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In Damien's Keeping

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Chapter 2

He was joking, right? I was not going to live with him at any condition. My husband had died, and Damien wanted me to stay with him. He thought I was a toy or a whore, who once belonged to his best friend but when he died Damien would inherit, did he really think this?

“No! I am going to my home.” Hearing me, he glared at me with his blue eyes.

“When I say you are staying here, then you are,” he said standing up and placing his laptop aside.

“I am not!” I said standing up and throwing back an equal deadly glare, at least that was what I thought about my glare.

“Lia, you are not going anywhere,” he said through clenched teeth and walked in front of me. I didn’t know why but his anger made me more stubborn, more rigid in mind.

“Watch me,” I said, while gesturing with my hand to the door and made an attempt to walk away.

But I was thrown back by his ruthless grip on me, which grabbed me by my right arm and crashed me into his chest, securing an arm around my waist. My hands protested against his hard chest but he didn’t budge.

I looked up at him to see him staring at me. His lips curled into something like a smirk.

“Damien let me go,” I said, while pushing him away but he was far stronger than me.

“Why are you doing this? Why want me to stay?” I said looking up into his eyes and for a moment, I felt nervous with the intensity of his eyes.

“You are not safe outside,” he said, a crease appearing on his forehead.

“How do you know? I will be safe in my home, I don’t have to stay with you,” I said, pushing him again but it made no difference on his grip on me.

“Nobody argues with me, Lia.” His words made me frown at him. What type of man he was that nobody argues, surely a psychotic man. But I had a feeling that he was just changing the subject.

“I do,” I said raising my eyebrow.

“Yes, you always do but not now, its about your safety. I am not going to let you go out there assuming you will be safe. You will stay here in my sight.” He looked angry after scolding me but his eyes said a different story.

If it was care for me then surely I could understand his concern. I nodded in approval for staying and he let out a breath.

He called for the servant in his house, “Casper!” And the servant came rushing in after a while. He came and without a delay bowed to Damien.

What the... Why is he bowing?

My mind was thinking of some possible reason when the servant stood straight as a rod and glanced at us. At first, his eyes went round and then he looked between us, his mouth opening a little.

Understanding dawned on me and my brows shot up in horror. I was so comfortable in Damien’s embrace that I totally forgot it was wrong of me.

Damien understood that as well and he let me go. I quickly jumped away and felt the coldness of the room.

My cheeks flamed in embarrassment and I looked away. Damien coughed a little and then spoke, “Casper, show Ms. Lia her room.”

He shouldn’t call me Ms. Lia, I am now Mrs. Walker..

My late husband, how I had imagined my life with him but everything was ruined. My dreams, my marriage, my happiness, everything had shattered like a broken glass. He was no longer alive because of the bullet that tore his heart, rendering him dead.

In silence, I strode outside Damien’s room, following Casper towards my room.

I entered my room and sat on the bed thinking of the attack. Casper brought some clothes for me and left me in my room.

I wanted to know who did this and why? Mark did not had any enemies, so who could be behind all this? I thought of all the possible reasons as to why someone would want to kill him, but none came to my mind because Mark was never a man who would have done something bad to anyone. He was perfect.

So why it happened to him?

There had to be some reason and I hoped that his murderer would be caught in time.

I would not rest until I find the murderer of my husband.

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