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The Conspiracy

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A trance, an illusion , a battle and a family at sake. What will happen to Mia and her brother who are set to revenge. A fire, a family, half lost half saved. Turning emotionless was never her choice it was a necessity. Will she be able to find out who is the conspirer or will it be too late?

Mystery / Action
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Chapter 1

The bellow of the wolves, the lapsing curls of fire, everything seemed unreal for how the world came crashing down in a moment of weakness. It was then that Mia knew everything changed. Her family was now incomplete. Their promises and her dreams all withered away with the plants in fire. The wails and cries of despair desperate for aid and rescue. Everything around her clawing at her heart.
"We could have saved them." A meek whisper from her and the brother's eyes snapped to her.
"How?" He inquired hoping she knew more than him on the instances and their family's deeds.
"You knew what they were going to do and the consequences to it! You knew Dad was in danger and yet you decided to turn blind!" accused Mia, tear filled grey eyes snapping to meet the black ones of her brother.
"We trusted you to keep us safe Apollo"That made him stare at her in shock, she never used his name. But he knew she was hurt, mourning the loss of their family and friends and wondering all the what ifs.
"I only knew what they do not what they were about to do and the consequences were out of my knowledge Pea." He tried coaxing her while embracing her, softly rubbing her hair and comforting her. In desperate hope that she will believe him. She was his sister. And now she was the part of the very little of the family that was left.
He admitted to himself it wasn't his fault at all with the little amount of information he had he couldn't have saved them even if he wanted to. He was helpless just as she was. He needed her just as she needed him.
He gently held her at an arm's length wiping the tears of the 15 year old. Looking into her eyes he declared, "Their sacrifices are not to go in vain. They were our heroes mom, dad and Daniel all of them. We will avenge them Pea." there was a declaration, a sense of commitment a promise he made to himself and to her at that same moment. She felt the need to avenge them.
"But Polo who were they?And why us?" She queried a look of confusion, pain and anger on her face. She needed to know who was responsible for this to punish and to give justice to her own. Sure she could go to the law and file a report but it would to prove it was a conspiracy. They had come and declared it an accident, a tragedy the on site officer had declared.
"Let's get to the safe house first I will tell you all about it there" Apollo said picking up both his and her bags on his back and asking her and a few others to follow him to the cabin. It was time conspire against the conspirers.

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