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You Are Mine

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Dylan Black wakes up in the hospital with several broken bones, a severe head injury and no memories of how she got to the hospital, let alone her past. She meets a sexy detective who is assigned to handle her case and he instantly takes an interest in her. The only problem? He is married. As she starts to recall some memories, she can't help but get swept off her feet by the charming detective who has made it a priority to help her in any way possible. Just as Dylan is started to get her new life without her memories in order, she can't help but feel that someone is watching her. She starts to get text messages that prove that the person who hurt her is still watching her. Will Dylan recall all her memories or will she forget the past and focus on her new future? Will the charming detective solve the case and find out who hurt her? Trigger Warning! Foul and crude language! Sexual assault and rape mentioned!

Mystery / Romance
Aleena Varro
4.5 6 reviews
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What's My Name


*BEEP........ BEEP........ BEEP....... BEEP......... BEEP*

What is that noise? I slowly try to open my eyes, but they are so heavy. I try to open them again, but it’s too bright. I wince and close them again. I lift my right arm, but it feels heavy. I try to relax, but I feel dull pains all over my body.

After a few moments, I try to open my eyes again. I am successful this time. I only see a white ceiling. There is a lot of noise, but it seems far away. I can only hear the annoying beep that’s close to me.

I slowly try to lift my head to look around, but my head starts to pound. What is going on? I slowly try to lift it again, and I am successful this time, but I am in much pain. I try to look around, and I am in a hospital? Why am I here?

The door swings open, and a woman walks in. She is wearing green scrubs and has a clipboard. Does she look like a nurse? She looks up from her clipboard and smiles brightly.

“Hello. I’m so glad to see you are awake. I’m going to call the doctor, ok?” Her voice is sweet and soothing.

I nod my head a little and wince. Ouch. That hurt a lot to move it slightly. She comes to the bed and starts to move the bed so I can sit up.

“This should be better for you, sweety.” She smiles brightly and gently puts her hand on the base of my neck and lifts my head to put another pillow.

She starts to look at the monitors and checks my blood pressure and other vitals. I watch her while she does all this. The door swings open again, and a man comes in with a white coat over red scrubs. He must be a doctor. He has muddy brown hair, muddy brown eyes, pale skin, and a slightly crooked nose. He is tall and lean and good-looking, but I’m not attracted to him whatsoever.

“Hi there. How are you feeling today?” His voice is warm.

“Fine.” I croak out. My throat is so dry. The nurse lifts a cup of water to my lips with a straw. I drink it all in one drink. The cool water soothes my throat.

“Where am I?” I ask the doctor. My voice is still raspy, but it’s easier to talk now that I had some water.

“You’re at Windgrove Hospital. I am just going to run a few small checks on you. Then I’ll answer your questions, ok?” He smiles warmly at me.

I slightly nod my head. It still hurts to move anything. He checks my eyes with a light, checks my blood pressure, and a few other things. I just lay there and let him.

“Ok, so everything looks well. Do you remember how you got here?” He takes a seat on a rolling stool and has a clipboard to write with. The nurse is off to the side, looking through her clipboard.

I furrow my brows. Why can’t I remember anything? “Uhm. No, I don’t know. Everything is fuzzy. I don’t remember anything.” I feel tears prick my eyes.

“Ok. That’s normal. You had a major head injury. Do you remember your name?”

My name...... My name is...... What’s my name? Shouldn’t I know that? I feel a tear slide down my cheek.

“No,” I whisper.

The doctor places his hand on my arm, and I flinch. I see the slight shock in his eyes when this happens, but he doesn’t comment on it. He moves his hand away and smiles.

“That’s ok. Sometimes it takes time for memories to come back. Once you get some more rest and heal, things should start to come back.” He smiles, but it doesn’t reach his eyes.

“What happened to me?” My voice is small. I want to remember. I’m trying not to cry. It will just make my head hurt more.

“We were hoping you could answer that. But I’m sure you will remember soon. Just rest and heal up. Everything will be fine. I’ll see you in a few hours.” He stands up, but I stop him.

“Wait! What's your name?” I ask softly. I see his eyes soften just a bit and flash with pain.

“I am Dr. Lewis, and that is Nurse Kelly.” He smiles.

He turns and says something to the nurse, but I can’t hear. He leaves a moment later.

I clear my throat. “Excuse me. Can I get some more water and something to eat? And something for pain? Please.” I smile just a bit, but it doesn’t reach my eyes. The more I lie here, the more my head pounds and the more my body aches.

“Yes, but you can’t have solids yet, so it’ll just be some broth. It should be here shortly. And you will get your pain meds through your IV in just a moment.” She smiles brightly. I think I like her. So far, she has been really nice to me, and she has warm eyes.

I don’t nod my head or say anything. I close my eyes. Why can’t I remember anything? What’s my name? What happened to me? Where’s my family?

Just as the nurse said, someone brings my broth and water. After I’m finished, the nurse gives me some pain medication. It helps a lot. I can still feel some aches, but nothing compared to before. I was able to look at my body, and I have a cast on my right arm, a cast on my whole right leg, and a knee brace on my left. On my open skin that I can see, I have a lot of small cuts and bruises. Just the sight of myself makes me want to cry. How did all this happen? Was I in a car accident?

I start to drift off while asking myself the same questions when I hear the door open. I don’t open my eyes because I’m so tired. I can hear voices, one sounds like Nurse Kelly and a deeper voice that could lull me to sleep, but I can’t make out what they are saying. I am trying to stay awake, but the pain medication is making me drift in and out. Soon I am welcomed by darkness.

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