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One school, a thousand worries, minds of each clique combined. One wrong move and their existence falls on the hands of probability. I am writing a story like this for the first time so yeah endure my newbie factor. Also if I ever influence any of you to do something wrong then please I am requesting you guys to not do the wrong. Also the story is setup in a way which would be enjoyed by people from the age 14 and above,so maturity level 14+

Mystery / Other
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1) When Life Decides

It’s been always like this. A crowd of people trying to be someone who they aren’t. Me, walking amidst their cloud of pretense. Nesting myself on the corner table of the library. Reading any manga from the shelf that caught my eye.

Yes, the lunch and manga were the only appealing matter that brought me to this school every day. Otherwise I would have stayed at home and hibernated throughout the year.

My name is Saika at least that is what everyone knows me by, however as strange as it may sound my actual name is not Saika.

I just know it, there is no factual evidence to prove my thought.

Does it make any sense when all the people around you starting from your mother to those who are familiar with you, addresses you as Saika while your gut informs you that your name really isn’t Saika?

Time and logic is a pair that hasn’t always been interrelated to connect and find an answer, hence at my seventeen years of age I keep this strange lack of proof of thought engraved in my mind, never uttered by my lips.

Before I lose your perfect focus from the tale reader, let us dive back into the story again shall we?

I casually walk up to my favourite spot in the library, settle the manga and my school’s track suit jacket on the table. With a slight tired sigh, I sit on my chair, lean back and observe the critical pattern on the library’s ceiling.

Why even bother putting so much effort on a ceiling, I think.

It has been a timespan of two years that I arrived in this school. A school situated in the middle of nowhere is what I call it. A small ounce of amusing thought, to survive the periods left for school to end.

The sun smiles right then and my spot lights up while my shoulders dip as I release a relaxed sigh.

This arrangement of the library table that I occupied presently was so perfect, almost flawless, that I, the sole human on the face of Earth, had decided to mark it my nest.

The last bit of my sentence was meant to be exaggerated but if you, my friend, are a part of society who dislikes the company of their own species then, maybe you would want to invade my nest.

Being the regular visitor of the library, the librarian who sat trying to spot students chatting with his hawk like eyes knew that this corner table was where I always sat.

I was thrilled to start life as a new kid in a new school. Somehow leaving my old group of mates and joining a new one attracted me.I guess those anime rubbed me off to a different dimension of unrealistic expectations of a young teen.

However, I love to console myself with the thought that everyone once wanted a fantasy story like high school life at some point in their life.

Despite being a delusional tired introvert, my fantasies still didn’t take me out of this school and the society of pretentious humans.

“There you are, how is it that you manage to hide from the whole world so well.” Hearing her voice I turn to the human who spoke to me.

To this day, I don’t really understand why she hangs out with me.

I mean look at this cute little person, she screams “I am a part of the popular clique” yet she is a humble citizen, trying to vibe with this human hater of a person.

“I just found this good manga and thought to dive into it.Where were you Alissa, I didn’t find you anywhere in school either.” I reply to the lovely human, Alissa.

“Well, I was looking for you, anyway come out, let’s eat.” Alissa said closing the manga I was reading.

Well, one can’t simply put down the offer of food. So as you know, I stood up, severing my connection with the manga I was reading.

Don’t worry sweetheart I will come back I thought to manga that sat still open to a page I was reading.

Alissa and I always shared our lunch. It was like an unsaid deal between us. Of course, I would sometimes eat lunch without her, when I had nothing to do but hey, lunch was one of the reasons why I came to school remember?

It would be an outright lie if I told Alissa and I clicked with each other right on spot.

We both basically disliked each other. Perhaps found each other extremely irritating.

I took her to be one of those pretentious spoiled popular kids in school and she took me as those weird boring kids who constantly ditched class like breathing.

You can’t really blame either of us. Alissa did bring one of those pretentious kids to math’s coaching and I did ditch both school and coaching a lot.

Coaching are extra classes of a particular subject usually taught by a teacher outside school.

School teachers here in the Bidehirica, were not really popular choices. Just more of a school courtesy, of having a teacher as is what a school should have systematically.

“What class do we have next?” asked Alissa.

“Free” I replied.

“Great, Moure also has free class next too .Did Zafree come to school?”

“Zafree the great will never miss school Alissa.” I reply, stuffing myself with food.

“Well of course, she isn’t you, who constantly disappears like a ninja.” Alissa teases while icontinue stuffing biryani down my throat.

An obvious expectation but I always feel a rush of jubilation when it is a school day and the clock strikes one forty. It meant that it was either the second last period or the third last period for me and soon I could simply run back home.

One thing that I really disliked about being a tenth grade student was the increased amount of coaching classes we had.

Which in straight terms meant for me is that not only did I have to go through humans in school but also in coaching.

Hence, to supply myself with some mental peace, I, with great delight, decided to skip today’s class and log in to enjoy myself some online gaming.

So I did what I always do, after a shower and a good nap, I log onto Facebook, collect my daily rewards and attack invaders who invaded my land in the digital world.

I then decide to visit my other gaming platforms only to have myself prevented from doing so, due to this odd notification on a school night.

It was such a bizarre notification, I had to pause myself and stare at my computer screen before delving into what it was.

“Seems I was added to a group chat, what a cheerful event”, I mutter in a dull tone.

Why would anyone from school add me to a group chat when clearly I was those students who did not want to interact with anyone?

I scheme through the group list, in order to find out a common cause for all the students added to the group chat.

Within seconds, I find more people being added to the group by Julian.

Ah Julian, you are going to be so deep fried tomorrow when I interrogate you for adding me in a social situation, I think, annoyed by his actions.

“Did not even bother asking or informing me about making a group chat, with me included, so uncomfortable” I mutter grudgingly.

After observing and assessing my situation, I like any other individual who did not enjoy being added to random group chats , specially by their high school classmates, I went ahead to press the option to leave the chat.

Right then a message and notification pops up to my stop me from joining my quiet life of no social interactions.

“I know this might seem a bit odd for me to suddenly add you all to this group chat but please stay, I will be giving everyone all deets tomorrow at school.“- Julian Dane


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