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The way she moves.

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Thea is a 12 year old musical prodigy with a fortune and a secret and Deceased parents,

Mystery / Fantasy
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Chapter 1

Sheila is still in shock and disbelief that both of her parents are dead and murdered. It’s only been one day since the police came to her home and informed her they were gone. They would let her know how the investigation is progressing and called her mom’s sister to come stay with her. I love my aunt dearly and we are best friends and have been my whole life. Right now she is over seeing dinner because as my mom used to say theHillngham women don’t clean or cook, we pay others to do it so we have time for our families and creative outlets. I smile at the memory then a single tear sleep drs down my cheek unnoticed. I’m currently cleaning my violin and reading sheet music while making adjustments here and there for the concert i have next week . Maybe Fran my aunt will play with me this evening to release some of the grief and anxiety over our loss. I’m wondering why they were killed and by who. Both my parents were excellent scientists for our country. I’m really glad they told me about what they did for work when I turned ten. I can play any instrument I pick up as well as sing dance and I excell at gymnastics. These attributes came from both parents. At the his thought I break down and sob uncontrollably, the pain of their loss racking my whole being. I hear aunt Fran running in to comfort me and let her smother me in a stranglehold of a hug. We stayed like this for several minutes then we both pull back and she asks if I will be ok for now. I’m okay I say as I wipe my face and then I stop and give her a look too serious for some one my age and inform her I’m going to find out who killed my parents and catch them for the police. At this she plops down in the nearest chair and just looks at me for a while, then she says I know if I don’t help you or if I try to stop you, you will find a way to do it on your own so I’m in this with you all the way lovey. I know she is serious because she used my middle name which is also my nick name. I ask her will you play with me tonight? We both can use the practice and distraction. At this she breaks out laughing and says you have never needed practice lovey my dear. I smile at her because she is right and holds no jealousy towards me and if she did I would feel it. A thought comes to me and I ask her if I am a freak or what. I have all these abilities, some of them aren’t normal. She looks worried and I say you know it’s true too. I ask her is his why we very seldom had company and I have been home schooled?

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