The Unforgettable Night

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You have always believed that unnatural things don't exist, until one day, you involuntarily meet this new, unique and different girl through a game. This girl will turn your life upside down and get you in another world full of adventure. Will you be able to survive the paranormal??

Mystery / Fantasy
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By Hajar
One night, One game, One girl, are enough to change your whole perspective of your life, and after you read this story; everything will change and you won't be able to see things the same way as before. So here is my story:

Diego's pov.
So, it is a normal day as usual. My name is Diego , I'm 17 years old, I'm half koran and half mexican and I live in America. I could say that I'm not a sociable person and I'd rather spend my whole day in my room playing video games than to go outside and talk to people.
I'm heading to school hoping this day could be over already. But, my three pals are what make it more bearable. Here's my friend Emily joining me and hitting me as a way of saying good morning, I am kinda used to it by now.
At first, I didn't like it and kept complaining about it telling her to use her mouth to say hi, instead of her hands. But what to do?? She only does what's on her mind, so it's ok.
I firstly met her when she and her family moved in our neighbourhood when I was ten years old. We became friends afterwards; and I got used to her special boyish attitude, the way she talks, the way she dresses up like a boy and her loud annoying laugh. But I could say with confidence that she is still the same, she never changed who she is, she never listenned to people's opinion or society in general regarding her clothes, or the fact that she hangs up with two boys all the time, although she is pretty popular and extrovert. She has a strong personnality , a dominating one, she's always there when you need her, and finally she always defends her friends. So yeah, that's the kind of person she is.

We're both heading to school while talking, until our friend Jared joins us with the usual smirk on his face :
Jared: What's up losers?
We decide to ignore him, then he says sadly:
- How can you ignore such beauty, and such handsome face ?
We laugh out at him, teasing him, but we stop when we see that he's getting upset.
We first met Jared when we were 15 years old, but we didn't like him very much, because of his arrogant attitude. And since he is a football player, he had what he called "groupies" litterally throwing themselves at him and hating us for not encouraging and liking him.
But the incident that made us best friends is when he got kicked out of the football team ,because of his laziness and indefference, plus he stopped hanging out with the popular kids, so he was no longer one of them. He started sitting alone whether in the class or in the cafeteria. At first, we didn't care much about him, but then he started getting bullied and treated badly.
Until one day, Em stood up for him against those bullies, we started talking afterwards and got to know him better and we realized that he wasn't that bad after all. We were curious about what happened to him and what made him quit the football team. He then told us that he had some familly issues, which made him lose interest in everything. We felt sorry for him and decided to stick by his side.
After some time, the situation in his house was getting worse and worse, until his parents got divorced. We never left his side though, afraid that he would do something stupid.
Day after day, he was getting better, especially because he was living with his mom. He wanted to rejoin the football team. It was hard in the beginning, but he didn't give up and kept on working harder and harder, until he finally made it.

We were walking towards the school, when he suddenly jumped like he remembered something.
-Em & Diego: what's wrong??
-Jared:What are your plans after school??
-Em: Nothing, probably just gonna chill and watch some k-drama. Hey Diego since you're korean, what drama do you recommend??
-Diego (rolling his eyes): half korean, and I'm not very into k-drama. But the last one I watched was awsome, super cool and very hillarious.
-Em: What's it called ?
-Diego: Welcome to Waikiki.
-Em: Cool, I'm gonna start it tonight.
Jared (angrily): Guys!! I'm right here!
-Diego: ok ok, what do you want??
-Jared: What are your plans ??
Diego: I think I'm gonna do my homework, and then spend the night playing some video games. Why do you ask??
-Jared: I heard there's this new scary video game, which is super cool, and I think we should try it.
-Diego & Em: Why??
-Jared: They say that it's so realistic, to the point that you can no longer see the difference between the real world and the virtual one.
-Em :Wow, so?
-Jared: So! we should try it out. What do you say??
-Diego: Mmm.. Ok I'm down. What about you Em?
-Em: I'm not. I don't like it .
Jared tries to provoke Em by saying:
- Ooh, are you scared from a video game?? Then he laughs.
-Em (upset): Back off, I'm not scared or anything, it's just...
-Jared : Then let's try it.
Em pouts and then accepts.
-Diego: Then it's settled; my house at 9 pm.
Jared & Em: Ok.
We didn't know that what we have agreed on was gonna change our lives FOREVER.


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