Information that Kills

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Indiana Waters lives an uneventful life as an accountant The most excitement she's had is her new neighbor moving in across the hall that she can't seem to shake. That is until her company's biggest client is found dead and she has a minor accident. Afterward, she's able to see and communicate with her dead client! The client pushes Indiana to investigate his suspicions about his file at work, and soon Indiana embroils herself into the mystery of the client's death, and much to her initial dismay, her new neighbor. Will she solve the mystery of his death before someone else finds out she's been investigating?

Mystery / Romance
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Chapter 1

“Indiana, do you have the cost report for the Miller file yet?”

“Not yet sir but I’m working on it as we speak.” Never mind the fact you just gave me the project an hour ago.

“Well get on it. We don’t have all day!” Rick Wyler, shouted across the bullpen from the comfort of his office. Sometimes, I think he forgets that I’m the only accountant for his entire company and I have other things on my plate besides work for our clients.

Groaning, I banged my head against the wall of my cubicle before turning back towards my computer. If I didn’t need to pay my bills, I’d quit with no hesitation.

“Don’t let Rick get to you. It’s not his fault he’s a dick.” I chuckled as Jessie; my cubicle mate chimed in. She’s honestly the closest thing I have to a friend.

“It’s Friday, you’d think he’d be in a better mood.”

“Are you kidding? He can’t make money on the weekends. I swear this man to be making money in order to breathe.”

“You’re probably right.” I shook my head as I turned my computer on. “What are your plans for the weekend?” I asked, desperately trying to change the subject.

“Probably going to hit up a few bars, see if I can’t find Mr. Right. At least- for the weekend?” I couldn’t stop myself from rolling my eyes as Jessie’s lips turned into a sly smirk. “You should come with me one night, it’ll be fun!”

“Thank you, but I will pass. Bars aren’t really my scene.” I told her as I opened the cost report. I mean, I wasn’t technically lying to her!

“Boo, you’re no fun. One of these days I’m actually going to get you to come out with me.”

” I wouldn’t hold your breath on that one.”

I was grateful when I managed to escape the office a few hours later, the cost report completed and turned in. Not that I had any big plans, but I was afraid that I would snap and kill my boss if I heard him bark another order.

When I stepped off the elevator and into the hallway of my apartment, I saw boxes piled outside in the hallway. As I got closer, I saw that they were outside the apartment across from mine. Hmm, I didn’t even know the apartment was vacant. Shows how much you pay attention Indi.

I kept my eyes anywhere but the newly occupied apartment as I trudged towards my place. The last thing I wanted to do was run into the new neighbor right now. I don’t like most people. Not that I think people are selfish or out to get me, I’ve just never been much of a people person.

When I reached the front door, I could hear someone groaning and mumbling to themselves as they moved around. I feel bad for them, truly. I’ve always hated moving with a burning passion.

As I opened my door, a crash came from across the hall followed by cursing.

“Fucking hell, can nothing go right today?” A male voice mused to themselves. There was an accent to his voice I wasn’t able to decipher. It sounded southern but- different. Maybe the deep tone of his voice is what was making it difficult for me to - and what am I saying? I don’t even know this man!

I walked into my humble abode and closed the door behind me. It was small and cluttered with my ever-growing collection of books, but it was my own little slice of paradise. Maybe this weekend will finally be the time I tidy the place up.

Just as I set my purse on the counter, another crash sounded across the hall. After another string of curses, a set of footsteps approached my door. By the time he had knocked, I was already at my door.

Opening my door, my new neighbor stood in front of me, his hands sheepishly stuffed into the pockets of his jeans.

“Hey, I’m your new neighbor across the way. I’m sure you’ve heard me shatter a multitude of things in the past few minutes and well- I was wondering if you had a broom I could borrow?” Embarrassment shone in his honey-colored eyes as he looked at me.

“Uh, yeah. Let me grab it really quickly.” I left him standing there to grab my broom in the kitchen. When I came back, he was standing in virtually the same spot.

“Here it is.”

“Thank you, I can’t tell you how much I appreciate this.”

“It’s just a broom. I’d just hope someone would do this for me if I were in your shoes.”

“Well, I don’t have a broom, but maybe I can make you dinner in exchange for it?”

My eyes widened as I stared at him. There’s no way this man just asked to make me dinner. He doesn’t even know my name and vice versa.”

“I’ll think about it. Have a nice night, good luck with moving in.” The new guy opened his mouth to respond but before he could I shut the door in his face.

I know it was sort of a bitch move but the last thing I needed was to get cozy and friendly with my new neighbor before I even knew his name.

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