classmates.”

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