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When drone operator and Youtuber Lucas Lowwater discovers Mark Stefano's body in a watery grave, heiress and only child Sofia Stefano hires Jack Flyn to find her fathers killer. Police Detective Hendricks has bungled the investigation so far. Flyn squeezes Mark Stefano's ex-wife society estate agent Sandy Badenhorst along with shady architect Grant Drempel and the ambitious contemporary artist Hugo Fernwood. A forty year old Polaroid photo unseats a family secret, leading to more questions than answers. Mark Stefano's serial widow, gallery owner Victoria and her mixed up seventeen-year-old daughter Skyler Jannsen are lighting up Flyn's radar. Freewheeling Nev Nano the eighties one-hit-wonder holds a dark secret. Frosty gallery assistant, Willow Williams is hiding something and Flyn plans to peel back that polished veneer.

Mystery / Thriller
Robin E Jones
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

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