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An Obscure Truth

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Transfer student, Imani Abioye, is settling into Cypress high. In upstate New York, but notices the demons from her past are shadowing her. She can hardly tell the difference between what is real and what is fantasy anymore...that is...until she meets Eliane Whitfield

Mystery / Romance
Jay S19
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Boomed a raspy voice In the distance. “You have to get up! He’s coming!” Shouted the voice again this time it sounded a bit closer. Though, all I could do is feel this thorn like pain in my side. when I attempted to move, I winced from the pain gritting my teeth in the process.

I figured, I was getting better at moving. As the pain became bearable until suddenly I heard another voice, this time a bit muffled. I tried squinting but could hardly see a damn thing since my vision was fuzzy, I hear the voice again but this time my name was called faintly. “Imani...” then I hear it again “Imani, are you paying attention?” the voice asked and suddenly my vision started clearing up. Blinking back to reality I found I was back in the classroom with my English teacher..Mr.Lions.

Noticing that I was currently doodling in my notebook. I lift my head to meet Mr. Lions disappointed brown eyes.

I nodded, then Mr.Lions replies with “good, then you should have no trouble telling the class where exactly we are in the great Shakespeare’s Macbeth...” the room falls silent and I take in a deep breath. This pit in my stomach practically swallows me whole as I feel the entire classrooms eyes on me. Clearing my throat before getting any words out “If...I can recall correctly. We are at act 1.3 where the witches introduce themselves to Macbeth.”

I explained, Mr. Lions nods. At first he seems surprised though it soon turns to an impressed smile “next time, Ms. Abioye...I expect that you will have your book on your desk. Turned to the page every other student is at.” “Okay” is all I said for the remainder of class.

(Until it was my turn to read) as soon as the bell rang students began packing their bags instantly. Whilst rushing out the classroom Mr. Lions went over the homework for tonight “alright students, I expect the next time we meet. You will hand back the packets I have set up by the doorway. You will also have finished act 1.3 and will have read a little ahead if you would like that extra credit. Should any of you have any questions you know where to find me.” I also began packing up my things.

Though, as soon as I stood to my feet “Imani...a word please” “dammit” I muttered under my breath before leaving my desk to approach Mr. Lions. “You know..you are the first teacher, who has gotten my name right all day.”

Mr. Lions laughed slightly before saying “Imani, I know you and I do not know each other in the slightest but from what I understand you just transferred to Cypress and at one of the worst times you possibly could have.” I sighed “the middle of second semester-” “exactly, you still have a lot to catch up on...so I will tell you what.” He starts, as he spoke I began to notice two things. That as he moved, Mr. Lions had this symbol on the lower right side of his jaw. Almost hidden by his stubble, he also wore a fairly recent scar just below his left eye. Maybe he got it from a fight. Maybe, there was an accident, or maybe. Just maybe, I'm making this teachers life out to be more interesting than what it actually is. Though you can't blame me for being curious. “I will let this slide...if and only if you give me Friday’s homework plus the extra credit.”

I groaned but nodded, as Mr. Lions extended his hand. I moved to give a decent handshake. “Well then, I do not wish to keep you from your next class any longer. Have a good rest of your day Imani” I nodded then left for my desk. I practically snatched my bag but as I walked out the doorway I gave one last look to the classroom.

I thought before I shake my head and walk through the navy blue and white halls of Cypress to algebra. I slung my bag over my shoulder. While walking I gripped the strap of my bag tight but also moved the palm of my hand to where I felt the pain in my day dream. I guess I didn’t care how I looked. I just, I wanted to know.

No...pain, no pain at all?′

I pondered on the matter moving my hand away and heading into class. The rest of the day was seemingly normal, though as I stopped by my locker to grab a few things I got a text.

mom: Hey honey, I’m stopping to get your favorite for dinner. I want you to know that your brother won’t be home tonight but I want to hear how your first day of school went when you get back :)

Me: Okay, he probably another late shift but I’ll see you when I get home.

Maybe..it is for the best, that she doesn’t know. Maybe it won't turn out like last time. “Hey, Houston” I turn to find a short stranger “hi...” I said back slightly confused “you are... the new transfer student, right? Sorry, excuse my manners” she laughed softly. “I am Alyvia, the upperclassmen who was suppose to be showing you around.” The girl had short hair and these gorgeous pale green eyes.

“oh, well thank you but it seems I have figured it out on my...” suddenly I smelled something. It was pretty strong and after a moment it finally clicked. I got an idea as to where she has been for the past few hours. “oh, come on. If we start now...I promise to make it worth your while”

hmm, head home now because last bell is about to ring or risk detention and life’

“I should, probably get home-" "It won't take long Houston, I'm sure your mom won't mind. I know the perfect place to start!”

'if only she knew'

within minutes we wound up at the library “what are we doing at the-” “I know the library seems like the last place you probably want to be..” “on the contrary.”

She tilted her head “I am a bookworm and I don't mean online or audio bookworm, I like to feel the pages” I added and she nodded. “Of course” she said softly “then scratch everything I just said” she laughed.“Anyway, why don’t you try... picking at the book right there” she looked around in a shifty manner.

Something felt.. off, to say the least. Usually, my ass would have left by now but color me intrigued. The library here was positively beautiful and there were a few students who stayed behind after hours so we weren't completely alone. I took a deep breath “which book?” I asked “let’s try 'Alice In Wonderland'.” She said flashing a confident smirk, perhaps I was in over my head as I didn’t know what to expect. There was no turning back now.

I began, extending my hand to the book. Though once touching the tip of the cover... “and what do you think you're doing?” I jerked back, from the sound of an unexpected voice. Catching a slight glimpse of a golden flash from the same area as the book...

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