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Reality or Not Reality

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My life as it could have been, but what it really was like. Doors being closed by parental interference and manipulation or what your parents really have decided you should do with your life.

Mystery / Action
Jamie G Holmes
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Chapter 1-Birth to Polio

I saw an orange light in front of me and above me. Then a bright white light and pain as someone slapped my tear end.

About 18 months later I was on Moms lap and we were riding a train, fromChicago, Illinois to San Fernando, California.

Just short glimpses of memory where me and my two brothers are baby talkin to each other, but not yet understanding the parents language. I tell my brothers that as soon as I figure out what the parents are saying I would tell them.

So when I learn enough Lamaze to understand the parents, then the understanding of the baby all goes away.

About December 1949 my right knee hurts. The dr comes by and they think I have polio, so I am taken by ambulance to the Los Angeles General Hospital and put into the polio ward which has enough beds fir 40 kids.

I see two kids transported inside a iron lung. While there one dr and two nurses et polio. By now they have learned that when the child is running a fever, then they are contagious.

Do hospital policy is changed so that if anyone has a fever they are not transported until the fever breaks.

I spend 10 days in the ward then am transferred to the juvenile arthritis ward, after they do surgery on me and sew my vagina shut to make me only be a boy.

A few month later I’m pulling a sled with my younger brothers on it, because it is snowing in Pacoima, California.

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