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Will Annie remember anything after the car crush? Will she remember anything about her life? Her boyfriend, bestfriend, family? ~ How am I? I don't really know who I am, I don't know anything about my life or this people infront of me, and I feel like I'm going crazy.

Mystery / Romance
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Sadness, disappointment, anger

I opened my eyes slowly. I couldn’t see anything because of the light infront of me.

I looked around, for my eyes to adjust on the lighting. I realized I was in the hospital.

I started panicking, trying to pull out tubes from my arm who were connected to different devices.

I was getting angry cause I couldn’t stand up as I door of the room opened.

It was a boy but I don’t know who he is.

When he saw me he drop his coffee, like he was in shock.

He started running towards me and he stepped in the puddle of the coffee, but he didn’t care.

“Stop, Annie, you’re going to hurt yourself.” The boy said to me as he grabbed my hand. “Everything is going to be alright, don’t worry.”

He was talking but I only stared at him.

“Are you alright?” He was really confused.

“Who are you?” I looked him more closely.

“Are you serious?” He dropped my hands in surprise. “You don’t remember me?”

“Sorry, but no.” I didn’t know what to do cause I didn’t know the guy.

“I’m going to get the nurse.” He said leaving my room disappointed.

After he came back there was a nurse and 3 more people I didn’t know.

“Alright.” Was the only thing the nurse said before starting to look my eyes with a light. “I’m going to ask you some questions, okay?”

I nodded.

“What’s your name?” She started.


“Good. What about last name?”

I didn’t know the answer. I tried to remember but nothing.

“It’s okay if you don’t remember. Next question, do you know any of this people?”

I started looking around but I couldn’t recognized anyone. “No...”

When I said that the boy who came in my room, looked sad, disappointed and angry at the same time.

“Do you remember anything? Maybe what happened before or about your life or anything what you remember?” The nurse asked me.

I was trying to look around my memory but I felt like today my life only started and before that is just darkness. I couldn’t remember anything.

I answered on that question the same as I did before on other questions. “no”

“Okay, no problem, honey, I know it’s hard but you’re going to start remembering things after some time.” The nurse walked out of the room.

“Hey” The girl who was also in the room spoke to me. She looked around the same age as me.

“Hey?” I said confused.

“How are you, Annie?” She asked me but I didn’t know the answer. How am I? I don’t really know who I am, I don’t know anything about my life or this people infront of me, and I feel like I’m going crazy.

“I don’t know, the person who I’m suppose to know.” I was making fun of myself.

“Sorry, I’m Joy, your bestfriend...” She explained.

“Oh, sorry...”

“It’s okay, you will remember, maybe not just yet but you will.” She gave me a smile.

“Can I ask you a question?” I showed her with my hand to come closer. “Who’s this guy?” I pointed my finger and the same boy I was thinking about since I woke up.

“This is Ash, he’s your boyfriend.” She explained.

“My boyfriend?”

“Yes, you two were together since you were 18. 5 years now. You two were madly in love.”

“I’m 23?”


“Oh, okay. What do you mean “were” madly in love?” I was confused.

“You got into a car crash, for months ago and you were in coma since, and don’t remember anything or anyone.”

“I got into a car crash?” I was confused.

“Yes, it was really bad. Ash was freaking out. He could lost you that day, all of us could lost you.” She showed at other people in the room.

“Who are they?”

“This is, Jonathan, Ash’s dad.” She pointed and the man sitting in the chair talking to the...I think, he’s wife. He wasn’t that old, he was in his late forties. “And this is Kayle, Ash’s mom and Jonathan’s wife.” She said pointing and the women in her late forties.

“Do they like me?” I wanted to know more.

“A lot, you’re family.”

“What about my parents and my siblings?”

There was a silence. “You don’t have any sibling and your parents died in a fire when you were 18. That’s why you started living with Ash for a while, and then after few months of dating you moved together. And you still live there now.” She explained.

“Didn’t you say we only started dating at 18? Doesn’t that means we didn’t date when I moved here?” My brain couldn’t process all things at the same time.

“Yes, you didn’t date at the time.”

“Then why did I move in?” And as I asked the question a guy came storming in the room.

“I came the second I heard about the news!” He was excited as he ran to me, pulling me in a hug. It was very, very awkward.

I hugged him awkwardly.

He pulled away after some time. “Annie!” He said as a tear escaped his eyes.

“Hey?” I was making thing awkward.

“Because of Aaron, he’s your second bestie(I’m your favorite) and he insisted that you’re going to live with him and after that you and Ash started dating.”

“That’s what happened and that’s not true, I’m her favorite. We know each other our whole life and you only meet her 8 years go.”

“And? She still liked me more.” They were arguing.

“Okay, okay, it’s kinda annoying.” I stopped the fight.

“You always said that when we two were arguing...” Joy smiled a little.

“Okay, ere are papers and she can go home but she will need to come here every week so we can cheek her and her memories. And you need to try made her remember, okay?” The nurse came in.

“Of course, thank you, I’m going to take care of her.” Ash looked at me as he gave me a little smile.

“Where are we going?” I didn’t know a thing.

“Home but if you aren’t comfortable, we can stay at out family home.” I could see he wanted me to say, I want to go home.

“I want to go home, I trust you.” His face lighted up. He was so happy when I told him that.


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