Don't Look at the Moon - A Short Story

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I never should have looked at the moon... A short story by Trinity Barth

Mystery / Drama
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Don't Look at the Moon

I tried to ignore it, but it didn’t stop. The sound of my phone vibrating repeatedly finally got to me. The room became colder with each step I took as I walked to my dresser to silence my phone. I was met by an official notification from the U.S. Government. It says, “DO NOT LOOK AT THE MOON.” I always knew this day would come; I just never really knew when. I scrolled through the hundreds of messages from unknown numbers sending, “It’s a beautiful night tonight. Look outside.” Curiosity was getting the best of me. My strength to hold back faded away. I paused for a second, looking back at my memories, thoughts, and dreams, a tear rolling down my cheek as I turn around, facing my window. I drew the curtains, my eyes dancing looking for the moon. I quickly turned around, avoiding the blinding beam shining on my face. Seconds later, I found myself lying in a hospital bed with no one but a nurse by my side. My life flashed before my eyes as all my misfortunes came back to me. I never should have looked.

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