Wrestling the Kraken

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One evening in 1963 entangles the lives of a certain group of strangers. Eight years later, the circus is in town, but everywhere they've been...death followed. Will the city of Fox Hollow be its last stop? As the serial killer prepares the plan, someone else has beat them to it. Someone else has set it up just like they would. Someone else knows too much. Now they will have to find the copycat, before the cops find them. As they all get closer to the truth, nothing is what it seemed.

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“You’re careful or you’re dead.” - Menard


A delivery truck arrives. The driver steps out of his van with a white box and a red ribbon around it. A card attached reads:

Nadine’s Florist.

Recipient: Vivianne Cordova.

He heads around back to an admin trailer and drops off the flowers to an assistant.

“Right on time. Your company is always so dependable.” Barbara says, receiving the flowers.

The driver gives her a smile and nods, then heads back to his truck. He spots a mother and her daughter approaching.

“The circus!” The girl calls out. A young girl with bright eyes and the unmistakable assumption of innocence still clings to her.

How long would that last? The driver wondered, missing his own youth when the world was viewed with the same purity. It wasn’t long before his safe world was unveiled and he began to see the shadows, the dark spots. It seems to be happening for kids younger and younger these days, thinking back to all the tragedies he’s seen over the years.

Her mother pulls her along. “They’re not open yet. See? They’re still setting up. Come on, let’s go.” She said and they walked away.

The driver shakes his head, as he settles back into his van. You don’t want any part of this circus, ’cause wherever this circus goes...death follows.

“Can we go when they open?” The girl asked.

“We’ll see.” The mother replied.

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