Unfolded Secrets

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Jennifer Lewis is not your ordinary everyday princess. She hides more than she shows. She is living a totally different life as Loretta Harvey with a real mask on her face. She is surrounded by people who loves her unconditionally but what's the secret behind all these happiness? When she finally joins PARK PRODUCTIONS and meets her new CEO Ashton Maddox. He is definitely not some ordinary guy. Her life is bound to change in a really different way, some truths are going to be unfolded. It's gonna be a real roller coaster ride with a lot of unexpected turns. A really exciting and thrilling story comes your way. Wear your seatbelts and enjoy your ride!

Mystery / Fantasy
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Chapter 1

Now I am probably used to this ‘being stared at’ thing since on the first hand I was born with it. I went to the nearby café examining all the looks I was getting but still walking like I don’t care. Kathy waved at me and I went over to her, placed my laptop on table and sat down on chair exhaustedly as I said, “I again lost the deal for the same reason”. Kathy ignored me and ordered two cappuccinos then faced me, “How about we use the face mask and get the deal since I really don’t want to lose this one, it’s a big opportunity for us. You know I was just searching and found out that there are face masks which looks like real face and nearly no one can ever recognize that it’s a mask until you put it perfectly.” I took the cup in my hand and said, “Why do you always order two when you know I can’t drink?” Kathy laughed as she spoke, “C’mon please consider this at least. I swear I won’t give another idea if this one fails. Just try it please, Lorry”. “Ok I will think about it only if you are gonna go to theme park with me tomorrow.” I dared Kathy knowing she hates theme park but to my surprise she answered, “Fine, anything for you love. I have almost done everything I hated after meeting you so why not this also”. Kathy replied with a bitter tone which led me reminding all those times when she had to do the most hated thing because of me, sometimes I do feel guilty but still can’t stop laughing.

After that I went home which was probably empty right now but I seriously don’t know why because everyone needs to be home at 11pm since it’s the deadline of being out from home and if someone pass due the deadline then they are not at all welcomed at home until next morning 7am and it was probably 10:30 right now. I doubt I am going to live alone tonight. So as per the routine as soon as I entered home all the curtains dropped down and all the windows closed so that there is not even a 1% chance for someone to see my face. Okay wait, you must be thinking that what’s wrong with me showing my face since it’s not like it’s a private part or something but unfortunately or maybe fortunately that’s the case with me. So, I am a princess and as per the royal castle tradition until the princess is not married, she is not allowed to show her face and even reveal her true self in front of World.

Suddenly the lights went closed and there I knew it was my twin Steve, he is just a minute bigger than me. He threw water at me out of no where. This means a war. I already had water balloons ready for him which I started throwing at him but dumb of me he had a water pipe with him, oh God, what to do. While Steve was splashing water at me through pipe, I heard a car honk and knew it was my dad so I hided my water balloons and whoooo. Suddenly the lights were opened and Steve was caught red handed. Yayyyy!!! My dad said in a clearly pissed tone, “Steve, I guess 30 minutes are enough for cleaning the house I guess.” Steve was glaring daggers at me as he said, “Dad, Jenny also threw water balloons at me!” Woww! Now he is in a bigger trouble. I am so cruel huhh. Dad while walking towards his room spoke in a cold tone, “15 minutes!” and closed the room door. I was laughing by fits now.

Steve walked past me and said, “You just lost a big opportunity, you know, Jenny.” I was confused if he was talking about the opportunity, I lost today or a new one so I asked, “What opportunity?’’ While mopping the floor he answered, “My friend is the CEO of PARK PRODUCTIONS and he asked me to introduce him to a new singer and a composer since he wants to bring up the new talents so I probably showed him some of your composed songs and also gave him your recorded audio files and to my surprise he liked it and wants to set up a meeting with you.” I was seriously shocked because really PARK PRODUCTIONS is one of the most popular productions in the World and most of my favorite singers had worked with them mostly. I couldn’t believe that CEO of that company really liked my voice and songs. But again, a disappointed expression appeared as I said, “I am not sure if we can call that an opportunity because he would also ask me to show my face and everything would go wrong”. Now Steve grinned as he said, “That’s exactly the interesting part that he is okay with you not showing your face. He said he just wants a singer who can sing with mouth and as long as that is possible, he really does not care about appearance, face or anything.” Without thinking I said, “Done. Set up a meeting with him.” Now Steve evilly laughed and said, “But that’s no longer available. Why would I help you when you made me do this, huhh” I hugged him and said, “C’mon I will make it up to you. Let’s go fishing tomorrow. And also, I will take permission from dad and mom. Happy?’’ He jumped happily and started dancing. Wow sometimes I really think that how does people even believe that he is a minute bigger than me but again people don’t know the truth, heck even he don’t know. And also, Kathy is going to die out of happiness when I will tell her this.

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