After Dusk Has Fallen

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Seventeen year old Brooklyn Marie Vanderveer never thought that her 'perfect family', is one big web of lies spun by someone very dear to her. How far is she willing to go? How deep is she willing to dig to uncover the truth about her family?

Mystery / Thriller
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Before She Was Born

"Isabella! Isabella!" My husband called after me. I turn around but...I see nothing. Nothing except the pitch dark void which holds little old me. "Alex? Alex? Are you there?" I call out but to no avail, there's no response. I walk forward, no flashlight. Just me. I can't see anything around me. My footsteps echo like water in a cave.

Where am I? What is this place? Am I in some demented form of my mind? There's a bright light above me....what is it? I look up and see some sort of video. It's a video of me and my mom, Maren. It starts to play and all I hear is her screaming at me. Why is she screaming? What did I do?

There is a sharp pain from my stomach...I look up and see my mom's face, anger and disgust written all over it. She seems to divert her eyes and point to my stomach. Mom...why are you pointing to my stomach? What's on my stomach? What's in my stomach?

Something drops onto the floor...if there even is one. Ot drips again...and again...and again...then she disappears. Faded away like she never existed. Mom wait..come back...what's that dripping noise? Why does it sound so close?

I finally look down. I see a pool of blood, surrounding my naked feet. A mirror appears and I stare into it. Blood. Crimson, dark blood covers my stomach...which seems to have....grown? I turn to my side and notice the bump. It's big....not noticable from the front.

Another sharp pain comes from my stomach and I let out an ear piercing cry. What's happening to my body? A loud thud echoes off the floor. I look down a see a crumpled that What's attached to it's stomach?

I grab the unknown cord attached to the stomach and pull the baby up. I hold it in my arms, realizing it's a girl. She let's out a whiny sound. It's okay babygirl, I'm here. Mommy's got you.

A blurry figure appears before me. It's face is too blurry to see who it is. It closes in on me and my baby, grabbing her naked body away from me and disappearing. No no no....come back....Brooklyn....Come back!


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