Skipping Heart's

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Pain seized me and slithered down my stomach to a painful cinch below my bellybutton. I freeze, my face blanches, my heart skips to a halt, slowly... slowly I mutter "Here we go again...hahha".

Mystery / Other
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Light and dark

Lightening slithers across the skies as it strikes the ground, colouring the gloomy skies with a faint light. Once twice and then it moved on.
A fluffy looking creature dashes across the muddy ground, quickly dirtying it's exposed flesh. It rushes to the dimmly lit lamp on the side. Suddenly seeking refuge from the creeping darkness where it's predators surely layed in wait. It could sense it, the smart little thing and it was not amused. Side to side, up and down again and again irritating the hidden onlookers. Finally, it's senses seemed to decide it was this moment. It runs to the next lamp just a ways away where it'll repeat this game until it got home to it's safe haven...Or so it hoped, prayed in fact because weaklings like itself where susceptible to the stronger forces in this cruel world.
As if to affirm the onlookers thoughs the next moment something swoops down and pins the little fluff and quickly picks at it, ruthlessly. Again and again, with two more of it's kind joining the feast.
It layed there dead, it's worthless life gone just like that.
" Ha!"
A mocking scoff rings loudly in the eerie silence of the aftermath once the flying predators flew away, masked by it's helpful assitant: darkness... as they lay in wait for their next meal.
An ominous rumble echos in the distance along with the loud shutting of a window, followed by the quick swiping of curtains. Closing them off to the carnage outside in the dark temporarly as a different kind kindly awaits for them in the daylight. Where scarier things happen in open view, the majority participate in...
Predators and prey. Human and animal. Same. Both have skipping heart's filled with evil, just in different colours. Do you concur?

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