Little Lies

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Mac whistled as he smoothed his collar and hair in his reflection in the store window.

Christine walked to the door, flipped the ‘Closed’ sign back to ‘Open’, then turned to him and used her thumb to smear his bottom lip.

“You don’t want to walk out with pink lips, do you?”

“Only if they’re as pretty as yours.”

She smirked. “So what’ll it be today?”

“A dozen roses. She loves them.”


He was starting to feel nauseous from the cloying scent of the blooms. It was time to go. “Surprise me.” He signed the order slip and pocketed his pen. “Send them to the house. 1.30pm.”

“Of course.” She leaned towards him and smiled, her fingers twirling the silver charm on her necklace, framed by the deep V of her neckline. “See you next time.”

Mac winked and left.
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