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Mosa Rattlethorne - A young royal, faced with an arranged marriage to a devilish man whom is only seeking her for his growth. Mosa out of spite decides to flee the situation to an old castle to which she meets a stranger who is seeking answers in exchange to help Mosa regain her freedom.

Mystery / Romance
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Chapter 1

The darkness engulfed her body, her scaly lavender skin & turquoise hair flowed from it's pristine braid as her frantic breath was the only noise resounding through the century old trees in the forest. Her trembling hands lifted her once alluring dress, the excess material seemingly weighing her down. She left a trail of lace & tulle behind her as her gown was getting caught in the thorns of some bushes behind her. With the moon reigning on the dark sky above her, she found her way forward. They would not catch her, ever. She would sooner die than be wed to that repulsive, dishonourable man because other than his wealth, lands & titles, he had nothing. He did, however, think that he had almost everything. She was the only piece left in order to complete the picture & the peace between their kingdoms but for him, marrying the beautiful daughter of your once sworn enemies had some poetic feel to it.
She felt a fire spread through her entire body; the already familiar rage enveloped her whenever thoughts of her family swirled inside her mind. In order to preserve their social position, her parents saw fit to arrange her marriage to "a respected bachelor", The prince of Alba to which she would be wed. His pale white skin & painful cerulean eyes to whom would gleam of darkness, Not only was he the prince of the Snow queen but he was also a cruel bitter soul. The people of ice & snow would get their magical powers from the gem that lays above their eyes so you could only imagine what sort of power you would hold if you were to shatter said gem.
When she had first heard of her parents wish, she did not worry too much. She was a strong cunning woman with bright ideas after all, So she thought that she could sway them without too much of an effort. But her plans crashed at her feet when she found out who's idea it was to betroth her was. The prince of Alba himself. James Blanche - When it came to the status her marriage to him would give them, however, her family seemed to suddenly forget who he was.
Their desperation & hypocrisy angered her immensely. Seeing as they were always the ones to tell her to never settle down when she still had some fight left in her, the irony of the situation would've been somewhat amusing, had it not been her freedom on the line. But just like they had taught her, she would not back down. After all, she still had some fight left in her.
As the heavy dress slowed her down too much for her taste, she stopped running for a moment, even though she could hear the guards in the distance. They were getting closer by the minute. Reaching for the dagger hidden in the garter around her thigh, she started slashing furiously at the material pooling around her waist. It only took a few long, rapid strokes for the lace to fall at her feet; she was left with nothing but a delicate layer of fabric covering her slender body. However she did not notice the absence of the moon; the sky was clouded as she felt a single droplet of water fall onto her scales. Before she even had time to react, the heavy storm came down. The violent rain surrounded her, making it difficult to see, even with a set of three eyes. But that would not stop her as she knew the way to the old castle like the back of her hand, for she had travelled that road many times before. Panic coursed through her cold blooded veins when, apart from from the hounds, she heard voices in the distance. Many voices, all belonging to numerous men. She ran faster, as fast as her legs could carry her, gritting her teeth. Her body was on fire, but she could not stop. Her lungs soon protested, seemingly refusing to cooperate with her in her quest to abandon the Blue-blooded, once and for all. 'not now, not now', she whispered continuously. However, she breathed a sigh of relief when she saw the old, imposing castle appear a short distance from her. She stopped in her tracks, unable to think of anything else but to how close she was to her freedom. She started running again, not stopping until she found herself wandering in the dark hallways of the ruined castle. Everywhere she looked she saw images of her ancestors framed in faded gold arches. Making her way through the abandoned palace, she closed her eyes, fingers grazing the antique walls. She thought of the guards hunting her & how grateful she was for the storm as it would cover her tracks. Sighing deeply, she made her way through the hallways, in search of the grand old library. A few moments had passed before she opened the heavy mahogany doors, a sinister creak filling the air. But just before she stepped into the library, she heard a noise behind her. It was so soft, she almost missed it. Almost. Regaining her composure rapidly, she entered the huge room, filled to the brim with books. If someone was indeed already there, the library with all it's aisles, would give her an advantage. She walked through the chamber with confidence, careful not to give away the fact that she was aware of the strangers presence. As she stepped further & further into the library, the creek of the door was heard again. Her hands curled into fists; she heard the stranger's faint steps retrace hers, so that could only mean they were coming after her. She listened attentively, hand reaching under her dress, for the dagger strapped to her right thigh. The sound of the heavy boots & chains rattling against one another was unmistakable. It was a man, then & his steps were getting closer & closer to her, until his steps could not be heard anymore. She knew that it was because he had reached her hiding spot. Would he finally get the wife he'd always wanted? She clutched her dagger between her fingers, coming out of her hiding place ready to confront him. Ready to kill him. She moved as fast as a lightning bolt that hits the ground, coming face to face with him; a dark hood hid his face & she gritted her teeth.
"Reveal yourself!", she spoke, a determined edge in her voice. She was in front of him, her weapon pointed at his neck. & then he slowly took off the black hood.
"I mean no harm, Princess." A woman's voice propelled.
A tall grey human-like creature with blackened charcoal horns & piercing green eyes towered before her, The sudden shock had hit her. The clink of the dagger falling to the dusty marble floor was the only sound filling the room at that moment; As she came faced with this stranger.
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